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to the greatest extent possible how should maintenance be performed
on a pre planned scheduled basis
using equipment generates what type of maintenance
what are the two basic types of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
on equipment and off equipment
maintenance cross tells are used for what purpose
to highlight trends, benchmards, safety conditions
what are two major goals of Intermediate repair enhancement program meetings
increase local repairs and reduce overall costs
in order of increasing capability, what are the three seperate levels of maintenance
organizational, intermediate, depot
which level of maintenance is performed off equipment at the backshop level
what level of mx is used for complex repairs and is located at major repair facility
what combined mx approach modifies or eliminates the intermediate function where possible by consolidating that repair function at the depot level
what type of mx facility is a hybrid of 3lm and 2lm and combines the intermediate level mx from multiple bases to one locations
regional repair center
what type of specialized regional repair facility provides intermediate level mx for selected commodities
centralized intermediate repair facility
what AF lean logistics initiative gives managers global visibility of all repair assets as well as centralized funds management for these assets
Repair enterprise 21
how can a successful R&M program be defined
it should identify and correct system deficiencies before they affect combat capability
what is the primary scope of the product improvement working group
address product deficiencies
who takes the lead in identifying, tracking, assessing and correcting R&M deficiencies on their assigned air and space equipment and also chairs the PIWG
single manager
as an end user what is your primary focus in the DR process
identify and submit reports
what catagory of deficiencies includes rocemmended enhancements that improves or complements successful mission accomplishment but is not absolutely necessary
Cat II
what MXG agency is tasked with providing technical assistance DRs
when the scope of an OI will cross orginizational group lines, at what level should it be published
wing level
what office assumes sole responsibility for the accuracy, currency, and integrity of the contents of an OI and for compliance with it
Office of primary responsibility
can an AF civil service employee act as the POC for an OI
which section acts as the OPR for mx policy guidance in the mx group
what type of support agreement governs services provided by US northern command to US central command
In addition to reviewing impact on the primary unit mission and all other existing agreements, what base organization must be fully coordinated with before publishing an SA
what type of broadly worded documents are SAs often based on
memorandums of agreement/understanding
as it pertains to SAs, if two organizations both supply and recieve support to and from each other, what should be done
develop separate plans
what flight within the MXG normally acts as the POC for SAs
program and resources flight (MOS)
what is a formal modification proposal
recommendation to change use, operation, or appearance
whether temporary, permanent, or safety, what is the lowest approval level needed to make a modification to an aircraft or piece of equipment
how often must temporary modifications be reapproved with HQ USAF/A4M
in addition to the system program manager maintaining system engineering integrity, what agency is responsible for fleet wide interoperability and comminality of that system
lead command
what does acft configuration management provide unit managers the capability to do
determine the actual vs. the approved configs
what section within the MXG has overall responsibility for managing the ACM database for the wing
MX operations flight
what is historical documentation as it pertains to acft and equip
permanant record of significant mx actions
who is responsible for determining which items in the MDS specific -6 TO need historical reporting and for informing the single manager so the items can be identified for reporting
item managers
for acft engines, when are printed copies of the AFTO IMT 95 not required to accompany end items upon transfer to/from other locations
when they have access to appropriate MIS to retrieve files
during what type of transfer do helicopter blades and tail rotor blades have to be accompanied by a printed copy of their AFTO IMT 95
transfer to disposal system
upon transfer of engines to and from depot mx facility who is responsible for ensuring all basic components have been accounted for
the facility that preserved the engine
what acft engine documentation is an AFTO IMT 95 primarily used for
accumulated cycles, operating time, mx history, manufacturing data
which mx information system is considered to be the standard AF base level automated MIS
In regards to MIS data integrity, what are work center and shift supervisors responsible for doing
reviewing entered data
what section guides the DIT process and is responsible for ensuring the MIS data is provided to mx managers is meaningful and factual
mx operations flight
what section is responsible for correcting incorrect and erroneous data entered into the MIS
the section that made the error
as roadmaps what can mx management metrics, if used properly, help you to determine
where youve been, where your going, and how you are going to get there
what are two major categories that metrics are often divided into
leading and lagging
what type of performance indicator shows a problem first, while it is impacting mx's capability to provide resources to execute the mission
what type of indicator shows firmly established trends
what mx priority designator should be assigned to perform mx on primary mission acft, related AGE, and muns support equipment for the first eight work hours after landing or start of recovery
what mx repair priority should be assigned to perform scheduled mx to include periodic inspections, routine TCTOs, and time change items
what mx priority should be assigned to perform routine repair of AGE and repair cycle assets
if a change is made in the repair priority of an acft does the LRS parts delivery priority have to be changed to match it
other than simply scheduling mx, what is the purpose of the mx scheduling meetings
mesh mx with flying requirements
who normally chairs the weekly MXG mx shceduling meetings
MOF senior scheduler
for the purpose of mx scheduling, what is the definition of a mx requirement
any mx event that affects acft availability
if a change is made to the printed flying schedule as a result of decisions made a a daily scheduling meeting, is an AF IMT 2407 required to be submitted for approval
what does the MESL on a specific units acft list
minumum essential system and subsystems that must be working
what column on the MESL lists a units specifically assigned wartime , training, and test missions and the systems and subsystems that must work for a unit to accomplish those missions
BSL basic system list
what column on the MESL lists all systems and subsystems needed for full mission performance
full system list
who is responsible for developing the MESL for a particular airframe
if an acft is determined to be safe for flight but cant perform any of the units specifically assigned missions, what status would the acft be reported as
NMC airworthy
what units are required to be registered in SORTS
all units with a PAS
as far as unit readiness, what does SORTS indicate about a particular unit
ability to perfor assigned mission
what is a fundamental premise of SORTS reporting
what are four primary areas reported in SORTS
personnel measurement baseline, equipment condition baseline, equipment and supply on hand baseline, training
on a routine basis how often must units report SORTS data
every 30 days
one of the goals of ART is to report a UTCs current and future ability to fulfill its mission capability statement, how far in the future does the reporting tool consider
6 months
in support of the AEF, who is responsible for ensuring equal rotational cycles at unit level
unit CC
what is the primary responsibility for members as it pertains to the AEF and ART reporting
report any changes in mobility status
although the "wing standup" meeting is used to keep the WG/CC updated about mx issues, what is the overall focus of the meeting
resolving issues/disagreements about schedules
in addition to attenting a monthly mx and flying schedule meeting, what does the wg/cc ensure at the meeting with regard to the MXG and OG interaction
participate jointly in developing annual mx and flying schedules
who is personally tasked as the wing FOD/DOP program manager
wing vice cc
in addition to ensuring effective FOD/DOP programs, what must the FOD/DOP manager do on a quarterly or monthly basis
chair FOD/DOP prevention meetings
why is it important for the MXG/CC to standardize mx discipline, procedures, organizational structures, compliance, and management philosophy
better interoperability, mx quality, and ensures mx effectiveness
as well as overseeing the development and publication of all mx related OIs, what specific guidance must the MXG/CC establish for cannibalization responsibilities and actions
individual and specific responsibilities
who is responsible for ensuring effective management of all mx training programs including the development of an orientation program to adequately train newly assigned MXG personnel
who is responsible for chairing the daily mx production/scheduling meeting with representatives from throughout the mx group
MXG Deputy Commander
Who does the MXG SUPT work directly for
other than acting as a technical advisor, what type of issues does the MXG SUPT advise the MXG/CC on
personnel morale and welfare issues and problems not identified through mx procedures and QA reports
what is the MXG SUPTs primary job as it relates to enlisted manning within the MXG
Groups focal point for manning
what responsibilities does a squadron commander have with the overall focus of upgrade training and mx qualifications programs
emphasize quality and not just upgrade time frames
even though the sqaudron commander is ultimately responsible for unit deployment readiness, who do they appoint to help ensure deployment readiness
is squadron manning authorizations are not right, what can the SQ/CC do to help remedy the situation
coordinate with wing manpower office, through group manning manager, for assistance in preparing an ACR to alter his or her manning authorization
what two positions within the MX Operations Squadron perform essentially the same duties as the operations officer and mx superintendent
in AMXS or MXS, who does the MX SUPT work for
operations officer
who is responsible through the MOS/CC for monitoring the overall health of the fleet
MOF/CC assisted by the MOF/SUPT
who is responsible ffor developing written procedures for EOR inspections in coordination with the wing weapons manager, weapons safety manager, and airfield management
operations officer and MX SUPT in AMXS/HMXS
who is responsible for reviewing and consolidation monthly mx plan inputs from various MXS flights/sections and for forwarding them to MOF PS&D
MXS operations officer with assistance of MX SUPT
in MOS, who or flight chiefs responsible to in the area of leadership, supervision, and training of their assigned flight personnel
squadron operations officer MOF CC
with regards to job environment safety, what must a flight chief inform workers of
any hazards they might encounter on the job
who is responsible for reviewing PRDs and flight aborts daily to ensure proper mx is being taken to correct the underlying problem
who chairs a daily mx production meeting to develop and modify the overall mx plan of attack for an AMU
what is the primary job for a section NCOIC
first line supervisor and manager. technical authority and advisor to section
what AF IMT should a section NCOIC use to monitor, track, and document safety and health related information about his or her workers
for section managed TMDE, what is a section NCOIC responsible for ensuring
MX and calibration requirements are accomplished
what is the primary job of an AMU flightline pro super
to direct overall mx effort
what is the grade requirement to be appointed as an AMU flightline pro super
SNCO or civilian equivelant
if one is appointed, what is the primary job of an MXS pro super
provide MX squadron specialist non availability to MOC at the beginning of each shift, identify production requirements and shortfalls to operations officer/ MX SUPT and direct mx efforts to accomplish mission
in addition to closely monitoring aircraft status, who must the flightline expediter notify when status and configuratin changes occur
MOC pro super
what are some of the regerences that flightline expediters must keep close at hand to facilitate their duties
flying schedule, emergency action/functional CL, base grid map, IPI listing, MESL, QRL, -06, tracking device
flightline expediters must track the serial number, location, priority, status, ETIC, and configuration of all aircraft. what are some of the other items that must be tracked
oil analysis program condition codes, fuel load, munitions load, aircraft specific remarks
what are weapons expediters responsible for monitoring with regard to the weapons section NCOIC
all weapons MX and loading
who must the weapons expediter coordinate with for the delivery and pick up of munitions items
with MOC or Munitions control
who must specialist expediters coordinate with in determining MX priorities for specialist support
Pro super and other expediters
which MOF section is responsible for monitoring and coordinating sortie and MX production and overall execution of the flying and MX schedules
who is responsible for appointing, in writing, a highly qualified individual to perform engine health management duties
which MOF section is responsible for coordination ACFT MX requirements and exuring proper utilization scheduling between the OG and MXG and any other applicable external agencies
what is the primary mission of the MX data system analysis section
to track analyze and present info to help the various levels of leadership assess the health of their units acft and equipment
other than teaching, what is the mission of the Maintenence training flight
MXG's single POC for all training matters affecting mx and to be responsible for overall management and control of training management subsystem of IMDS
what are UTMs responsible for doing in addition to assisting squadron commanders with training matters
manage squadron enlisted specialty training programs
is the MTF normally allowed to duplicate training taught on base by a locally assigned AETC training detachment
programs and resources flight personnel are primarily responsible for managing what programs within the MXG
manning, facilities, support agreements, deployment processes
with regard to monthly SORTS reporting, what function does the program and rexources flight serve
central agency for gathering SORTS data for MXG and for making a report for MXG leadership to review
within the programs and resources flight who can give technical assistance for palletizing equipment or doing a deployment site survey
logistics planner
what is the primary mission of QA
to ensure mx quality
what are four types of evaluations that help QA to accomplish its mission
with regard to W&B scale reading and computations, what is the NCOIC/manager of the W&B program personally responsible for doing
verifying scale readings or accomplishing or overseeing the actual computations
what is the basic mission of an AMU
to support flying
what are the standard sections of an AMU
ACFT Specs Wpns P&S Debrief Support
what is a definition of sortie generation
the cumalative effort to launch and recover sorties
what are some of the information elements that debrief personnel enter into the applicable MIS
discrepency and deviation information, utilization, and applicable flight data
who is responsible for ensuring aircraft forms sets are made available to the debrief section by the end of the flying day if debriefs have been suspended due to aircraft flying surge operations
expediter or pro super
what are some of the entries that debrief must ensure that the aircraft commander/pilot makes on the applicable afto 781 forms IMTs during the debriefing session
new discrepencies, acft condition codes, flying time, servicing data
what does an acft landing code status code of 2 mean with regard to acft or system condition
minor discrepencies but capable of mission
what are three different types of crew chief positions that can be assigned to the acft section
in addition to being a SSgt or higher and possissing a 2a3x3 2a5x1 or 2a5x2 AFSC how many months experience must a crew chief have on a specific MDS before being selected as a DCC
6 months
in a general sense. what are DCCs and ADCCs charged with doing in respect to their assigned acft
managing all mx that occurs on their acft
the specialist section is normally responsible for what duties
troubleshooting acft, on equipment repairs, avionics systems, classified items
why is the specialist section NCOIC responsible for promoting cross talk with other units specialist sections
help with repeat and recur and cnd trends
what specialist duties include maintaining ECS bleed air, vacuum, pneumatic, fire suppression, and oxygen systems
what are the two standard elements in an AME weapons station
loading and MX
what are the two parts of a weapons section called in a standard ANG unit
wpns loading and armament systems
who serves as the key advisor to the AMXS operations officer on factors that affect weapons training, leapons loading, and armament system mx capabilities for the AMU
weapons section NCOIC
who is responsible for controlling access to an aircraft undergoing munitions loading and unloading
load crew chief
what is the AMU PS&D responsible for informing AMU supervision and MOF PS&D about with regard to the production effort
MX capabilities or limiting factors that could affect the mx production effort
on what AF IMT does AMU PS&D document the AMU deviations from the published mx and flying schedule
AF IMT 2407
how often are AMU PS&D personnel required to review each acft jacket file to verify standardization
the NCOIC of AMU support must come from what two AFSC series
2A or 2W
what is the minimum amount of time that personnel are normally assigned to the support section
12 months
what information must supply support personnel keep expediters updated on
the status of all back ordered parts
what sections are in a standard accessories flight
EE, egress, fuel systems, hydro
what accessories flight section is responsible for repairing oxygen and nitrogen servicing carts
when egress explosive devices are damaged or suspected to be unsafe who does the egress section request assistance from
what three sections are usually part of an AGE flight
repair and inspection, servicing pick up and delivery, AGE production support
what AGE flight section performs mx that is beyond the capability of the servicing pick up and delivery section
repair and inspection
what AGE flight section is responsible for maintaining TO files
AGE production support
what is the overall mission of the armament flight
off equipment mx on all weapons systems assigned
who does the armament flight chief assist in recommending distributions of 2w1x1 personnel to satisfy on and off equipment weapons release and gun system mx
wing weapons manager
which armament flight section coordinates with AMU PS&D in scheduling inspections TCTOs and time changes
armament MX
when may historical records AFTO IMT 95s be maintained on selected avionics assets
when closer tracking of failure data would enhance repair capability
which avionics flight section maintains lantirn pods
what section maintains, programs, and performs TCTOs on avionics components when the specified test stations and support equipment are available in the section
avionics intermediate
what sections make up the fabrication flight
structural mx, metals tech, survival equipment, NDI
what fabrication flight section is responsible for corrosion control
aircraft structural mx
what is metals tech section tasked with doing
inspecting, repairing, servicing, manufacturing, fabricating, heat treating, testing, cleaning, welding
what four sections normally make up the MX flight
repair and reclamation, wheel and tire, aircraft inspection, transient alert
which mx flight section removes replaces and rigs flight control surfaces
repair and reclamation
what is the definition of a transient acft
acft not assigned to the local base and en route that may require routine servicing
which munitions flight section assembles disassembles delivers, inspects, and maintains conventional munitions, missiles, containers, and dispensers
munitions production
which munitions flight section recieves, stores, warehouses, handles, breaks out, inspects, ships, inentories, and transports equipment such as containers, dispensers, and training items and coordinates off base movements with the base trans organization
munitions material
which munitions flight section manages unit mobility and training programs
munitions systems
who acts as the wing focal point for propulsion mx programs and gives advice to wing leadership about propulsion issues
propulsion flight chief
which propulsion flight section stores, builds up, tears down, modifies, and repairs engines, quick engine change kits, and test components
jet turbo shaft engine intermediate mx section
which propulsion flight section is responsible for mainaining, managing, and storing engine support trailers
engine equipment MX
which TMDE flight section performs in laboratory and on site calibration and repair using laboratory equipment and calibration standards
who do the PMEL QA section evaluators report their inspection findings to
what are the four elements of the TMDE production Control section
customer service, production scheduling, traffic management, MX supply liason
the Ogden ALC provides logistics management and depot level mx support for what acft
F-22 F-16 C-130 A-10
the Oklahoma City ALC provides support for depot level repairs, modifications, overhaul, and functional check flights for what acft
B-1 B-52 C/KC-135 E-3 E-6
The Warner Robins ALC provides MX, logistics management, and engineering support for what acft
F-15 C-5 C-141 C-130 C-17 U-2 Helicopters
what is the basic mission of the AF flight test center
to conduct and support research, development, test and evaluation of aerospace systems from the time they are first developed until combat ready
acft missions flown by the AF flight test center evaluate everything from airframe structures and propulsion to avionics and electronic warfar, what is the purpose for doing this
to ensure these weapon systems are suitable for intended combat missions
the AAC is responsible for doing what
development, acquisition, testing, and deployment of convention and nuclear air delivered weapons
what is the basic mission of the AMARC
to provide long term acft storage, acft mx, and asset regeneration for warfighting sustainment
other than acft, AMARC provides for the storage, regeneration, reclamation, and disposal of what type of aerospace related equipment
special tooling, test equipment, engines, pylons, pylon load adapters, and misc. airframe components
what AAC program does AMARC support by regenerating and delivering F-4 acft
the full scale aeriel target program
where is a list of formal AF-wide training courses for a specific career field normally found
part 2 of CFETP
what type of acft mx training is centrally produced but delivered to the student to be accomplished at their convenience
distance learning
what type of training includes advanced and qualification training that develops indepth expertise within a specialty, broadens knowledge of new specialties, introduces new technoligies and systems, develops analytical skills or increases understanding of the relationship between mx specialties
continuation training
other than three airframe and powerplant courses, what is an example of an acft mx related specialized course
what a technician completes all A&P certification tests, what agency issues them an official A&P license
for mx personnel, when must training documentation be maintained for MSgts and above
when they perform mx on ACFT, missiles and associated equipment
with some exceptions, what do core tasks identify
minimum tasks for 5 or 7 level
what type of training tasks both core and non core require third party certification
critical tasks
what type of mx tasks are normally included on the special cert roster
ones with high potential for injury or damage
what form is normally used to add someone to the special cert roster
AF IMT 2426 training request and completion
what should a supervisor do when they determine that a person is no longer qualified to perform a task for which they have been added to the special cert roster to perform
decertify and remove from roster
mx orientation class given to newly assigned personnel is considered what phase of training under the mx qualification program
Phase I
what agency is required to develop a list of all mandatory TD, MTF, and advanced distributed learning courses that mx personnel must attend in order to work on a specific MDS
lead commands
what course must a MSgt or above attend if available when they will be supervising personnel on an MDS for which they have less than 1 year experience
acft familiarization course
what does it mean when someone is showing in IMDS as AWACT without a due date for a particular training requirement
that the initial training has not been done or loaded
when an inentory of course materials is accomplished, what should also be completed in the CDC volumes before a trainee is allowed to begin work on the CDC course
any applicable pen and ink changes
which AF IMT should be used to show milestones such as date volume issued, completed, any delays, reviews of training progress, course exam ordered/passed fail and any other significant CDC training issues
AF IMT 623a OJT record continuation sheet
when you are building a master training plan for your flight, what should you do first
develop master task list
what cutoff should be used to determine if a task should be a workcenter requirement
if performed by 51 percent or more of workcenter
what are the primary methods trainees and supervisors have to provide input to AETC about the type and quality of training recieved
training related AETC surveys and critiques
what is the purpose of the annual MATAG conference
improve readiness through better mx training
for mx, what are manning authorizations based on
primary aerospace vehicles authorized
provide a description of backup acft inventory assets
extra acft given to unit to allow for scheduled unscheduled mx, mods, and inspections without reduction of acft available for operational mission
what is the overall goal of the logistics composite model in determining manpower requirements
to strike proper balance between people, workload, and sortie generation
a disconnect can occur between manpower requirements determined by an LCOM study and actual requirements. what are some of the factors that LCOM doesnt take in to account that may cause this disconnect
OJT, surges, TDY, split ops, exercises, inspections
what is work that an organization is required to perform but not given the manpower authorizations to do it
unfunded mandate
what are positions deemed important by organizational leadership but have not been validated
out of hide positions
what is a quantative expression representing manpower requirements in response to varying levels of workload
manpower standard
what is a funded or unfunded statement of manpower needed to accomplish a job, workload, mission or program
manpower requirement
what does the UMD provide a listing of
funded and unfunded unit manpower requirements
what does the UPMR provide a listing of
unit authorizations by workcenter with name and rank of actual person filling them
what is a manning assist used for
alleviate short term manning problems
who is the approval authority to schedule mx personnel lonver than 12 hours
why is shift rotation a key component of personnel utilization
to develop experience
what can a mx analysis referral be used for
to identify, investigate, and propose corrective action for management problems and to document C/A for implementation on a wider scale
with the exception of MSL personnel, supply support personnel are normally listed on what UMD
in addition to coordinating mx and supply actions and managing supply transactions, what are work center supply personnel tasked with doing
managing the production of assets in the repair cycle and resolving supply support problems
why do MSL personnel periodically visit and inspect all mx workcenters
to identify and recommend corrective actions on procedural or compliance problems associated with supply support
what is the purpose of a readiness spares package
to supply a premade set of supplies and parts for wartime and contingency ops
in a general sense, what are the two primary types of readiness spares packages
mobility readiness spares, in place readiness spares
what is the definition of primary operating stock as it pertains to readiness spares packages
every day assets routinely available to support a weapons system
temporary high priority mission support kits are primarily used to provide support for what type of operations
to support contingency operations for a period less than 90 days
what is the primary reason for conducting an annual review of all permanent readiness spares packages
to ensure that units are supported with the right size RSP to accomplish its wartime tasking
what is the purpose of a bench stock
quick access to XB3 items commonly used
if shop stock is stored near or adjacent to bench stock items, should they be mixed together
in addition to clearly identifying items as "work center residue" how should you also label them
noun, nsn, part #, U/I, shelf life
basically what is the definition of shelf life items
any resource that has a specified amount of time before they need turned in or inspected
what is a basic definition of hazadous materials
anything toxic or flammable
what is the primary reference that should be used for HAZMAT spill prevention and response
local HAZMAT responce plans
what information must be listed on a basic, non commercial, label for a HAZMAT container
product name, warning or symbol, safe handling procedures
what AF IMT should be used to dodument all safety related information about a specific worker
AF IMT 55 safety and health record
what AF IMT must all requesters use when requesting the local manufacture of a specific item
AF IMT 2005
what AF IMT must be used when requesting local manufacture of equipment related items
AF IMT 601 equipment action request
who must approve all locally manufactured, developed, or modified tools and equipment not specifically authorized in technical data
MXG/CC or designated representative
what block of supply training covers general supply indoctrination subjects
block I
what block of supply training must an individual complete to perform duties as a primary or alternate equipment custodian
block III
What form must be used when items on an equipment account are loaned outside the custodians span of control
AF form 1297 temporary issue receipt
what two forms could be used to process a voluntary payment in lieu of a report of survey
DD form 1131 cash collection voucher, or DD form 362 statement of charges/cash collection voucher
why is the precious metals recovery program established
to promote the economic recovery of precious metals
what agency is the collection point for expendable XB3 items coded under the PMRP
what is the primary purpose of precious metals indicator codes
identify items with precious metals
repair cycle assets are parts with an ERRC code starting with what letters
what is the first character of the urgency justification code
urgency of need designator
which supply management document can tell what and how many of a particular item you ordered, where its coming from, how it will be shipped, and an approximate delivery date for all your priority back ordered parts
priority monitor report D18
which supply management document helps to ensure an orderly and continuous flow of reparable items through the various mx activities and to ensure difm delinquency rate is held to a minimum
repair cycle asset management list D23
which supply management document provides a means to monitor and verify that each due out is still a valid requirement
due out validation list M30
special purpose recoverable authorized mx (SPRAM) assets are coded with what ERRC codes
what IMT is used to request a replacement issue or turn in for SPRAM assets
SPRAM training spares are reserved for what type of training
formal AETC training
for supply assets requiring functional checking, units are required to identify which assets require this special handling. in addition to the repair sections organization and section code, what minimum details should be listed
NSN repair shop code, frequency of functional check
once a units listing of supply assets requiring functional checking, calibration, and flight programming has been approved, how often must the list be updated and validated
6 months
If an asset is removed from service for bench checking and it is found that it cant be repaired locally, how should the item be processed
what are some of the various types of security containers the government uses to store classified assets
file cabinets, vaults, safes
what form is used to show who has responsibility for handling classified material while it is in a sealed container for transit
AF form 12, accountable container receipt
who is responsible for ensuring a secure area is provided for transient aircraft on an installation
installation commander
what type of security forves support is normally provided for a fighter aircraft with a security priority C designation
security response team and motorized patrol
what should an installation or activity commander do it top secret equipment is installed on aircraft without priority A designation
park in A area, continuous surveillance or intrusion detection system
what do expedite supply requests represent
need item to prevent a work stoppage