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In which of the following locations could you find an ad for an apartment?
In the local newspaper
On the Internet
In the phone book
Which of the following best describes a lease?
A legal document that contains all the details of the agreement between the landlord and renter which is signed by both parties
Which of the following utilities may be billed separately from your rent?
Phone service
How much of your take-home paycheck should be budgeted for base rent?
Which of the following is true about the security deposit?
The deposit can be used to repair damage caused by the tenant during the term of the lease
Your landlord has the right to:
Charge you the late fee stated in your lease if your rent payment is late
The most important thing to consider when choosing an apartment is:
If you can afford to pay your rent and other costs on an ongoing basis
Which of the following information would not be found in a typical lease?
The name of the previous tenant
A landlord can refuse to rent you an apartment if which of the following is true?
You own a cat and a dog
Which of the following are considerations in choosing an apartment:
Proximity to work
Availability of mass transit