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How many hand-shapes does the manual alphabet consist of?
Which hand do you use to finger-spell, dominant or non-dominant?
What are the three facials/non-manual markers that you do when signing yes/no questions?
1. Eyebrows up
2. Lean forward
3. Hold last sign
What are the three facials/non-manual markers that you do when signing wh- questions?
1. Eyebrows down
2. Lean forward
3. Hold last sign
When signing, a question, where do the wh- words go?
At the end
When you are counting, what way is your palm facing for numbers 1-5?
Your palm is facing backwards
What is your palm orientation for numbers 6-9, 10, 11-15, 16-19, and 20-65?
6-9; forward, 10; to the side, 11-15; backwards, 16-19; to the side, and 20-65; forward
For multiples of 11 (after 11) what is your palm orientation?
When you are giving your address or telephone number, what is your palm orientation for all numbers?
What are three culturally appropriate ways to get a Deaf person's attention?
1. Tap on the shoulder
2. Wave
3. Stomp on the ground
4. Flash lights
5. Ask a third person
Who is the only person that can give you a name sign?
A Deaf person
What does "deaf" stand for/represent?
The medical aspect of being deaf
What does "Deaf" stand for/represent?
The Deaf culture; not everyone who is deaf is considered Deaf
What does it mean if a sign is arbitrary?
It means the sign has no connection to the word; you can't tell what the word is from the sign
What does it mean if a sign is iconic?
It means that the sign represents the word; you can tell what the word is from the actual sign
With noun/verb pairs, which has a single movement and which has the double?
Verbs have single movement, and the nouns have double
What does signer's perspective mean?
It means that you have to view all signs from the signer's perspective, not your own
Give 5 examples of one-handed signs
1. Mom
2. Colors
3. Favorite
4. All letters
5. All numbers
Give 5 examples of two-handed symmetrical signs
1. Backpack
2. Teacher
3. Cat
4. Play
5. Game
Give 5 examples of two-handed non-symmetrical signs
1. Window
2. Coffee
3. Door
4. Name
5. Soda
Define the four parameters of sign
1. Orientation - The direction your palm is facing relative to your body
2. Hand-shape - The shape of your hand when you produce the sign
3. Location - Where in the signing space you produce the sign
4. Movement - Movement of the sign
What is usually the first thing you point out when identifying a person?
What is the name of the planet of sight without sound?
What school was the football huddle created at?
Gallaudet University
What is it called when you translate ASL to paper in order to study its linguistic qualities?
Where is your signing space located?
From your waist to just above your head and about a foot out on each side of your body
Who was Gallaudet's neighbor's deaf daughter who agreed to help learn sign language?
Alice Cogswell
Who was originally a minister?
Thomas Gallaudet
Who was appointed President of Gallaudet University and quieted the protest?
I. King Jordan
Who published his research on the linguistics of ASL?
William Stokoe
Who won an Oscar for "Children of a Lesser God"?
Marlee Matlin
Who is considered to be the "Father of the Deaf"?
Charles Michel de L'Epee
Who became deaf at age 21 due to a motorcycle accident?
I. King Jordan
Who traveled to Europe to study methods of communications for the Deaf?
Thomas Gallaudet
Who became the the first Deaf sign language teacher of the U.S.?
Laurent Clerc
Who founded the first school for the Deaf in the U.S. with Gallaudet?
Laurent Clerc
Where is the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind located?
St. Augustine
What year was Gallaudet University established?
Where is Gallaudet University located?
Washington, D.C.
Where was the first public school for the Deaf located in the world?
Paris, France
What act was passed by congress in 1990?
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Where was the first school for the Deaf located in the United States?
Hartford, Connecticut