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In what year was the Navy first interested in airplanes as a naval weapon?


Who staged the first demonstration of the new flying machine?

Wright Brothers

Eugene Ely first flew a biplane from a wooden platform off what ship?

USS Birmingham

What was the name of the Navy's first angled deck aircraft carrier?

USS Antietam

What was the first operationally equipped jet plane in history to fly faster than 1,000 mph?

F8U-1 Crusader

In 1959, four naval aviators were selected as prospective astronauts for what space project?


Who was the first American and naval aviator to go into space?

Alan B. Shepard Jr.

What major battle in 1942 was the first of opposing ships NOT making contact with each other?

Battle of Coral Sea

In October 1943, the Navy accepted its first helicopter. What designation was assigned to that helicopter?


The Westinghouse 19A jet engine was developed for the Navy in what year?


What rating packs and rigs parachutes and life rafts?


What tasks is performed by the ABH rating?

Directs movement and spottig of aircraft ashore and afloat.

What rating maintains and repairs gasoline engines and associated automotive systems?


In what total number of service ratings is the Aviation Boatswain's Mate (AB) divided?


What rating operates, maintains, and performs maintenance on aviation fueling and lubricating oil systems?


What year was the Airman rate established?


What year was the paygrades E-8 and E-9 (senior and master chief petty officer) established?


What year was the Naval Aviation Museum established at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida?


What two ships conducted contingent operations during the Iranian hostage crisis?

1. USS Kitty Hawk

2. USS Midway

How many service ratings is the AW rate made up of?


What rate performs intermediate-level maintenance on aviation electronic components?


Which Battle in 1942 cause the Japanese to abandon their attempt to land at Port Moresby?

Coral Sea

What rating, fits and maintains oxygen masks, flight clothing, and anti-exposure suits?


What rating makes visual and instrumental observations of weather and sea conditions?


Leadership and what other element are now a part of your everyday Navy life?


The Navy purchased its first aircraft on what date?

May 8, 1911

What is the primary function of naval aviation?

Coordinate with other naval forces in maintaining command of the seas

How many basic operations make up the primary function of naval aviation?


What ship was called the Navy's unsinkable "Blue Ghost" of World War II?

USS Lexington

What battle was the turning point of the war in the Pacific?


What year was the Vietnam cease-fire announced?


Which aviation rating performs administrative, managerial, and clerical duties required in implementing and supporting the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP)?


Removing, installing, and rigging the flight control surfaces on naval aircraft is the responsibility of what rating?


Which rating inspects, maintains, and repairs armament equipment?


What is the name of the first official aircraft carrier?

USS Langley

What duties will you perform as an Airman?

Move aircraft

What is the official birthday of naval aviation?

May 8, 1911

After what year was the Aviation Maintenance Administration rate established?