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Under what catagory (ies) can all maintenance be performed on naval aircraft be grouped?
scheduled and unscheduled
An accident free naval career can best be achieved by following which of the following courses of action?
taking a common sense approach towards safety.
if electrical equipment is to be repaired, what action should you take before beginning the actual work?
secure the main power switches in the open position and properly tag them.
When an aircraft anticollission light is operating on the flight line, it warns personnel of what potential hazards?
aircraft engines are operating.
if you are working on high voltage circuits or around wires having exposed surfaces, you should keep tools and equipment that have metal parts what minimum number of feet from the work area?
4 feet.
The intensity of electrical shock is determined by which of the following properties?
What is the primary reason a person should not move about after recieving an electrical shock?
the heart is temporarily weakened
when fighting an electrical fire what extinguishing agent should be used?
carbon dioxide CO2
if you swallow gasoline, which of the following actions should you take?
drink large amounts of milk or water and take 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, if available
which of the following statements describes the hazards of compressed air?
it can inject minute foreign bodies into the skin
When using compressed air to clean out fixtures and jigs, you should observe the proper safety precautions. Also you should maintain the air pressure below what maximum value?
30 PSI
when using tools you should observe which of the following rules?
use tools for their intended purpose, maintain tools in good repair, replace tools that are damaged or not working properly
Which of the following is the cause of most accidents in electrical or electronic work centers?
if one of your tools becomes worn, damaged or broken, you should inform which person?
work center supervisor
what alloy is used to make most non magnetic tools?
beryllium copper
at the local level you may insulate tools for what type of circuit?
when you find a damaged power tool electrical cord, what action should you take?
replace the cord
what is NOT a safety practice to follow when using a soldering iron?
shake the iron to get rid of excess solder
while using an electric drill, you experience electric shock. what condition is the most likely cause?
an incorrectly grounded drill
what color is the safety ground wire for electrical tools?
you need to apply voltage to a power tool having a three wire system. the receptacle is a two wire type. to connect this tool to the voltage source, you sould use an adapter with an external ground wire and connect it in what configuration?
connect the safety ground to a good ground before plugging in the tool.
descrepancies found before, during or after flight require what type of maintenance?
you are troubleshooting an electrical device that is not receiving any power. what check should you make first?
visual indications of trouble
what kind of meter should you use when troubleshooting an open circuit?
before making an adjustment to any system you should conslt which of the following publications?
an ammeter is connected to a circuit in which way?
In series
When a multimeter is not being used, the selector switch should be in which position?
high AC volts
which condition is the most probably cause of for a grounded circuit?
frayed insulation on wiring
for precise resistant measurement, you should use which instrument?
What is the formula used to find Rx in a bridge circuit?
which of the following types of meters are contained in the mutltimeter?
ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter
a permanent magnet, moving coil meter mechanism can be adapted to measuring alternating current and voltage if it is used with which device?
a rectifier
what is a standard feature of the fluke model 8100A digital multimeter?
a selectable input filter, a full four digit readout, a power source of 115 volts or 230 volts can be used
to test isulation for high resistance, grounds, and leakage, what meter should you use?
a megger is prevented from exceeding its rated output voltage by the action of what?
a friction clutch
what values can be measured by using an oscilloscope?
frequency, voltage amplitudes, and phase differences
what term is used to define abnormal resistance or impedence that interferes with normal signal flow?
what instrument should you use to troubleshoot fuel quantity coaxial cables?
time-domain reflectometer
th output of the phase detector in the phase angle voltmeter is proportional to the signal amplitude multiplied by which angle of phase difference?
the cosine
maximum deflection of the phase angle voltmeter occurs when what phase relationships exsist between the two signals?
0 degrees or 180 degrees
what type of voltmeter is a precision voltmeter that compares an unknown voltage with an internal reference voltage?
differential voltmeter
to be classified as a cable, a single conductor must have what characteristic?
be insulated and have a metallic braided shield
to replace an aircraft electrical wire, you must determine the correct size and type of wire to use. to make this determination, which publication should you consult first?
the aircraft MIM
aluminum has the tendency to flow away from a point where pressure is applied. this tendency is known as...
when stamping wires or cables, the distance between markings should not exceed what maximum distance?
15 inches
you are reading a wire identification code. which of the following types of information can you gain?
circuit function, wire size, and wire segment
Which letters are NOT to be used to identify a wire segment?
I, O
what letter suffix in wire identification identifies the wire as being a ground?
heat shrinkable tubing has what kind of advantage?
it insulates wire terminals and it also waterproofs wire splices
when used on aircraft electrical wiring, the recommended power rating range for general use soldering irons is within what range?
60 to 200 watts
before reusing items of mounting hardware, what determination should you make first?
that they are not damaged and exceed the specification for the items required by the IPB
you have temporarily installed suitable substitute mounting parts. when should these parts be replaced?
when the required parts become available
what should you consider when substituting mounting parts?
magnetic properties, size, length, strenght, corrosion, style, special features, lubrication or coating
what is the reason for moisture proofing solder-type electrical connectors?
to improve the connector's dielectric chracteristics
the preferred method of attaching cable terminals to terminal blocks requires the use of what items of hardware?
an anchor nut and a flat washer
shielded conduit should be supported by the use of what type of clamp?
when long runs of cable between panels need to be supported which of the following types of clamps is preferred?
AN 742
when installing a cable through a lightning hole, you should use a grommet (rubber cusion) if the cable's distance from the edge of the hole is less than what minimum distance?
in addition to supporting and protecting electrical wires, what other advantage does a conduit offer?
it provides radio shielding
what kind of safety wire should you use to support an oxygen regulator?
seal wire
if an aircraft were improperly bonded what condition would exist?
an increased liklihood of fire and a noisy radio receiver
a primary objective of bonding is to provide a path of...
high DC resistance and low RF impedence
when using methyl chloroform to clean electrical equipment you should remove the equipment from the solution within what maximum length of time?
5 minutes
A generator is not delivering its rated voltage or current. before you remove this generator, which circuit should you check?
control, feeder and regulator
when a printed circuit is manufactured by the photoetching process, what portions of the plastic or phenolic sheet are actually photographically exposed?
all areas covered by light sensitive enamal not covered by the circuit template.
exposed copper is removed during the etching process, and the unexposed copper surfaces are protected by...
what color paint is normally used for line test equipment?
which of the following statements describes actions you should take when troubleshooting aircraft electrical equipment?
use line test equipment in conjunction with shop test equipment, follow the instructions in the applicable MIM, use test equipment to isolate malfunctions to a specific component
the MA-2 aircraft electrical power test set (stand) is NOT used to perform a complete test and check of which component?
generator spline wear
the load bank of an MA-2 is capable of supplying dc loads from 0 to what maximum value?
500 amperes
When using the huntron tracker 1000 what statement is a test requirement?
all circuit power must be off, the signal fuse must be installed, and the test leads need to be attached to the device under test
the huntron tracker 2000 quadrant 3 shows which of the following displays?
negative current and negative voltage
when using the huntron tracker 1000 or 2000, you should begin testing in which range?
When testing analog circuits or devices, with a huntron tracker, you should use the low range of the tester for what reason?
defects will show easier, and the internal 54 ohm impedence makes it less likely that parts in parallel with the device under test will load the tester
i the SND mode of the automatic transistor analyzer model 900, a good device is indicated by the sonalert when it beeps in what way?
out of phase with the amber light
when using the automatic transistor analyzer 900 to test a transistor, you can connect the transistor to the tester in what total number of ways of which what total number are correct?
6 ways, 2 correct
you should use the jet ignition system tester to check the input/output of which components?
spark plug, power output of the ignition unit, and power input of the ignition unit
the TTU-27E tachometer test set can be used to test which of the following components?
two-pole and four-pole tachometer generators for speed and output voltage under load, tachometer indicator calibration accuracy, and tachometer indicator voltage
after the tachometer generator that is to be tested is mounted on the tester, what component will control the speed at which it will be driven?
a variable dc drive motor in the test set
when performing a functional ground test for the EGT system, heat for thermocouples is provided by...
heater probes
an external ac power supply is required to supply electrical power to a JETCAL analyzer that is used to make what check?
EGT indicators
which of the following pulses is/are generated by the synchrophaser test set?
slave and master pulses
the gain test readout from the synchrophaser test set is provided by what front panel component?
the calibrated pentiometer
which test set provides regulated pitot and static pressure for elevating the performance characteristics of air data systems, aircraft pneumatic instruments, and other auxilary equipment?
what are the power requirements for the ttu-205C/E test set?
115 VAC, Single phase, 400 hertz
the TF-20 liquid quantity test set can be used to perform which funcion?
measures tank unit probe capacitance and insulation resistance, simulate the total capacitance of a probe for checking the aircraft fuel quantity indicator, calibrate the test sets megohmmeter scales and capacitance indicator dial
when using the AN/FSM-17A to dynamically test the transmitter of the AOA system, what type of energy is fed to the transmitter probe?
vacuum or air pressure
the AN/PSM-21A air-conditioning test set is used to troubleshoot and check which of the following systems?
cabin pressure, pressure suit, and air conditioning systems
the basic configuration of a typical VAST station consists of which component?
a computer processing unit, a DTU, and a stimulus and measurement section
What component of the VAST system serves to synchronize instructions between the computer and the VAST system's functional building blocks?
what are the three levels of fault detection used in the VAST?
self-test, auto-check and self-check
what test should you run on a VAST station before you apply power to a UUT?
continuity test
programmed haults are used during VAST testing to permit the operator to manually intervene in order to perform which procedure?
observations and adjustments
what is the lowest voltage that will damage or destroy and ESD-sensitive device?
20 volts
the generation of static electricity on an object by rubbing is known as the...
triboelectric effect
under which of the following conditions is generated static electricty decreased?
humid air
what is not an ESD prime generator?
synthetic mats
what is the minimum resistance for personnel ground straps?
250,000 ohms
which procedure should not be performed when working on ESD sensitive devices?
use of a simpson 260 meter or equivalent to test components.
jet engine starters must have which capability?
high starting torque and high speed
what two sections make up the constant speed drive/starter unit?
a turbine motor and a planetary differential transmission
the CSD/S is maintaining an output of 8000 RPM from the engine input drive shaft. what mode is the CSD/S operating in?
the constant speed drive mode
for a fire to occur which elements must be present?
oxygen, heat and combustible material
in an electronic ignition system, what component develops the voltage that produces a spark?
the exciter
in an electronic ignition system, ignition is discontinued when what percentage of the rated engine speed is reached?
in turbine powered aircraft, what relationship if any, exists between engine power and turbine temperature?
they are directly proportional
by what means does an engine temperature control system on turboprop engines control engine torque?
electronic fuel trimming
the fuel shutoff valve is electrically closed on engine shutdown by placing the condition lever in what position?
ground stop
the engine coordinators function to coordinate the power and condition levers along with what other components?
the fuel control, the propeller, and the electronic fuel trimming circuit
the discriminating device will complete the feather cycle when the condition lever is placed in feather and the power lever is placed in what position?
in any position
the reference temperature and turbine inlet temperature signals sent to the temperature datum control indicate a difference greater than 1.9 degrees celcius, and a control signal is sent to the temprature datum valve. with the power lever in the temprature controlling range and the TEMP DATUM switch in the AUTO position, the control signal causes the temperature datum valve to...
regulate fuel flow to the engine being controlled
engine speed is less than 94% and the engine coordinator is set above 66 degrees. what temperature is the normal limiting temprature automatically set?
978 degrees celcius
dual unit thermocouples are radially mounted in what part of the engine?
turbine inlet case
by which methods are thermocouples electrically connected to provide an average temperature?
in parallel
an air turbine starter can be operated by compressed air from a GTC, an APU, or what other device?
an operating engine
what is the function of the engine start system's speed-sensitive control?
to activate internal switches at predetemined intervals relative to the engine's normal speed
the ignition exciter provides which voltage?
a 28-volt excitation voltage for activating the speed-sensitive control
what behavior of the paralleling lamp indicates that the secondary element of a fuel pump has failed?
it never illuminates
along with the temperature datum valve, the fuel control functions to provide a starting fuel flow schedule and to...
prevents engine overtemperature and compressor surge
at what percentage, if any, of the rated engine RPM does the fuel control shutoff valve open to permit fuel flow to the engine?
16% RPM
the temperature datum valve is located in which of the following positions?
between the fuel control and the engine fuel nozzles
what is the function of compressor bleed air valves?
to reduce the compressor loads during starts
for any slow cycle operation, the timing cycle for propeller deicers is such that current is supplied to the heating elements for approximately what time period?
40-75 seconds
the propeller deice timer motor is changed from fast speed to slow speed by which action?
adjusting the variable resistor to provide maximum resistance.
under what condition will a fire warning light illuminate?
when the resistance of a sensing element decreases to a predetermined level due to an increase in temperature
what is the purpose of the short discriminator circuit in the fire warning system?
to prevent the fire warning system from actuating when a short occurs in the circuit
what describes the means by which CF3Br extinguishes and aircraft engine fire?
it displaces the air in the nacelle, making the air incapable of supporting the fire
what component controls the oil cooler door position when the oil cooler switch is in the automatic mode?
a thermostat
on an aircraft, what control system serves to vary the exhaust escape area to obtain the desired thrust and maintain safe operating conditions?
variable exhaust nozzle system
what VEN system components serve to schedule, compute and control engine operation?
the ECA (electrical control assembly)
when the throttle is moved to the idle position, the VEN area rapidly moves to almost full open. the full open VEN area has which effect on engine performance?
it allows higher idle speed; reduces acceleration time, and aids starting;lowers thrust
decreasing the VEN area has what effect, if any, on EGT?
increases EGT
what component provides feedback to the ECA to ensure the VEN is positioned correctly?
the VEN position transmitter LVDT
what is the function of the VEN power unit?
to provide hydraulic pressure to the actuator to position the VEN
what is the function of the propeller governor?
to control engine speed by varying the pitch of the propeller
the pitch of the propeller blade is varied by porting hydraulic fluid directly to what part of the propeller piston?
geared cam
the synchrophaser will function in what mode?
normal and synchrophasing
what is the function of the pulse generator in the synchrophaser system?
to provide pulses for phase and speed control of the propellers
what is the purpose of the phase and trim control in the synchrophaser system?
to set phase relationship between the master and slave propellers
what is the function of the speed bias servo assembly?
to translate syncrophaser electrical signals into mechanical bias
the synchrophaser provides which servomotor control voltages?
an ac voltage in phase or 180 degrees out of phase with the voltage applied to the reference
in the input windings of the magnetic modulator, what parameters of the current control the amplitude and phase of the modulators output?
magnitude controls amplitude and direction controls phase
in a synchrophaser, what governing mode is used to provide improved engine response to transient RPM changes?
normal mode