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Which of the following are not included in the standard Salesforce applications? Select 2 answers.

A. Marketing

B. Campaigns

C. Service

D. Community

B and C

Included standard applications:

· AppLauncher

· CallCenter

· Community

· Content

· Marketing

· Sales

· SalesforceChatter


Which of the following statements are true regarding sharing rules? Select 2 answers.

A. Sharing rules should be used when a user or group of users needs access to records not granted them by either role hierarchy or OWDs.

B. Sharing rules apply only to new records owned by specified role or group member

C. When you transfer records from user to another, the sharing rules are removed during the transfer.

D. You cannot change the specified groups or roles for sharing rules.

A and D

True or False: Once setup, the return type for formula fields can be changed by an administrator.

A. True

B. False

A - True

True or False: Standard Solution Manager profile can be changed by the Administrator in profile settings.

A. True

B. False

C. Depends on the Setting of the Admin profile

D. None of the Above

B - False

What type of relationship has no effect on the ownership and security of the child objects?

A. Self Relationship

B. Master-Detail Relationship

C. Lookup Relationship

D. Hierarchical Relationship

C - Lookup Relationship

In which means can a case be created? Select 2 answers.

A. Metadata API

B. explorer

C. Connect for Outlook

D. Email-to-Case

C and D

True or False: As a system administrator, you can create a page layout in the console and assign it to profiles.

A. True

B. False

A - True

How is Multi-Currency enabled?

A. Tick "Enable Multi-Currency" in the company profile settings.

B. Multi-Currency is enabled by default on all organizations.

C. Contact to have Multi-Currency enabled in the organization.

D. Choose a default currency

C - contact Salesforce

True or False: Custom lead fields can be mapped to standard account fields.

A. True

B. False

B - False

Which Salesforce edition supports validation rules?

A. Enterprise and Developer

B. Group and Professional

C. Professional and Developer

D. All editions support validation rules

D - all editions

True or False: Administrators cannot permanently delete a User record in

A. True

B. False

C. Depends on Profile Settings of the Administrator

D. User Records can be archived so that they are available on request

A - True

Which function is not available in Formula Fields?

A. Hyperlink

B. Substitute

C. Rpad

D. Vlookup

D - Vlookup

Which tool should be used to import 5000 Cases into

A. Import Wizard

B. Data Loader

C. Either A or B

D. Neither A nor B

B- Data loader

Note: Import wizard can NOT import cases

When an administrator wants to set a field as an External ID, which of the field types should he not use?

A. Text Field

B. Number Field

C. Picklist Field

D. Email ID Field

C. - Picklist Field

Which of the choices are Dashboard Components? Select 3 answers.

A. Charts

B. Graphs

C. Tables

D. Gauge

A, C and D --> Charts, Tables, Gauge

True or False: You can remove universally required fields on view and edit page layouts.

A. True

B. False

B - False

Which of the field types can be used as an External Id? Select 3 answers.

A. Text Field


C. Number Field

D. Email Id Field

A, C and D

Which statements are not true about folders? Select 2 answers.

A. Access is defined either as Read or Read/Write

B. Access to folders does roll-up through role hierarchy

C. The document tab contains a control version capability

D. Access to folders does not roll-up through role hierarchy.

B and C

Of the choices below, which are the possible ways to set a field mandatory to all users? Select 2 answers.

A. Page Layout

B. Validation Rule

C. Roles & Profiles

D. Field Properties

A and D

Deleting a contact also deletes which of the following associated records?

A. Account

B. Lead

C. Campaign Member

D. None of the above


Which of the following tasks can a delegated administrator perform? Select 3answers.

A. Create and edit users and resetting passwords for users in specified roles and all subordinate roles.

B. Assigning users to specified profiles.

C. Manage custom objects created by administrators.

D. Create new profiles.

A, B and C

An external client can be invited to chatter and assigned with a Chatter-Freelicense. Which of the following does he have access to? Select 2 answers.

A. People

B. Custom Objects

C. Groups

D. Cases

A and C = People and Groups

Which Functionality is not available in

A. Profile Based Login Hours

B. Profile Based Login IP Ranges

C. Organization based Login Hours

D.Organization based Login IP Ranges

C - Organization based Login Hours

Custom lead fields can be mapped to which of the following objects' custom fields? Select 3 answers.

A. Account

B. Case

C. Contacts

D. Opportunity

A, C and D = Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

True or False: Regardless of own personal security settings, data viewed in all dashboards are based on the security settings of the Running User.

A. True

B. False

A - True

Which of the following can all be found on the company profile?

A. Language, Locale, and Time Zone,Licenses, and Storage and Used Space

B. Language, Locale, and Time Zone, Licenses, and Profiles

C. Licenses, Language Preferences, Queues, and Locale Settings

D. Storage and Used Space, OWD, Profiles, and Business hours

A - including storage and used space

If Pedro is promoted from Sales Associate to Senior Sales Executive, and the new sales associate is appointed to take Pedro's responsibilities. What are the appropriate steps to transfer Pedro's account to the new associate?

A. Overwrite Pedro's User Profile with the new associates information and create anew profile for Pedro.

B. Create a new profile for Pedroas well as new associate. Deactivate Pedro's profile with Sales Associate role and transfer all the accounts, opportunities and leads to the new associate.

C. Associate the new role to Pedro's existing profile and Transfer all the accounts, opportunities and leads to the new associate.

D. None of the Above


What does conditional highlighting for reports means?

A.You can set conditions that when met will report the calculated fields

B. Set thresholds for reportanalysis

C. Lets you make calculations on custom fields

D. None of the above

B - thresholds

True or False: An AppExchange application cannot be uninstalled once it has been deployed.


B. False

B - False

Which of the following is a prerequisite for enabling territory management?

A. Custom fiscal years must be enabled in your organization

B. Customizable Forecasting must beenabled in your organization

C. Multi-currency must be enabled in your organization

D. You must have the Marketing User Profile

B - custom forecasting must be enabled

Given certain conditions during Lead Conversion, Close Date of the created Opportunity is automatically set to?

A. Last day of the current fiscalquarter

B. Last day of current fiscal period

C. End of current calendat quarter

D. Blank

A - Last day of the current fiscal quarter

Which of the following can be changed under Global search settings? Select 3answers.

A. The number of records displayedper object on search results page

B. Enable Inline Editing

C. Enable Drop-Down List for PortalSidebar Search

D. Enable Document Content Search

A, C and D

In what sandbox are record Id's identical?

A.Production and Config Only Sandbox

B.Production and Developer Sandbox

C. Production and Full Copy Sandbox

D.Record ID's are always different in different environment

C - Production and Full Copy Sandbox

True or False: It is possible for a user to own a record and not see it.

A. True


A - True

Which of the following fields cannot be used as the field column of aroll-up summary? Select 3 answers.

A. Cross-object formula fields

B. Long text area fields

C. Datetime fields

D. Multi-select picklists

A, B and D

Who can view campaigns?

A. Administrator

B. Administrator and Marketing Users only

C. Marketing Users only

D. All users with Read Permission on Campaign


The system administrator changed the Organization's default locale. What willbe the effect on the user?

A.The user will see everything based on the organization's new locale setting the next time he logs on.

B.The User will be prompted for a choice wether to follow the Organization's Locale setting or not.

C. There will be no impact on theUser as he keeps on using his default Locale setting.

D.The user's locale will also be changed to the organization's default locale.


True or False: File attachments, document tabs and salesforce content count towards Data Storage.


B. False

B - False

True or False: In Partner Portal, users log-in to Salesforce.comportal rather than through web portal.

A. True

B. False

B - False

What are the different types of Sharing Rules? Select 3 answers.

A. Case Sharing Rules

B. Lead Sharing Rules

C. Solutions Sharing Rules

D. Campaign Sharing Rules

A, B and D

True or False: Changes in the data type of a custom field used in lead conversion has no effect on its field mapping.

A. True

B. False

B - False

True or False: A custom multi-select picklist can be a controlling field for a dependent field.

A. True

B. False

B - False

How can an administrator make a field required?

A. Field Level Security

B. Page Layout

C. Profile

D. Both Page Layout and Field Level Security

B - Page Layout

Which of these statements are true for Cases? Select 3 answers.

A. Manually entering the case received from an email

B. Automatically generated by an email or website form

C. Can be assigned only automatically by rule assignment however it can be reassigned manually at later time

D. Associated to Contacts and Accounts

A, B and D

Which features are available in SFDC? Select 3 answers.

A. Web to Lead

B. Web to case

C. Email to Lead

D. Email to Case

A, B and D --> no email to lead

Which of the following are true that can cause data loss when an existing custom field is changed? Select 2 answers.

A. Changing to or from type Date or Date/Time

B. Changing to Number from any other type

C. Changing to number from Percent

D. Changing to one Currency from any other currency type

A and B

Via the Import Wizard, in which object can a record not be imported ?

A. Leads

B. Accounts

C. Opportunites

D. Solutions

C - Opportunities

Which can be done under activity settings? Select 2 answers.

A. Show Custom Logo in MeetingRequests

B. Add New Meeting Request button on Oen Activities related list

C. Mass transfer activities

D. Show Event Details on Multi-User Calendar View.

A and D

custom logo and multi-user calendar

Regardless of the Sharing Model, which of the profile permissions will enablethe User to edit any record?

A. Customize Application

B. View Setup and Configuration

C. ViewAll Data

D. Modify All Data

D - modify all data

True or False: You can use conditional highlighting for summary and matrix reports only.

A. True

B. False

A - True

True or False: An administrator can forcely expire all user passwords.

A. True

B. False

A - True

True or False: Tags section of a page can be viewed by Customer Portal users as long as it is exposed in the page layout.

A. True

B. False

B - False

Which of the statements are true about data validation? Select 2 answers.

A. Data Validation can enforce dataintegrity as well as make a field required in the page layout

B. Data Validation can prevent duplication of records

C. Data Validation run on the client machine after the user clicks the Save button

D. Data Validation rules are not enforced when using API & import operations

A and B

What is the significance of Primary Master – Detail Relationship in a JunctionObject?

A. Look and Feel is inherited from Primary Master Object

B. Record Ownership is inherited from Primary Object

C. No significance

D. Both A & B

D - Both A & B

When setting up dependent picklists, which field type cannot be set as the controlling field?

A. Checkbox

B. Custom Picklist

C. Standard Picklist

D. Multi-Select Picklist

D - Multi-Select Picklist

True or False: "Password Never Expires" attribute can be set on all profiles.


B. False

B - False

What statement is false for a workflow task?

A. To assign tasks to multiple users, create multiple tasks as outcomes of the rule

B. A single task can be assigned to multiple users

C.The due dates for workflow task is based on number of calendar days, The rule fails to recognize only working business days by default.

D. Historical tracking is allowed for workflow task


Which of the following statements are true regarding merging Ideas? Select 2 answers.

A. Merged ideas can still be separated by administrators.

B. You cannot merge ideas inseparate communities.

C. Users can only vote for and add comments to a master idea. Child ideas become read-only.

D.The master idea inherits the status and category values of its child ideas.

B and C

How often can data export backup your organization's data?

A. Daily

B. Weekly

C. Every 6 Days

D. Every 15 days

C - every 6 days

Note: Salesforce counts 6 days as weekly

True or False: In a workflow approval process, record locking is used to prevent users form editing a record depending on their field-level security.


B. False

B - False

Arthur modifies a record which triggered an immediate workflow action whichupdates a field on the same record.Whichuser will be registered on the Last Modified By field of the record?

A.The system administrator

B. Arthur

C.The default workflow user

D.This field will not change since the it was changed by the system.

B - Arthur

True or False: Only one campaign can be designated as primary campaign source in opportunity.

A. True

B. False

A - True

True or False: You can create queues on Account records.

A. True

B. False

B - False

Which are the components of a profile? Select 3 answers.

A. Page Layout

B. Record Type

C. Field Level Security

D. Roles

A, B and C --> Page Layout, Record Type and Field Level Security

What type of record access can an Administrator grant through sharing rules? Choose2 answers

A. Read/Write/Transfer

B. Read Only

C. Read/Write


B and C

In previous versions, Data Loader has been known as? Select 2 answers.

A. AppExchange Data Loader

B. Sforce Data Loader

C. Earth Data Loader

D. Cloud Data Loader

A and B

In what type of Reports is grouping of data or charts not allowed?

A. Tabular

B. Summary

C. Matrix

D. None of the Above

A - Tabular

Which user is listed in the case history related list for case changes made for assignment and escalation rules?

A.The owner of the case when the rule was triggered

B.The default case owner specified in the assignment or escalation rule

C.The user who created the assignment or escalation rule

D. The automated case user specified in the support settings

D - automated case user

Where can conditional highlighting be used? Choose 2 answers:

A. Matrix reports

B. Enhanced List views

C. Summary reports

D. Tabular reports

A and C = Matrix and Summary Reports

Auser successfully login’s at 3:00 PM, What happens at 3:31 PM, if the Loginhours for the user’s Profile are setfrom7:30 AM to 3:30 PM?

A. User is automatically Logged Out

B. User keeps working continuously without any issues

C. User is asked in a Popup window if he would like to extend his session D. User is logged out once he triesto do any DML (Data Manipulation) Operation i.e. Save, Edit etc.


What does Salesforce authenticate before allowing a user to log in through the user interface? Choose 3 answers:

A. Whether the user's profile has IP address restrictions

B. Whether the organization has trusted IP addresses

C. Whether the user's profile has specified business hours

D. Whether the user's profile is API enabled

E. Whether the user's profile has login hour restrictions

A, B and E

- user's profile has IP address restrictions,

- user's profile has login hour restrictions,

- organization has trusted IP addresses

How can Knowledge articles be used? Choose 2 answers

A. To resolve customer cases

B. To display for customer self-service

C. To display Salesforce Answers

D. To display Salesforce Solutions

A and B --> resolve case and / or display self-service for customer

Which of the following are true when setting up dashboard running user? Select 2 answers.

A. Users may see different databetween dashboard components and source reports

B. The running user's access permissionsdetermine the data displayed in the components of the dashboard

C.Dashboards with running users cannot have scheduled refresh

D.The running user becomes the default dashboard owner.

A and B

In, in which object is Queues not allowed?



C. Account

D.Custom Object

C - Account

A system administrator at Company A created a custom object to capture custom feedback. How can the administrator ensure that users have access to this new object?

A. Add fields from the feedback object to the account page layout

B. Create a lookup relationship from the account page to the feedback object

C. Assign the feedback page layout to the appropriate user profiles

D. Create a role in the hierarchy to provide user access to the new object

C - Assign the feedback page layout to the appropriate user profiles

What lead values are transferred to the opportunity upon lead conversion? Select 2 answers.

A. Close Date = Today

B. Opportunity status = Lead status

C. Close Date = Last day in fiscal quarter

D. Stage = First stage in the list

C and D - Close Date and Stage

Universal container uses web-to-case to convert support requests submitted through its website into cases. The support team would like salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions to the customer when the case subject contains the word “forgot” and “password”. What does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?

A. Support Settings

B. Auto-response rule

C. Validation rule

D. Email–to–case

B - Auto-response rule

An administrator wants to setup ideas and answers for their organization. What can they use in both of these?

A. Status

B. Community Expert

C. Categories

D. Sharing Rules

C - Categories

Thecloud scheduler has which capability? Choose 2 answers:

A. Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on Salesforce user calendars

B. A custom logo can be added tothe meeting request email sent to a contact or lead.

C. The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level

D. The cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars

A and B - Logo and automatically propose multiple meeting times (verified)

A user profile has login hour restrictions set to Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The user logged in at 4:30 pm on a Tuesday and it is now 5:01pm. Which behavior of the application should the user expect?

A.The user will be able to continue working and start new sessions

B.The user will be logged out and any unsaved work in progress will be saved

C.The user will be able to continue working, but will be unable to start any newsessions

D. The user will be logged out andany unsaved work in progress will be lost

D - logged out and unsaved work will be lost

True or False: When you delete a product, all related price book entries are also deleted.

A. True

B. False

A - True

What are two sources from which Cases can be created?

A. Connect for Outlook

B. Web-to-Lead

C. Email-to-Case


A and C - Connect for Outlook and Email-to-Case

A user received an error message when attempting to log into Salesforce. What isthe first step the Salesforce administrator would take to troubleshoot the problem?

A. Reset the password

B. Unlock the user

C. View the login history

D. Change the login IP ranges

C - View the login history

Whichof following are Standard Profiles? Select 3 answers.

A. Marketing User

B. Read Only

C. Contract Manager

D. Developer

A, B and C

Marketing User, Read Only and Contract Manager

Company A set the organization-wide default setting for opportunities to private. Which records will an opportunity pipeline report return?

A. Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy

B. Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users in the same rolein the role hierarchy

C. Opportunities for the entire sales organization regardless of the user runningthe report

D. Opportunities for which the user running the report is also the account owner

A - Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy

Who can add members to a case team? Select 3 answers.

A. Owner

B. Administrator

C. Anyone above the record owner inthe role hierarchy

D.Any team member

A, B and C

Owner, Admin and anyone above record owner in the role hierarchy

What Does a custom report type determine? Choose 2 answers:

A.The report format of the resulting report

B.The custom summary formulas displayed in a resulting report

C. The objects that are availablewhen building a report

D. The fields that can be used ascolumns when building a report

C and D - available objects and fields

True or False: Your complimentary document storage can be used as an additional space when you have exceeded your general storage limit.

A. True

B. False

A - True

When an existing custom field is modified, which scenario can cause data loss? Select 2 answers.

A. When Field type is changed to or from type Date or Date/Time

B. When Field type is changed to Number from Percent

C. When Field type is changed to Email from Text

D. When Field type is changed to Auto Number from Text

A and B

any <> Date/ Date Time

Percent > Number

Full list for data loss:

Changing to or from type Date or Date/Time

Changing to Number from any other type

Changing to Percent from any other type

Changing to Currency from any other type

Changing from Checkbox to any other type

Changing from Picklist (Multi-Select) to any other type

Changing to Picklist (Multi-Select) from any other type

Among the choices, which cannot be used as a source report for an AnalyticalSnapshot?

A. Tabular Reports

B. Summary Reports

C. Matrix Reports

D. All can be used

C - Matrix Reports

Which statement is true regarding a custom field formula?

A. It cannot reference standard, custom, or other objects

B. It can contain formulas up to 4000 characters

C. 4000 characters is the limit on the compiled size of the formula

D. It can contain formulas up to 3900 characters

D - up to 3900 characters

Auto Response rules work on which objects?

A. Leads and Cases

B. Leads and Accounts

C. Accounts and Opportunity

D. Account and Cases

A - Leads and Cases

Workflow Rules consist which of the following components? Select 3 answers.

A. Workflow Task

B. Workflow Outbound Message

C. Workflow Field Updates

D. Workflow Actions

B, C and D

Field updates, Actions and Outbound messages

When are the formula fields Re-calculated?

A. Every 15 minutes

B. Every time they are seen

C. After every DML Operation

D. Admin can set the time of Refresh

B - every time seen

What should a system administrator consider when deleting a custom field? Choose 3 answers:

A. Field used in workflow andassignment rules cannot be deleted

B. Field values should be archivedbefore a field is deleted.

C. Deleted fields and values can berestored from the recycle bin within 15 days.

D. Existing field values must be transferred to a new custom field.

A, B and C

What should a system administrator consider when setting up Mobile Lite? Choose 2 answers:

A. Mobile Lite must be enabled before users can install it

B. Mobile Lite configurations can be created for each user profile

C. Mobile Lite provides access to standard objects and dashboards
D.Mobile Lite users must have a mobile license assigned to them

A and C

Sales users has no access to opportunities but admin wants sales users to have access so that they can help X users.

A. Add sales users to opportunityteam

B. Add sales users to public groups

C. Add sales users to profile

D. Add sales users to manual sharing


A System administrator wants to restrict the ability for Sales Rep users to create new records with the Platinum Sales record type. What options does he have?

A. Take away the ability for the Sales Rep users to create new records,

B. Update the profile to remove the Platinum Sales record type from the Sales Rep users,

C. Make the record type hidden to all Sales Rep users and then a sharing rule toshare it to those that need it,

D. Update the Org Wide Defaults to Private


Whatis the purpose of the AppExchange? Choose 2 answers

A. Administrators can download and customize pre-built dashboards and reports

B. Customers can share and install apps published by Salesforce partners C. Support users can install the Salesforce Console for Service custom app

D. Partners can download accounts and contacts to collaborate on sales deals

A and B

Which of the following statements about Chatter posts and comments are true? Select 2 answers.

A. Posts made to a user's profile are visible to all users in the organization

B.Posts on a user profile are not visible to other users

C. Updates to the Chatter feed on are cord are only visible to a user if he has access to the record
D.Post visibility rolls-up via the role hierarchy

A and C

Admin added a value to opportunity stage picklist but users cant see it. How can an admin address this?

A. make sure value is active

B. make sure value is added to appropriate record types

C. record type has no page layout referred

D. make a workflow actions


Which option is available to a system administrator when managing passwords for Salesforce Users? Choose 3 answers:

A. Administrators can assign a password to a set of users

B. Administrators can reset passwords for all users at once

C. Administrators can customize the message sent to locked out users
D. Administrators can grant users the "password never expires" permission

B, C and D

reset all PWD at once

customize locked out message

grant users the "password never expires" permission

Company A requires that its Salesforce account data including attachments be backed up weekly. Which tool should a system administrator use to accomplish this?

A. Data export service

B.Account report export

C.Data Loader

D.Account analytic snapshot

A - Data export service

Asystem administrator at Company A needs to mass update the lead source on a number of opportunity records. How can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers:

A. Create a list view for opportunities and update using inline editing

B. Use similar opportunities to update the opportunities

C. Export opportunities and update using the import wizard
D. Export opportunities and update using the data loader

A and D

Regional sales users at Universal Containers sell to both business and consumer accounts. However, sales users are unable to see the set of stages that apply to consumer opportunities.

A. Remove all but one record type from the regional sales team profile

B. Check for a validation rule that restricts the visibility of the opportunity stages

C. Assign the relevant record types and sales processes to the regional sales team profile

D. Ensure that regional sales users are routing consumer opportunities to the appropriate approver


In inline editing, field is updated when?

A. Record is updated/saved

B. The return key is pressed once

C. The field is updated/saved

D. None of the Above

A - Record is saved/updated

Which statement about sharing rules is true? Choose 2 answers

A. Sharing rules open up access to records

B. Sharing rules grant recordaccess to roles and public groups

C.Sharing rules are required in public read/write organizations

D.Sharing rules grant read/write or delete access to records.

A and B

A system administrator has created a formula field on a lead object to calculatea number. How can the numerical value be mapped to the account record upon leadconversion?

A.The lead formula field value can be mapped to a roll-up summary field on theaccount record

B.The lead formula field value can be mapped to a number field on the accountrecord

C. The lead formula field value canbe mapped to a formula field on the account record

D.The lead formula field value can be mapped to a standard field on the accountrecord

B - number field

An administrator created two picklist fields: Candy manufacturer (Hershey, Mars)and Candy Type (Snickers, Milky Way, Reeces Pieces, M&MS). Is it possible to relate the two field together so that the candy manufacturer field could impact the choices listed in the candy type fields?

A.Yes, the Candy Manufacturer is a dependent picklist, and the Candy Type is a controlling picklist,

B. Yes, the Candy Manufacturer is a controlling picklist and the Candy Type is a dependent picklist,

C.Yes, the Candy Manufacturer is a Master and the Candy Type is the Detail,

D.No, because they are both custom fields


Whywould you not have multi-inline-editing available on a List View?

A.Salesforce does not yet support this feature

B.This feature is only available on Unlimited
C. Because there are multiplerecord types
D.It is already enabled by default

C - multiple record types

True or False: A standard reports can be used as a source report for dashboards.


B. False

B - False

UniversalContainers has segmented its customer base into two categories: High Wealth and Retirement. High Wealth accounts should be visible to the High Wealth SalesTeam Members only. Retirement accounts should be visible to all sales users.How can a system administrator meet this requirement?

A. Create a new record type for theHigh Wealth accounts and share the record type with High Wealth team members

B.Create a new profile for Retirement sales team members and remove read accessto High Wealth account records

C.Set the OWD sharing to public read-only and create a sharing rule to limitaccess to High Wealth accounts
D.Set the OWD sharing to private and create a sharing rule to share Retirementaccounts with all sales users


Whichprivilege can be granted to members of content library (workspace) withoutmodifying user permissions? Choose 2 answers:

A. Share content with other users in Chatter

B. Create a new content library

C. Add tags when editing contentdetails

D.Edit a member's library permissions

A and C

In what cases does the validation rules is applied? Choose 3

A. workflow process

B. via Import wizard

C. When field is edited

D. via Web-to-Lead

B, C and D

Which features of the service cloud console can be customized by the administrator? Select 2 answers.

A.The objects available in the navigation tab

B.The default page layout per object

C.The available record types per object

D.The fields shown in the highlights panel

A and D

... but also whether the record opens as a primary tab or subtab

True or False: Standard Forecasting can't be used if Custom Fiscal Years are enabled.

A. True


A - True

Which option is available when using the process visualizer? Choose 2

A. Share annotated approval processdiagrams

B.Edit the criteria used to trigger the approval process

C. View approval processes as aflow chart

D.Add approval steps from the process visualizer

A and C

Which of the following is an example of featured licenses?

A. Offline User

B. Console User

C. Service Console User

D. System User

A - offline User

When a lead is converted and an opportunity record is created, which other object isrelated to the new opportunity by default? Choose 2 answers:





B and C = Account and Contact

Which feature license can be assigned to a user record in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers.

A. Console User

B. Opportunity User

C. Service Cloud User

D. Knowledge User

C and D -

Service Cloud User and Knowledge User

What setting is controled by a user´s profile? Choose 3 answers.

A. Assigned apps

B. Record type assignment

C. Locale settings

D. Field-level security

A, B and D

A system administrator created a custom object for a recruiting application to track open positions. The administrator needs to give recruiting users the ability to read, create, edit and delete position records. How should the administrator do this?

A. Modify a standard profile and enable the custom object permissions

B. Create a custom profile and enable the custom object permissions

C. Use an existing standard profile that will automatically have the custom object permission enabled

D. Use an existing standard profile that will automatically have the custom object permissions enabled

B - custom profile with enabled custom object permissions

A user is having trouble logging into Salesforce. The user´s login history shows that the person has attempted to log in multiple times and has been locked out of the organization. How can the system admin help the user log into Salesforce? Choose 2 answers.

A. Click reset password on the user´s profile page

B. Send an email to the user containing the user´s password

C. click unlock on the user´s record detail page

D. Log in as the user and enter a new password

A and C --> reset and unlock

UC requires that its Salesforce account data including attachments to be backed up weekly. Which tool should a system admin use to accomplish that?

A. Account analytic snapshot

B. Account report export

C. Data Loader

D. Data Export Service


Where can the multilingual solution feature be enabled?

A. Self-service portal

B. Public Knowledge Base

C. Salesforce Content

D. Solution tab search

A and B

Self-service portal and public knowledge base

The marketing team at UC wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can a system admin automate this process?

A. Create an email template for each language and an assignment rule to send the appropriate template.

B. Create a single email template and use the translation workbench to translate and send the appropriate template.
C. Create an email template for each language and an auto–response rule to send the appropriate template.
D.Create an email template for each language and a workflow alert to send theappropriate template.


! UC uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities. Which feature should a system admin use this meet this requirement?

A. Roll Up Summary Field

B. Workflow Field Update

C. Lookup Field

D. Cross Object Formula Field

D - Cross Object Formula Field

Whatstandard object has a one-to-many relationship with the account object? Choose3 answers





A, B and C - Case, Contact and Opportunity

Whichis a feature of Chatter? Choose 3 answers





A, B and D

Bookmarks, Feeds and Recommendations

Whatshould be the advanced filter Conditions to meet the requirement “Find contactsowned by Poo that have atitleof CFO, functional role of CFO, or reports to the CFO?

1)Title equals CFO

2)Functional Role equals CFO

3)Reports To equals CFO

4)Contact Owner contains Poo

A.(1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4

B.(4 AND (2 OR 3)) OR 1

C.(1 OR 2 OR (3 AND 4)

D.(1 AND (2 OR 3)) OR 4


Whichof the following types of packages can be upgraded?

A.Managed Packages

B.Unmanaged Packages

C.Both A & B

D.None of the Above

A - Managed Packages

! A workflow rule contains an action that sends a task to a role called Global Sales Managers, which includes multiple users. When the workflow rule is triggered, to whom will the task be assigned?

A. All user in the Global Sales Managers role.

B. The owner of the record that triggered the workflow rule.

C. A single user in the Global Sales Managers role.

D. The default workflow user.

B - owner of the record who triggered the rule

Which of the following statements is true about joined reports?

A.You can add up to 5 bucket fields on a joined report.

B.You can apply conditional highlighting on joined reports.

C.Bucket fields are not allowed on joined reports.

D.Users can create analytic snapshots based on joined reports.

C - bucket fields are not allowed

True or False: User interface settings can be done on User-level.

A. True

B. False

B - False

Choosethe correct order of rule processing.

A.Validation Rules, Assignment Rules, Workflow Rules, Escalation Rules

B.Assignment Rules, Workflow Rules, Validation Rules, Escalation RulesC.Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Escalation Rules, Assignment RulesD.Workflow Rules, Assignment Rules, Escalation Rules, Validation Rules

A - Val. --> Assign. --> workflow --> escal.

What user Interface setting must be enabled for users to edit records in a list view? Choose 2 answers.

A. Inline editing

B. Enhanced Lists

C. Enhanced Profile List Views

D. Enhanced Page Layout Editor.

A and B

Inline editing and enhanced lists

When an opportunity reaches a threshold value, which feature allows you to send anotification email?

A.Validation Rule

B.Big Deal Alert

C.Opportuniy Alert

D.Big Ticket Email

B - Big Deal Alert

Universal Containers wants to create acustom object to capture account survey data. Users must be able to select anaccount from the survey record. Users also need to view related surveys on theaccount record. How should the system administrator meet these requirements?Choose 2 answers.

A. Add the survey related list to theaccount page layout

B. Add the account related list to thesurvey page layout

C. Create a lookup relationship field onthe account object

D. Create a lookup relationship field onthe survey object

A and D

add survay related list on account and create lookup on survey

A user responsible for managing and creating campaigns is unable to create a new campaign, even though theuser's profile has the "Create: profile permission for Campaigns. How should a system administrator grant the correctaccess to the user?

A. Assign the user to the standard Marketing User profile

B. Select the Marketing User checkbox on the user record

C. Grant the user delegated administration rights to campaigns

D. Create a campaign sharing rule to grant access to the user

B - select marketing user checkbox on user record

True or False: You can convert a lead and associate the resulting opportunity to an already existing account and/orcontact.

A. True

B. False

A - True

Company A needs to allow a group of users to view account records that the do NOT own. Which feature can thesystem administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Field Level Security

B. Sharing Rules

C. Account record types

D. Public groups

B - Sharing rules

True or False: When you delete a product, the opportunity associated with that product will be suspended untilfurther action is taken.

A. True

B. False

B - False

What option is available when scheduling a dashboard refresh? Choose 2 answers

A. Schedule the dashboard to refresh in different time zones

B. Send a refresh notification to users with access to the dashboard

C. Define the refresh times for specific dashboard components

D. View and remove a scheduled dashboard refresh

B and D

What will happen when a user attempts to log in to salesforce from an IP address that is outside the login IP rangeon the Users profile within the organization–wide trusted IP range?

A. The user will not be able to log in at all

B. The user will be able to log in after the computer is activated.

C. The user will be able to log in without activating the computer

D. The user will be able to log in after answering a security question.

B - login possible when PC is activated

! The VP of Sales at Universal Containers requested that "Verbal Agreement" be added as a new opportunity stage.The Administrator added this new picklist value to the stage field, but found that the new value was not available tousers. What should an Administrator do?

A. Add the new value to the appropriate record type

B. Add the new value to the appropriate sales process

C. Ensure the limit of 10 stage values was not exceeded

D. Ensure the new value was marked as active

B - add to sales process

Note: when record type and sales process are available - check details - its probably sales process

What can be transferred from one user to another user during mass transfer of account records? Choose 3answers

A. Closed cases

B. Open cases

C. Closed activities

D. Open activities

A, B and D - cases and only open activities

Universal container set the organization–wide–setting for cases to private. When a case is escalated caseownership changes to a Tier 2 support agent. How can a system administrator give the sales operations teamread/write access to all escalated cases?

A. Create a criteria based sharing rule

B. Create an ownership based sharing rule

C. Create a case assignment rule

D. Create a case escalation rule

B - ownership based sharing rule

Universal container has two sales groups each group has its own unique sales process. What is the best way to ensure that sales representatives have access to only the stages relevant to their sales process when working on opportunities?

A. Page layouts

B. Multi–select picklists

C. Record types

D. Roles

C - Record types

What customization option is available for standard fields? Choose 3 answers:

A. Edit pick list values for standard fields

B. Rename standard field labels in the user interface

C. Delete standard fields

D. Remove non-required standard fields from a page layout

A, B and D

Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects? Choose 3 answers:

A. Leads

B. Campaign Members

C. Contacts

D. Accounts

A, C and D

What will occur when a system administrator creates a dynamic dashboard?

A. The data displayed varies based on the user viewing the dashboard

B. The dashboard components resize based on the device users to view the dashboard

C. The dashboard refreshes automatically whenever the underlying data changes

D. The dashboard automatically send an email when the underlying data changes


Which feature restricts a user's ability to log into Salesforce? Choose 2 answers:

A. Login hours

B. Trusted IP ranges

C. Password policies

D. Login IP ranges

A and D - login hours and login IP ranges

Which relationship can be selected in a custom report type where Accounts is the primary object and contacts isthe related object?

A. Each account must not have related contactsB. Each contact must have a related account

C. Each account may or may not have related contacts

D. Each contact may or may not have related account

C - parent may or may not have ...

What must an administrator do when creating a record type?

A. Set the field level security for the record type

B. Create a new page layout for the record type

C. Assign the record type to the appropriate profiles

D. Add the record type to the required user records

C - assign record type

What can user do with Mobile Lite? Choose 2 answers

A. View Create Edit and Delete Accounts Contact and Opportunities

B. View Campaign and manager Campaign Member.

C. View Create Edit and Delete Custom Objects.

D. Search for record that was not previously downloaded to a mobile device.

A and B

What can be done with a workflow field update action? Choose 2 answers

A. Change the record type of a record

B. Update the value of a formula field

C. Update the value of a field on a child object

D. Apply a specific value to a field

A and D

change record type and apply specific value

Which Import functionality of should be used if one needs to import the 30000 Cases in ?

A. Data Loader

B. Import Wizard

C. Either

D. None of the above

A - Data Loader

When are validation rules applied when using Salesforce for Outlook?

A. Every time a record is saved

B. Every time a user views a record

C. Every time a record is updated

D. Every time data is synchronized with the server

A - when a record is saved

Universal Container needs to use cases to manage both customer support issue and internal change requests. Which functionalityshould a system admin use to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers

A. Support Process

B. Page Layouts

C. Record Types

D. Validation Rules

A, B and C

support process, page layout and record types

In what cases does validation is applied? Choose 3 answers.

A. in workflow process

B. in import wizard

C. when field is edited

D. web-to-lead

B, C and D

Which setting can a system administrator control in the Salesforce user interface? Choose 3 answers:

A. Enable customizable recent items

B. Enable spell checker

C. Enable enhanced list views

D. Enable hover details

B, C and D

spell checker, enhanced list views and hover details

True or False: Case team roles determine access to the case, like Read Only or Read/Write access.

A. True

B. False

A - True

What is the capability of service cloud (Customer) portal? Choose 2 answers

A. Customers can log view edit and close their own cases.

B. The portal can be customized with corporate branding

C. Customers can view and edit contacts related to their own accounts

D. The portal and its users can be created without additional licensing

B and C

coorporate branding and view, edit contacts related to own accounts

Which statement about Community experts is true? Choose 2 answers:

A. Community experts can be designated for Salesforce Ideas

B. Community experts can manage Salesforce Ideas categories

C. Community experts can designated by an icon

D. Community experts can delete inappropriate community content

A and C

designated for ideas and answers and by icons

When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data? Choose 3 answers

A. When records are deleted by a user

B. When record are imported

C. When record are edited by user

D. When records are updated by a workflow rule

B, C and D

Sales managers need to view and report on sales revenue across an entire company without having access to acustom object that tracks personal time off requests. Which permission should a system administrator enable in acustom profile to meet this requirement in a private sharing model?

A. "Read for Opportunities"

B. "Read for Accounts"

C. "View All Data"

D. "View All for Opportunities"


What does the controlling field determine when the field dependencies are being created?

A. The dependent fields that appear on a layout

B. The default value populated in the dependent field

C. The values that appear in the dependent field

D. The field-level security for the dependent field


A system administrator at Company A needs to prevent sales representatives from editing fields on an opportunityonce the opportunity has been moved to a closed stage. Which data validation tool can be used to accomplish this?Choose 2 answers:

A. Data Validation rules

B. Record Types and read only page layouts

C. Formula fields

D. Workflow field updates

A and B

- data validation rules

- record types and read only page layouts

What is required to make a user an approver in the approval process?

A. The user must be in the same role as the approval submitter in the role hierarchy

B. The user must have read permission for the object in the approval process

C. The user must opt in to receive email alerts when an approval is requested

D. The user must be set up as a delegated approver

B - must have read permission is required

! Which of the following are the available library privileges when creating/editing library permissions under Salesforce CRM Content? Select 3 answers.

A. Deliver content

B. Manage library

C. Manage members

D. Feature content

A, B and D --> no members

Full permissions available: Manage Library, Add Content, Add Content on Behalf of Others ,Archive Content, Delete Content, Feature Content, View Comments, Add Comments, Modify Comments, Tag Content, Deliver Content, Attach or Share Content within Chatter

What settings are controlled in user profiles? Choose 3

A. Assigned Apps

B. Locale Settings

C. Record Types

D. Page Layouts

A, C and D

Assigned apps, record type and page layouts

! How can a system administrator add users to a salesforce organization using chatter free? Choose 2 answers.

A. Assign chatter Free licenses to users outside the specified email domains

B. Assign chatter free licenses to existing Salesforce users

C. Create users in the organization and assign them a chatter free license.

D. Enable invites to allow users to invite others within specified email domains

C and D

- create users and assign chatter free license

- enable invitees to invite others in specified email domains

! What standard object has a one-to-many relationship with the account object? Choose 3 answers.

A. Case

B. Contact

C. Lead

D. Opportunity

E. Campaign

A, B, D - Case, Contact and Opportunity