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The immediate source of energy for all cellular activity, including the contraction of muscle fibers is?
adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
The nonoxidative pathway which bioenergetic pathway is sometimes called the "anaerobic" pathway?
the primary advantage of which bioenergetic pathway is that it can produce large amounts of ATP to sustain prolonged exercise, without producing fatiguing by products?
the oxidative pathway
Within a skeletal muscle fiber, large amounts of calcium are stored in the?
sarcoplasmic reticulum
During long duration exercise of sub-max intensity (e.g. marathon) which type of muscle fibers are primarily recruited?
type I muscle fibers
The ATPase that is used to produce a muscle fiber twitch by way of sliding filaments is found on?
on the myosin cross bridge heads
The capacity of endurance training to increase the amount of ATP produced by oxidative phosphorylation is due to?
The increased number of mitochondria
A single motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers that it innervates is a?
motor unit
Both resistance training and endurance training result in the conversion of one muscle fiber type to another. what are the types?
Type IIX to type IIA
Within the pulmonary system, the actual exchange of gases within the blood occurs at the?
During maximal intensity exercise minute ventilation can increase by how much?
Under resting conditions stroke volume in a typical male(70 kg) is about how many ml?
The frank starling mechanism plays a vital role in determining what?
Cardiac output
The amount of blood ejected from the heart per minute is referred to as stroke volume
During max intensity aerobic exercise, cardiac output increases by _______ in an untrained individual
Which of the following adaptations would NOT be expected to occur as a result of long-term aerobic training.
A.decreased resting HR B.increased resting SV C.increased resting cardiac output D.increased max HR
C.increased resting cardiac output
While performing a running workout of submax intensity which one of the following responses would be expected to occur. A.↑ in end-diastolic volume B.↓ in end-diastolic volume C.↓ in ejection fraction D.↓ in cardiac output
A.↑ in end-diastolic volume
Compaired with running, swimming will result in _______ even if exercise intensity is the same.
A.higher HR B.lower HR C.lower cardiac output D.higher cardiac output
B.lower heart rate
The process of vasoconstriction and vasodialation which regulate blood flow to a given muscle mass occur at the _______.
The exchange of gases between the blood and the surrounding tissue takes place at these vessels.
During aerobic exercise which of the following responses would NOT be considered normal?
A.increased systolic BP B.increased pulse pressure C.increased mean arterial pressure D.increased diastolic blood pressure
D.increased diastolic blood pressure
Which of the following reguarding BP and resistance exercise is correct?
A.people with mild CVD should not lift weights
B.BP elevations are highest during isometric muscular actions
B.blood pressure elevations are highest during isometric muscular actions
The reason that men have higher hematocrit and hemiglobin levels than women is produce more testosterone than women have greater muscle mass than women
C.women experience menstrual blood loss train harder than women produce more testosterone than women
The cells of the blood that are often called white blood cells are the
A.platelets B.erythrocytes C.plasmacytes D.leukocytes
Many major health organizations in the US recommend a minimum of _____ minuets of physical activity most days of the week to achieve signifigant health benefits and protection from chronic diseases
A.30min B.60min C.10min D.90min
A.30 minutes of physiclal activity