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The official beginning to the Early Renaissance is marked by which event?
Florence Baptistery Competition
The word Renaissance means rebirth. Which of the following was a revived interest during this time?
Classical culture
The Limbourg Brothers' last masterpiece illumination was which of the following?
Les Très Riche Heures du Duc de Berry
Which religious reformer’s sermons affected Botticelli’s paintings in the mid-to-late 1490’s?
Fra Savonarola
Which of the following artists secularized portraiture?
Jan van Eyck

The paintings of the Last Judgement and the cycle of Christ life and that of the Virgin by Giotto are all located in which city?Question options:


Which artist lost the Baptistery competition but then later went on to create the system of Scientific Perceptive?

Which of the following was the most important patron of 15th century Florentine art?

Medici family

In Masaccio’s Trinity there is a coffered barrel-vault reminiscent of which of the following?

A Roman Triumphal Arch

13th-15th century Italian city-states used art principality for which purpose?


During which years did the Black Death sweep through Europe?


Who is the architect for the cathedral of Florence?

Arnolfo di Cambio

The following phrase from Revelations, “pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb” is depicted in which of the following?

Altar of the Lamb from the Ghent Altarpiece

To become a professional artist in the 14th-16th centuries one had to follow a very organized path that was overseen and managed by groups called?


Which painting was made for a wedding night bedroom, showing people looking upon the newly weds and symbolizing the societies witness to the consummation of the union?

ceiling of Camera degli Sposi

The Classical principle of contrapposto, or weight shift, was reintroduced into Western art by the sculptor ______________.


This detail of Lorenzetti's Good Governance is found in which building?
Palazzo Pubblico

Which of these paintings contains a portrayal of Joseph carving a mousetrap?

Mérode Altarpiece

This detail is from which piece?

Ghent Altarpiece

Which of the following does the Well of Moses, created by Claus Sluter, illustrate about Late Medieval church traditions?

mystery plays

This detail of Rogier's Deposition shows the parallel of Mary and Jesus. This compositional choice reflects which theological idea?

Compassion of Mary


Law and Gospel


Late Northern Renaissance

In Leonardo’s Last Supper, how did the artist break with traditional iconography?

By the placement of Judas on the same side as Christ and the other Disciples

Which of the following was not an effect upon the arts in Northern Europe caused by the Protestant Reformation?

increase of fresco painting

Which artist was forced by the Inquisition to change his painting by removing German haliberdiers, a figure with a bleeding nose and a jester with a parrot?


Which type of presence best describes how Michelangelo portrayed David in his sculpture of the same name?

With stern watchfulness before the battle

Leonardo and Michelangelo were commissioned by the city of Florence to execute two separate frescoes in the same room of which building?

Palazzo Vecchio

Which of the following paintings is a visualization of sickness and salvation?

Isenheim Altarpiece

Who commissioned the Sistine ceiling?

Julius II

Who commissioned Raphael to paint the papal apartments?

Julius II

The term terribilita is most often used to refer to the works of which artist?


Which religious reformer’s “principle of parsimony” was influential in the development of Protestant claims of justification by faith and sola scriptura?

Question options:

John Hus (?)

Which of the following artists specialized in portraiture?

Hans Holbein

Which artist painted groups of soaring figures on the dome of Parma Cathedral that seemed to ascend through rings of clouds into the sky itself?


Dürer’s painting Great Piece of Turf is important because of which of the following?

it is non-religious

Which of Dürer’s paintings is a visual representation of "sola scriptura"?

Four Apostles

In Hunters in the Snow, the artist has captured the atmosphere of a cold winter’s day. The landscape is snow-covered and stark with the returning hunters wearily trudging home. It is reminiscent of earlier renditions of seasons. Which of the following also described the seasons and might have been influential in the conception of this work?

Limbourg Brothers’ Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

The major center for artistic development in the High Renaissance was ___________.


Which artist is known for their Arcadian landscape settings, poetic themes, and smoky shadowing?


Which painting by Titian set the model for the traditional reclining female nude that has been imitated for centuries?
Venus of Urbino

This destruction of religious imagery that occurred during the Reformation era is an example of which of the following?


Which artist is the first woman painter that we have actual works of art and supporting documents?

Sofonisba Anguissola

Which term describes the Catholic Church’s response to the Protestants and began with the Council of Trent?

Counter Reformation


Which of the following were among the most important concerns of philosophers, scientists, and artists of the Baroque period?

the depiction of space, motion, and time

What of the follow is not a quality of Baroque art?

Inspired by Antiquity

The Counter-Reformation images of a heroic and muscular Christ best describe the works by which artist?


Poussin was fascinated by ancient Rome and Italian Renaissance cultures. In his Et in Arcadia Ego that fascination has been translated into a visual text illustrating rational order and classicism. It is reminiscent of which of the following artists?


Which of Caravaggio’s paintings is the best example of Counter-Reformation iconography by reinforcing the dogma of transubstantiation?


Caravaggio’s aesthetic was unapologetically realistic with images comprised of strikingly stark depictions of grand themes. In which decade was his most celebrated pieces created, like the St. Matthew cycle and The Entombment?


Which of the following was a popular motif, in the Baroque, displaying the interactions between men and women?

The Procuress

Bernini’s statue of David differs from previous generations of this depiction. His David seems to be moving through time and space. Which of the following would support this description?

The pivoting motion of the figure implies the movement through space and time.

Vanitas paintings were popular during the Baroque era because of their moralistic narratives about which one of the following?

the ephemeral quality of existence

Borromini designed the church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. He created a uniquely dynamic Baroque church with the counterpoint of concave convex elements in the façade that emphasized the three-dimensional effect with deeply recessed niches. Which of the following descriptions would also apply to this church?

It emphasized the sculptural qualities of the building.

Which of the following is a technical term that describes illusionistic paintings techniques of artist like da Cortona, Gaulli, Pozzo, and Tiepolo?

Which of the following paintings presents two contrasting armies with their respective leaders meeting in the center where the victor is magnanimously leaning into the defeated foe?

Surrender of Breda

Which of the following artist’s oeuvre best represents the Roman Catholic Church’s decree about art at the Council of Trent?


Nicolas Poussin’s theories about art’s purpose and practice are summed up by which of the following terms?
grand manner

The grand manner has four components. Which of those is to be grand, heroic, or monumental?

Theme (?)

Which king, by consolidating wealth and power, employed artists and designers to promote his divine right to rule and present a god-like stature?
Louis XIV
Which term is the name for a device, used by some Baroque artists, to accurately record subjects by using a “black room” with a small hole to allow a projection of the subject upon a wall or canvas?
camera obscura
Which term is associated with a disorderly life and chaotic house?
Jan Steen household
Baroque Dutch landscape painting has a fidelity to its subject matter because of which theological concept that was prevalent from the pulpit of that era?
Nature is God’s second book of revelation.
Which painter petitioned Phillip IV for Diego Velazquez to travel to the Italian Peninsula to learn from the High Renaissance masters and the contemporary Baroque artist?
Peter Paul Rubens
In Velazquez’s Las Meninas who is reflected in the mirror at the center of the composition?
The king and queen of Spain
Rubens made a series of paintings for Marie de’Medici in the 1620’s that were about what?
Her life and reign as queen and regent of France.
Which architect designed the narthex addition to St. Peter’s at the start of the 17th century?


Judith Leyster and Jan Steen studied under which artist that was know for his brushwork and portraiture?
What is the name of the specific style of Rococo painting that depicted the outdoor amusements and entertainments of the upper classes?
fête galante
Rubens has synthesized the styles of three Italian artists in his Elevation of the Cross. Which of the following are those three artists?
Michelangelo, Tintoretto, and Caravaggio
Bernini’s Baldacchino serves both functional and symbolic purposes. It provides a dramatic and compelling visual presentation for the interior of St. Peter’s. Which of the following is also one of the symbolic purposes of the Baldacchino?
The columns invoke the past
In Jan Steen’s The Feast of St. Nicolas the artist has captured the joy and chaos of Christmas holidays. He has also added a subtle satirical jab at adult society by using children and their behaviors to mirror adult behaviors. Which of the following behaviors did Steen allude to in this painting?


Jacob van Ruisdael specialized in which of the following genres?


Which of the following artists most influenced the work of Artemisia Gentileschi?
How did historical fact replace the fanciful notions of Rome and its ancient society?
the discovery and excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii
Which of the following is a canopy-like structure that marks the tomb of St. Peter?


The artist whose work best spoke for the French Revolution was which of the following?
Jacques-Louis David
Which of the follow is Caravaggio not known for in his works?