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What had ruined "Smoke Warren's" baseball career?

His pitch hit a batter.

In "Off the Track," Denny Travers had to be replaced because he ____.

moved away

The time in which Glenn Cunninghom wanted to run the mile was ____.

4 minutes

What event were the boys training for in "Off the Track"?


The one quality Don Meek was missing in order to become a good football player was ____.


The type of fish Kerry was determined to catch was a ____.


In the poem "Casey at the Bat" Casey ____.

struck out

Who kept giving Bill bad advice about his pitching style?

Doc Fitch

Glen Cunningham's legs were crippled because of ____.

a fire

Don Meek wanted to play football because he made a promise to his ____.


What did Uncle Jim do after catching the big trout?

released it

ESSAY: What character traits made Glenn Cunningham a success? Give specific examples of how these character traits made him a success.

Glenn Cunningham was succssful because he had determination and was hard working. He refused to let the doctors cut his leg off after it was burned, because he was determined to walk again. He worked hard at rubbing his legs and exercising them every chance he could and it paid off, because he won many races. He was able to run a mile in a record 4 minutes, 4.4 seconds.