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Diuretics - MOA in treating hypertension (acute effect)
decreases blood volume
decreases CO
Diuretics - MOA in treating hypertension (chronic effect)
decreases PVR
First line for treatment of hypertension
thiazide diuretic
Why use Na channel blockers to treat hypertension (main)
prevent hypokalemia from other diuretics
remember these are K sparing diuretics
What CCBs decrease heart rate and force of contraction
diltiazem and verapamil
What effect does CCBs have on PVR?
A patient has hypertension and migraines. what would you use?
beta blocker
Which of the following drugs can cause edema?
metoprolol, nifedipine, ramipril or furosemide
A patient begins taking a drug for their hypertension. They complain of palpitations. What drug was it?
alpha blocker, DHP CCB, vasodilator
Side effect - constipation
CCBs (mostly verapamil)
Think of blocking contraction in the gut
MOA - ACE inhibitors treating hypertension
decrease Ang II - decrease PVR
Patient has hypertension and diabetes. What is the best drug to use?
ACE inhibtor or ARB
Patient has hypertension and kidney disease. What is the best drug to use?
ACE inhibitor or ARB
A patient has hypertension. They were put on a drug to treat it and subsequently went into kidney failure. It was discovered they had renal artery stenosis. What drug was most likely used?
ACE inhibtor or ARB
Patient is put on antihypertensive drug and they develop hyperkalemia. What was it?
ACE inhibitor, ARB, renin inhibitor or aldosterone antagonist
Patient is put on an antihypertensive drug and develops angioedema. What drug most likely caused this and what would you do about it?
ACE inhibitor.
Switch them to ARB or renin inhibitor
What would you used in a patient with hypertension that is pregnant?
captopril, losartan, methyldopa?
MOA - alpha1 blockers in treating hypertension
dilates arteries to decrease PVR
Side effect - bradycardia, bronchospasm
beta blockers
Patient is on an antihypertensive drug. They stop taking it and their blood pressure shoots way up. What were they taking?
beta blocker or clonidine
MOA - clonidine
alpha 2 agonist - works in CNS to decrease sympathetic outflow
Side effect - dry mouth, sedation
clonidine, methyldopa
MOA - fenoldopam in treating hypertension
Activates dopamine receptors - dialates arteries to decrease PVR
MOA - nitroprusside in treating hypertension
Produces NO - Diliates arteries and veins - mainly decreases PVR