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External air leakage from the APU heat shield is allowable?
(True or False)
In the event of an APU fire, how many possible locations are available to shutdown the APU?
When number 3 Tank FWD boost pump switch light is not turned on within 2 minutes, APU will appear on the WAP.
(True or False)
An APU fire is indicated by which of the following?
MASTER WARNING lights on INSTRUMENT panel, APU is displayed on CUE, LOOP A and LOOP B lights on ENVIR panel, Central Aural Warning System (CAWS) and APU warning horns, FIRE light on APU panel.
Activation of the APU Off/ARM switchlight on the APU panel will provide an automatic shutdown of the APU.
(True or False)
When the APU access doors are open, the aircraft mounted fire extinguisher system is not sufficient to extinguish the fire.
(True or False)
How can the APU be started if the external electrical power is not available?
Battery power may be used when external power is not available
Set start control switch on APU panel to start and release and identify which parameters are increasing?
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Revolutions Per Minute (RPM's)
What area must the operator ensure is clear prior to an APU start?
Ensure APU inlet and exhaust areas are clear.
An automatic shutdown occurs when APU EGT exceeds _______ above 95% RPM.
621º degrees celcius
When External Power and the APU generator PWR switch is in use the AC TIED light shall go off.
(True or False)
What action should be taken when the APU fails to speed up during battery start?
Reset the APU start circuit breakers
Maximum EGT during APU startup is 485º degrees celcius.
(True or False)
The APU Start Control Switch is spring loaded to the run position.
(True or False)
To prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment, do not operate the APU under the following?
With the fire detection system loop A and loop B inoperative
The APU fuel consumption per hour is _______
500 lbs per hour
After setting the APU Start Control switch to start position, what EGT indication are you looking for?
EGT increases and stabilizes
An automatic shutdown occurs when the APU RPM exceeds_________?
What are the indications of a successful APU loop A and loop B test on the enviornmental panel?
Loop A and Loop B lights come on, CAWS sounds, Master warning press to reset lights on glareshield comes on, Fire light on APU comes on, WAP displays APU
The APU PWR switch on the electrical panel shall remain on until the APU is completely shutdown.
(True or False)
What does a HIGH light and an automatic shutdown of the APU during normal operations indicate?
Overspeed Condition
Press and hold which switch light to test all lights and digital indicators?
ANN/DIGT test switchlight
Allow APU to operate with no load for a minumum of _____ prior to shutdown.
2 minutes
What is the position of the APU off/arm switchlight during normal APU operation on overhead PNL?
What is the APU starter motor duty cycle?
Do not exceed 3 starts or attempts in one hour with a minimum of one minute between starts of attempts.
Where are the 3 APU emergency shutdown locations?
Cockpit, loadmaster, SPR
What are the cockpit APU emergency shutdown procedures?
Press OFF/ARM, lift and press AGENT/DISCH, press 3 Tank FWD, set START CONTR switch to OFF, open APU CTRL PWR/PSDAU 1 (C15), set EXT PWR switch to OFF, set BATT switch of OFF, shutdown generator set
What are the APU emergency shutdown procedures for the loadmaster and SPR locations?
Raise guard, set AGENT DISCH to DISCH