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What are the main differences between rabbits and hares?

Rabbits burrow and hares don't.
Hares have precocial young and rabbits have alotricial young.
ID these rabbit structures. What is the sex of this rabbit and how do you know?
A - Philtrum
B - Mental gland
C - Dewlap (denotes female)
How many footpads on the front and rear feet of the rabbit?
Rabbits have furry feet and no foot pads!
What problem plagues Rex rabbits and why?
Sore hocks
No outer hair coat
How many front digits in the rabbit? Rear digits?
5 front; 4 rear
What is the rabbit dental formula?
I 2/1, C 0/0, P 3/2, M 3/3
What are the arrows indicating in this gruesome image?
Deep glands of the third eyelid (Harderian glands)
ID these vessels. How can you make these vessels more prominent and why?
A - Central a. of the ear
B - Lateral ear v.
Warming the rabbit will make veins more prominent (use ears for thermoregulation)
T or F:
All rabbit teeth are hypsodont.
Why must care be taken when handling rabbits (2 reasons)?
1) strong legs and arched back = can break their own back
2) use chest wall respiration; can easily suffocate them
Rabbits recouperate much of their nutrition through coprophagy. What is this strategy called?
Cecotrophic or Pseudoruminant
What are two main differences between lagomorphs and rodents?
Lagomorphs have peg teeth and maxillary/frontal fenestrations
ID these rabbit digestive structures
A - Stomach
B - Small Intestine (Jejunum)
C - Cecum
D - Ileum
E - Colon
ID these rabbit guts:
What do A and B have in common?
A - Lymphoid appendix
B - Saculus Rotundus
C - Duodenum
D - Ileocecal Junction
A and B are both GALT
T or F:
The rabbit stomach should always be full.
ID these regions of the rabbit external genitalia.
A - Vulva
B - Inguinal scent glands
C - Anus
ID these regions of the rabbit reproductive tract.
What kind of uterus is depicted?
A - Ovary
B - Broad ligament (fat filled)
C - Uterus (Duplex)
T or F:
A rabbits single cervix opens into a duplex uterus.
False! It has two cervices as well!
ID this!
A - Urinary bladder
B - Ductus deferens
C - Cranial fat pad
D - Testis
E - Tail of epididymis
Which accessory sex glands does the male rabbit have?
ID these rabbit glands:
A - Vesicular gland
B - Prostate gland
C - Bulbourethral gland
D - Preputial glands
What is the gestation period in the rabbit? The guinea pig? The chinchilla?
Rabbit - 30d
Guinea pig - 63d
Chinchilla - 110d
What is the order, suborder, genus, and species of the guinea pig?
Order - Rodentia (looks like dinner for someone)
Suborder - Hystrichomorphes
Genus - Cavia
Species - Porcellus
How many mammary glands does the gunea pig have? How many on the chinchilla?
1 pair of inguinal mammary glands
2 pairs of inguinal in the chinchilla
How many front and rear toes on the guinea pig?
4 front and 3 rear
What is the guinea pig's dental formula?
I 1/1, C 0/0, P 1/1, M 3/3
What are the guinea pig scent glands?
Perineal and caudal glands
What are the rabbit's scent glands?
Inguinal, chin, and anal glands
ID these regions of the guinea pig oral cavity.
A - Palatial ostium
B - Torus linguae
How are the crowns a guinea pig's maxillary cheek teeth oriented? Mandibular cheek teeth?
Maxillary - laterally
Mandibular - medially
T or F:
The thymus is in the guinea pig neck meat.
What is this?
Guinea pig thymus
Which is the male? The female? ID A and B
Male is on the right, female on left.
A - Urethral opening
B - Perineal sinus
A - Urethral opening (somewhere around here)
B - Scrotum
C - Perineal sac
A - Penis
B - Scrotum
C - Perineal sac
When should guinea pigs be bred by and why?
7-10 months
Pelvic symphysis fuses at this point UNLESS animal has given birth.
T or F:
Guinea pigs can produce their own vitamin C
False! They need vit. C supplementation and can develop scurvy within 4 days of reduced intake.
A - Bulbourethral/Prostate Gland
B - Urinary bladder
C - Ductus deferens
D - Vesicular gland
E - Testis
F - Cranial fat pad
Where are sites for venipuncture in the guinea pig?
Tarsal stick
Ear veins??
Possibly lateral saphenous vein
T or F:
Guinea pigs thermoregulate via their external ears.
False! They behaviorally thermoregulate.