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Manual region
Noun: Manus
Common Name: Hand
Cranial region
Noun: Cranium
Common Name: Skull
Cephalic region
Noun: Cephalon
Common Name: Head
Cervical region
Noun: Cervicis
Common Name: Neck
Mental region
Noun: Mentius
Common Name: Chin
Axillary region
Noun: Axillium
Common Name: Armpit
Brachial region
Noun: Brachium
Common Name: Arm
Antecubital region
Noun: antecubitis
Common Name: front of elbow
Acromial region
Noun: shoulder
common name: shoulder
Olecranal region
noun: olecranon
common name: wrist
noun: palma
common name: palm
Noun: Pollex
Common name: thumb
inguinal region
noun: inguen
common name: groin
patellar region
noun: patella
common name: knee cap
crural region
noun: crus
common name: leg
thoracic region
noun: thoracis
common name: thorax, chest
abdominal region
noun: abdomen
common name: abs
Pelvic region
noun: pelvis
common name: pelvis
femoral region
noun: femur
common name: thigh
gluteal region
noun: gluteus
common name: buttocks
popliteal region
noun: popliteus
common name: back of knee
Sural region
noun: sura
common name: calf
Plantar region
noun: planta
common name: sole of foot
Noun: Hallux
common name: great/big toe
Dorsal region
Noun: dorsum
common name: upper back
Umbilical region
Noun: umbilicus
common name: navel/belly button
lumbar region
Noun: lumbus
common name: loin (lower back)
noun: carpus
common name: wrist