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during a CBC, the percentage of (a) neutrophil is... (b) eosinophil is...

(a) neutrophil 6%
(b) eosinophils 1-4%

what formed elements secretes serotonin?
the formed elements which are heavily involved in phagocytosis are...
white blood cells
the adult neutrophils are called...
polymorphonuclear leukocytes
in the human body, the main supplier of iron is...
the main site of production of RBC in the adult is...
red bone marrow
what is the percentage of:
in the plasma
albumin 60%
globulin 36%
fibrinogen 4%
the most abundant plasma protein is...
the plasma protein involved in water retention and hormone transport is...
the main plasma protein involved in osmotic pressure is...
the main plasma protein involved in blood clotting is...
the regulatory function of blood can be exemplified by..
the scientific name for blood stoppage is...
what formed elements are involved in a plug formation during hemostasis?
the rarest or scarcest white blood cells are
the immature rbc are called
the young neutrophils are called...
the lifespan of rbc is
120 days
the graveyard of rbc is
spleen; liver
what is the site of erythropoiesis in the embryo
yolk sac
the normal pH of blood is
7.35 to 7.45
The plasma is mainly made up...and what percent?
h2o (water) 92%
the protective function of blood is performed by...
white blood cells
the heme portion of hemoglobin has ____ which is involved in o2 transport.
the blood is a specialized connective tissue because it is made up....
formed elements (cells)
plasma (fluid)
what are the 3 steps involved in hemostasis
platelet phase
know the sequential events which occur during blood coagulation.
constriction of blood vessels, platelet plug,
the lack of factor viii (ahf) will result in...
hemophilia type a
the increase of white blood cells during an infection is..
The most abundant leukocytes are...
if the white blood cell count is between 12,000 - 20,000; then the person has
During parasite infestation, the white blood cell called ___ will increase tremendously.
type b has what type of agglutinogen and what antibody(agglutinin)?
B aggutinogen
A antibody
what is the probability of a man who has BB genotype and his wife who has BO genotype to have a child who is...
a) type O: phenotype
b) type B: phenotype
c) type AB: phenotype
a) type O: 0%
b) type B: 100%
c) type AB: 0%
During blood typing; if neither anti A or anti B cause agglutination, the individual is ...
What anticoagulant affects platelet plug formation?
What are the characteristics of granulocytes
segmented nucleus
granules in the cytoplasm
what vitamins(s) has a bearing effect on blood clotting, vitamin b12 or vitamin k
vitamin k
What is the effect of RH on erythroblastosis fetalis?
antibody RH kills RBC of fetus
Universal blood donor type is.... because....
it is compatible with any type
Universal blood recipient type is...
it does not have antibodies
what type of blood will type A blood receive?
A and O
know antigen and antibodies found in all the blood types
a) A antigen; B antibodies
b) B antigen; A antibodies
ab) no antigen; both antibodies
o) no antigen; both antibodies
type O blood can give to any other
type AB can receive the other types
if I am RH+ and my wife is RH+ can we have an RH- child? why?
because of a recessive negative gene that the 2 parents can carry & pass onto their child
what plasma proteins are involved in cholesterol transport
during microscopic scanning, you come across a WBC cell which is bi-lobed with red granules, you will diagnose it as...
what is it's percentage during CBC
what is the difference between plasma and serum?
serum doesn't contain clotting agent
the most abundant antibody is....
the only antibody to cross the placenta barrier is....
the antibody involved in allergy or anaphylactic shock is...
mast cell release....
if your patient suffers from kidney failure, he will most likely have anemia because...
they wont be producing RBCs
name all the products found in the plasma
water, protein, waste
if I am type AB, what antigens do I have
A and B
An immunity which results from vaccination is called...
artificially active
The immunity which results from serum administration is called .....
artificially passive
What is the percentage of fibrinogen in the plasma
Is the liver important in blood clotting and why
yes, because it makes fibrinogen
AIDS affects what type of T cells
why are T cells called that way
the first antibody (gamma globulin) to reach the site of infection is...
the largest antibody is...
a) if the hematocrit is 39 it means that you are dealing with a young female or a young male
what formed elements give rise to macrophages
white blood cells
define Opsonin
proteins that bind to bacteria and rend the bacteria more susceptible to destruction by PMN's and macrophages
Define complement
a group of about 20 proteins in the serum, which enhance antibody reaction
What type of T cells secrete lymphokine
cytoxic cells
What type of T cells facilitate B-lymphocytes to produce antibodies
helper t cells and cells
Natural active immunity results from...
when you get sick and you form antibodies against it
innate immunity means...
someone born with an immunity
antibodies are called...
isohemagglutinins or Ab
The largest antibody and the first one to reach the site of infection is...
Give 4 examples of autoimmune diseases
rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lupus
What is a plasmacyte?
an antibody secreting cell derived from B cells for immune
What is plasma, and what is its percentage?
a pale yellow liquid substance, with a 92% water percent
Humoral immune response implies
is mediated by B-Lymphocytes
involves the binding of antibodies to antigens
The percentage of RBC in a given blood sample express
The type of anemia which results from blood loss is
hemorrhagic anemia
The type of anemia which results from lack of vitamin B12 or instrinsic factor is
If the bone marrow becomes dormant after chemotherapy, the individual will develop?
aplastic anemia
What compound produced by the kidney effects RBC production (erythropoiesis)?
EPO or Erythropoietn
if the hematocrit is 48 means you are dealing with a young female or a young male
Know the sequential events which occur during blood coagulation?
1. constriction of blood vessels 2. platelets 3. blood coagulation
During antibodies production, B Lymphocytes undergo metamorphosis. What are the steps involved?
A. Antigen encounter with a B cell
B. Pathway 1: The antigen that remains on the cell surface C. Pathway 2: The ingested antigen