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Step 1
Initial steps
Step 2
offer resident bed pan or urinal
reduces chance of urination during procedure which may cause discomfort and embarrassment
Step 3
drape resident
maintains residents dignity and right to privacy
step 4
fill bath basin with warm water and have resident check water temp for comfort, if able
step 5
put on gloves
step 6
fold washcloth and wet
step 7
gently wash eye from inner corner to outer corner, using a different part of the cloth to wash other eye
step 8
wet washcloth and apply soap, if requested. wash, rinse, and pat dry face, neck, and behind ears
step 9
remove gown
step 10
place towel under far arm
step 11
wash, rinse, and pat dry hand, arm, shoulders, and underarm.
step 12
repeat steps with other arm
step 13
place towel over chest and abdomen, lower bath blanket to waist
step 14
lift towel and wash, rinse, and pat dry chest and abdomen
step 15
pull up bath blanket and remove towel
step 16
uncover and place towel under far leg
step 17
wash, rinse, and pat dry leg and foot. be sure to wash, rinse, and dry well between the toes
step 18
repeat with other leg and foot
step 19
change bath water and gloves, wash hands and use clean gloves and towel
step 20
assist resident to spread legs and lift knees, if possible
step 21
wet and soap folded washcloth
step 22: catheter care
if resident has catheter, check for leakage, secretions, or irritation. gently wipe four inches of catheter from meatus out
step 23: perineal care
wipe from front to back and from center of perineum out to the thighs. if washcloth is visibly soiled, change cloth
step 24
change water in basin. wash hands and change gloves. with a clean washcloth rinse area thoroughly in the same direction as when washing (front to back)
step 25
gently pat dry area in same direction as when washing.
step 26
assist resident to lateral position, facing away from you
step 27
wet and soap washcloth
step 28
clean anal area from front to back, rinse and pat dry thoroughly
step 29
Change bath water and gloves, use clean washcloth and towel
step 30
wash rinse and pat dry from neck to buttocks
step 31
return to supine position
step 32
wash hands and change gloves
step 33
help resident put on clean gown
step 34
do final steps
step 35
report any reddened areas, abrasions, or bruises to the nurse