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In which of the following situations would there be inelastic demand?
A 5% price increase results in a 3% decrease in the quantity demanded.
A project should be accepted if the present value of cash flows from the project is
Greater than the initial investment
Standard deviation and expected return information for four investments selling for the same price is as follows:

Investment Std Dev Exp Return
A 25% 20%
B 20% 18%
C 12% 8%
D 10% 10%

What investment is the best choice in terms of the risk/return relationship?
Investment D

Std Dev 10% Exp Return 10%
Which of the following cash management techniques focuses on cash disbursements?
Zero-balance account
Each of the following is a method to evaluate internal controls based on the framework set by COSO, except:
Distinguishing economy risk from industry risk and enterprise risk.