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In what year did the Franks emigrate to Holland from Germany?

They emigrated to Holland in 1933.

How old is Anne when she begins writing in her diary?

She begins writing in her diary at the age of 13.

What was the original date that the Franks were supposed to go into hiding?

They were suppose to go into hiding July 16,1942.

Why did Anne slap the diary closed when Mrs. Van Daan walked in?

Anne slapped the diary close because she was writing a description of Mrs. Van Daan.

According to the PROSPECTUS AND GUIDE TO THE " SECRET ANNEXE, " when were rest hours on Monday through Saturday?

The rest hours were 10:00pm -7:30am.

What does Anne think Margot wants to be when she grows up?

Anne thinks Margot wants to be a teacher.

What does Anne call her diary?

She calls her diary Kitty.

Who is Moortje?

Moortje is the cat.

In what city did the Franks take refuge in the "Secret Annexe"?

It was in the center city of Amsterdam.

What is the name of the group that is rounding up Jews and relocating them?

The group is called Gestapo.

What is the date of the entry in which Anne gets extra fed up with the discussions and quarrels concerning her?

The date was September 28.

What was thing that Anne packed as she prepared to go into hiding?

The first thing she packed was her diary.

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps the end of the beginning. "Who said this?

Winston Churchill said it.

What did Anne and her father make so that neighbors would not see them?

They made curtains.

Who became the eighth person to live in the Annexe?

The eighth person to live in the Annexe was Albert Dussel.

Who does Anne think is trying to get through the cupboard door on October 20, 1942?

She thinks the carpenter is trying to get through the cupboard door.

According to Anne, who are the greatest freaks on Earth?


What luxury do the members of the Annexe have to take turns doing in their own place?

They get to take turns bathing.

When is Anne Frank's birthday?

June 12.

Where does Anne find is the best spot for bathing ?

W.C. office.