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Down Syndrome
An extra Chromosome 21 usually causes both mental retardation and abnormal physical characteristics
Cleft Lip or Palate
Gap in upper lip or palate, causes problems with eating, speech; correctable with surgery
Genetic & Enviormental
Tay-Sachs Disease
Death at age two or three is caused by the body's inability to process and use fat; genetic
Muscular Dystrophy
Weakness and shrinking of the muscles, which can lead to death from infection; genetic
Cystic Fibrosis
Defects of the respiratory and digestive systems, which can lead to death before adulthood; Genetic
Sickle-Cell Anemia
Malformed red blood cells interfere with the supply of oxygen to the body, causing tiredness and pain; Gentics
The body is unable to process and use a specific protein; mental retardation can result; Genetic
Cerebral Palsy
A motor system disorder cause by brain damage at birth; Lack of Oxygen
Spina Bifida
An incompletely formed spinal cord, which causes partial paralysis
Low birth weight
May be caused by poor prenatal care or a medical condition in the mother
Blood clots, abnormal bleeding, mother is the carrier, occurs with males more than females. Genetic
Incomplete spinal cord
Multiple Sclerosis
Affects Brain and Spinal Cord; Genetic & Enviormental
Genetic, Common Brain disorder
Fetal Alchol Syndrome
Prental Alchol Expsosure
Tiny treadlike particles in the nucleus of every cell
The gene that dedicates the way a trait is exspressed
The unit that determines inherited characteristics
The inability to become pregnant.
The gene that is exspressed as a trait only if paired with a matching recessive gene
A substitute
Fetal Alchol Effects
A condition less severe than FAS that still results in damage to the developing baby caused by a pregnant woman drinking alchol
A prentatal test performed by withdrawing a sample of the amniotic fluid sorrounding an unborn baby and testing that fluid for indications of specific birth defects or health
Birth Defects
-Problems babies are born with which threaten their health or ability to live
-An abnormality of structure, function, or body metabolism present at birth that results in physical or mental disability or is fatal.
-1 Single Abnormal Gene
Choronic Villi Sampling
A prenatal test for specific birth defects performed by sampling small amounts of tissure from the membrane that encases the fetus
The unexpected death of a developing baby before 20 wks of pregnacy
Still Birth
Death of a develpoing baby after 20 wks of pregnacy
A prentatal test performed by using sound waves to make a video image of an unborn baby to check for specific health problems
A fertilized egg starts growing by dividing into two cells
Identical twins
Mass of cells splits in half soon after fertilization. Each climps of cell continues to divide and grow into a seperate embryo
-Always Same sex
-Both Began as one zygote
Fraternal twins
Two eggs are released at the same time and each is fertillezed
-Grow side by side in the uterus
-No more alike than siblings
Genetic Conseling
Helps to assess the chances of inherited disorders
Ways of Infertility
Artifical Insemination
In vitro Fertilization
Ovum Transfer
Surrogate Mother
Enviormental Hazards
Smoking, Alchol, Drugs, HIV