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All of the followingare signs of regeneration on the Diff Quik blood smear except:


Anisocytosis is bestdescribed as:

variable size.

Assuming these are your values: PCV of 36, Hgb 5.1, RBC of 3.8 and the WBC is 12.3 from the auto cell counter, calculate the MCHC: _____________

14.1% or 14.1 g/dl

A yellow lab ispresented with a PCV of 58% and a 8.0 g/dl total protein. Pick the mostprobable description of his health status.


Background counts on cell counting machines are done for the following reason:

To assure reagents and diluents are not contaminated so as to affect patient cell counts.

Best evaluation for aregenerative anemia besides the retic count would be:

RBC morphology on a Diff Stain

Blood samples must bewell mixed before use:

to insure even distribution of cells.

Blood smears: should be made from

fresh blood.

Canine ( ignore the arrows)

Canine ( ignore the arrows)


Canine - Red Arrow These RBC's are bestdescribed as:

Canine - Red Arrow These RBC's are bestdescribed as:

Macrocytic, polychromic

Crenated RBC's can be caused by:

excessive use of anticoagulants. cells being put into a hypertonic solution. not drying smear quickly enough. all of the above.

Compute the indices for adog with the following values: PCV33%, TP 7 g/dl, WBC 20,000, RBC 4.75, Hgb 11g/dl.

MCV = 69 MCH = 23 MCHC = 33

Crenation is best described as:

usually due to technique.

Definition, Decreased erythrocyte mass


Heinz body is bestdescribed as:

denatured Hgb.

How is anemia noted clinically?

Pale mucus membranes and Low PCV

How is arefractometer calibrated?

Measure a drop of distilled water. Adjust until the specific gravity is 1.000.

Howell Jolly Body isbest described as:

nuclear remnant.

Hypochromic is best described as:

decreased Hgb.

Identify microscope part A

Identify microscope part A


If the PCV is 36 whatis the RBC estimate?


Mean Corpuscular Volume isan indices expressed in what kind of units?


One breed of dog mentioned in the reading may have microcytic RBC's. What is the breed?


PCV 36% The best description of this buffy coat is:

PCV 36% The best description of this buffy coat is:


PCV may remain stable6 hours post trauma due to vasoconstriction and concentration


Poikilocytosis is/arebest described as:

varying shape.


many colored.

RBC's are evaluatedfor three criteria. What are they ?

size, shape and color

Rouleaux is bestdescribed as:

coin like stacking.

Stomatocyte is bestdescribed as:

mouth cell.

Supravital stainssuch as NMB would be used to demonstrate:

nuclear material.

Target cell is bestdescribed as:


The 100X objective is used to

Evaluate RBC morphologyPerform a differential WBC countEstimate platelet numbers*All of the above*

The best terminologyto describe a young RBC seen on the differential smear is:

polychromatic and macrocytic.

The normal totalprotein average for the dog and cat is:

6.0-7.5 g/dl t

The only informationyou have on a cat is PCV = 37%. What is his MCHC?

33 g/dl (or %) 20 g/dl (or %)

We prefer push smearsover coverslip smears in order to ensure better distribution of cells.


What are the units?T.P.: 7.0 (____)


What causes or enhances hypersegmentation of neutrophils?

Cell agingTreatment with steroidsHyperadrenocortisolism

What does lipemic plasma indicate?

post prandial sample poor sampling technique

What is the units?Hgb: 5.1 (____)


What is the units? PCV: 36 (____)


what is the fecal flotation media used in our lab and in most small animal practices?

Sodium nitrate

What is the name of the microscope part labeledH ?

What is the name of the microscope part labeledH ?

Voltage regulator or course adjustment knob

What magnificationare the RBC's morphologically evaluated?


What objective(magnification) is used to find a good monolayer?


What species has RBCthat normally appear like spherocytes making it hard to identify anabnormality?


What type of RBC morphology might you expect to see with this type of tumor or DIC?

What type of RBC morphology might you expect to see with this type of tumor or DIC?


What would aspherocyte look like?

Small dense cell with no zone of central pallor

With a PCV of 36,what is the hemoglobin estimate?


Which species has adiscocytic normal shape RBC?


Which is statement isfalse when refering to Dif Quick staining?

Dif quick is a supra vital stain

Which type of feline reticulocyte is a polychromatophil on Romanowsky stained blood films?


Why do we prefercoverslip smears to push smears. ONE answer please.

even distribution of cells

You are able toclearly see your specimen on low power but can't focus on high or oil. What isthe problem?

Your cytology or blood smear is on the the down side of the slide.

Normal PCV Dog :

Avg. 45% Range: 36-54%

Normal PCV cat

Avg. 37% Range: 25-46%

Normal TP Dog:

6-7.5 g/dl

Normal TP Cat:

5.6-7.4 g/dl

RBC estimate =

1/6 of the PCV mm3

Hgb estimate is

1/3 PCV g/dl

PCV and TP increased=


PCV decreased TPnormal =


PCV decreased and TPincreased=

Anemic with Dehydration

PCV normal TPdecreased=

Protein loss/liver disease/burns

Total protein is thefirst to fall with trauma patients


MCV (Femtoliters fl )=

PCV x 10 divided by RBC

MCH (Picogramspg)=

HGB x 10 divided by RBC

MCHC (g/dl) =

HGB x 100 divided by the PCV

Which breed naturally has low platelet counts?


Which breeds cells are naturally macrocytic?

Miniature Poodle

The purpose of performing a background count on auto cell counters is to assure the reagents and diluents are free of debris that might interfere with patient cell counts.


What does yellow plasma indicate?

liver disease

Given a PCV of 33%. What isthe RBC estimate?

5.5 x 10^6 mm^3

Generally speaking, the higher the magnification the lower the condensor.


These RBC's look fragmented and like they were hung out carelessly on a clothesline! They may indicate DIC or hemangiosarcomas of the liver/spleen. What are they?