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Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
A. Simple columnar epithelia are associated with absorption and secretion
B. Simple cuboidal epithelia are found in areas that stretch
C.Stratified squamous epithelia are found in areas subjected to wear and tear
B. Simple cuboidal epithelia are found in areas that stretch
Where are transitional epithelium found?
In areas that are subject to stretching
exocrine glands
secrete substances on the body surfaces
mucous cells are
unicellular exocrine glands
Is a water-soluble complex glycoprotein that is secreted by goblet cells
All epithelia have two surfaces, an apical surface and a basal surface, that differ in both structure and function. true or false
pseudostratified epithelium consists of multiple cell layers.
true or false
false. it has am illusion of being a multi layered tissue but is made up of one cell layer
Which tissue type consists of a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity?
epithelial tissue
Which type of epithelium lines the interior of the urinary bladder?
transitional epithelium
Which type of gland produces hormones?
endocrine glands
aerolar tissue is
In connective tissue the role of collagen fibers is to
provide tensile strength
Which tissue is correctly paired with its primary cell type?
bone: osteoblast
Which of the following is NOT a role of connective tissue?
A. absorption
B. insulation
C. protection
D. support
A. absorption
Select the true statement.
A. bundles of collagen are often found in loose connective tissue. B. loose connective tissue includes cartilage
C. dense connective tissue is often called fibrous connective tissue
D. dense connective tissue includes adipose tissue
C. dense connective tissue is often called fibrous connective tissue.
Why are adipose, blood, and bone all considered to be connective tissues?
They have a common origin, mesenchyme.
What is the most obvious structural feature of areolar tissue?
The loose arrangement of its fibers
Which is the most atypical connective tissue since it does not connect things or provide structural support?
smooth muscle
Is under involuntary control
nervous tissue
tissue that regulates and controls body functions.
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
The cutaneous membrane is made of a simple columnar epithelium
Which tissue repair process results in the formation of scar tissue?
All connective tissues arise from an embryonic tissue called mesenchyme.
Which muscle type has visible striations but is not under voluntary control?
Which of the 3 muscle cell types has multiple nuclei?
Which part of the neuron receive signals from other cells and is also the main metabolic region of the neuron?
The epithelium of the esophagus is composed of which type of epithelial tissue?
stratified squamous epithelium
The proximal tubule of the nephron (kidney tubule) in the kidney is composed of which type of epithelium?
simple cuboidal epithelium
The walls of the alveolus in the lung is composed of which type of epithelium?
simple squamous epithelium
serous membrane
epithelia membrane that lines the closed ventral cavities of the body.
mucous membrane
epithelial membrane that lines body cavities open to the exterior membrane.
consists of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
mucous membrane
found lining the digestive and respiratory tracts
serous membrane
makes up the pleura and pericardium
lines blood vessels and the heart.