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Te 2 themes that dominated the half-century after the civil war were consolidation and

expanding ethnic diversity

Riis says that the boundary of the Other Half runs through

the tenements

Cahan several times suggests that to him America at first seemed bot

to be genuine

According to Bok, the most priceless gift that any nation can offer is


Ross proposes that moral advancement can best be measured by the position

of women

According to Kallen, "Americanization" signifies the disappearance of

the external differences upon which race prejudice often feeds

The stuff and essence of nationality , as jallen says, is

the array of forces for that likemindedness

Addams opens uHull House in order, she says, to live in a

"really living world and refusing to be content with a shadowy intellectual or aesthetic reflection of it"

The ideaology of America as an Anglo-Saxon country began to develop at the same time that saw the arrival

of the New Immigration

Sumner says that laissez-faire translates into plain English as

Mind your own business

Because distances could be covered in less time, the Transportation Revolution in effect made the world


At the start of the twentieth century, many Americans felt themselves


For the kind of fic tion he wanted to write, Henry James felt American society was

too thin

Some of Duke Ellington's compositions left to space for


The sciences that Tennyson called "The Terrible Muses" were

geology and astronomy

Henry Adams said that the "new American" was the "servant of the


The painter who felt that landscapes ought reveal a "heroic national identity" was

Thomas Cole

A form of African expression incorporated into jazz was "call and


Washington says that "in all things social" whites and black can be as separate as

the fingers of a hand

DuBois claims that the only true American music is

the wild sweet melodies of the Negro slave

Hughes says that jazz is to him

one of the inherent expressions of negro life in america

"The New Negro" is a phrase associated with

Alain Locke

Alain Locke says that the Great Migration was a movement not just from rural to urban but from midieval to


A note lowered a half-step in a melodic line is said to be

a blue note

Motely's Blues is a painting of people in a nightclub in


Marcus Garvey founded the organization called

Universal Negro Improvement Association UNIA

The so-called Second Industrial Revolution created products for

the business and home

"An old bitch gone in the teeth" is a description of Western culture by

Ezra Pound

"Few things are sadder" the narrator tells us

"than the truly monstrous"

The object of the desire of near;y every male in the book is

Faye Greener

Throughout the novel Tod Hackett is working in a painting he calls

"The Burning of Los Angeles"

Tod thinks that the collection of old movie sets and props pn the back lot is a "history of civilization" in the form of a

marine junkard

The newspapper clipping that Harry Greener carries with him is headlines

Bedraggled Harlequinn

Earl Shoop is said to have a "resemblance to

a mechanical drawing"

To Faye Greener's "egg-like self sufficiency" Tod Hacket responds with fantasies of


The bar at which the floor show features female impersonators iscalled

Cinderella Bar

Faye Greener's age is


The only song Homer Simpson knowns is

the Star Spangled Banner

Twentieth century America was characterized by, among other things, "an enourmous expansion of

the middle class"/suburbia

Historian Kenneth Jackson called the suburbs the

crabgrass frontier

Immigration of homosexuals was restricted by legislation passed by


During spring training JAckie Robinson stayed not in a hotel but in

the home of a prominent negro family

In Tootle the most important lesson taught is

staying on the rail no matter what, conformity

The "atomic hairdo" was a creation of


In the 1950s Hughes says American Exceptionalism was fueled b


The only country with a word between thriteen and nineteen is

the nited States

The assistant Attorney General who came to prominence during the red scare of the 20s was


In america in the 50s, to be different was to be


According to Dr. King, the word "wait" meant


Malcolm X insisted that there was no such thing as a nonviolent


Carmichael argues that "physocological equality: for black people will be achieved by emphasizing the political achievements of

the black community

Baker says that the only protection people have against violence or injustice in the long run is


The spreme court ruled that segregating schools was inherently


The first black student to attend the University of Mississippi was

James Meredith

The Birmingham poilice chief who ordered dogs and firehoses to be set on peaceful protestors was

Bull Connor

Davis says that the black community must honor Malcolm X because "he was our

prince, our own black shining prince"

Television first covered the civil rights struggle when it broadcast events from

Little Rock

Malcolm X was beleived to be assassinated by

the nation of Islam

Accroding to Betty Freidan, the silent question asked by middle-class Maerican women was

"IS this all"

In the 50s and 60s, American society told a woman that is she was unhappy then "something must be wrong with

her mairrage or herself"

The average age of those who served in Nam was


Marilyn Young reports that more Vietnam vets have committed suicide than

died in it

Harrington observed that the "poor are politically


The SDS statement proposes that "the American Golden age was actually the

decline of an era

Most hippies came from families that were "white, affluent, and

middle class

Among the 681 demonstrators arrested at the MArch on the Pentagon was the writer whose book about it would earn a Pulitzer Prize

Norman Mailer

Attitudes toward the war often revealed "a powerful sense of

class grievance"

The name of the helicopter pilot who stopped the killing at Mai Lai was

Army Warrant Hugh Thompson Jr.

The "surveillance powers" of the government were greatly expanded by the

Patriot Act

President Reagan proposes that the American REvolution reversed the course of the government with the words

"We the People"

Barber says that both Jihad and McWorld make war on

the sovereign state

President Bush said that America is a country called to

defend freedom

"Either you are with us" Bush said

"or you are with the terrorists"

One of the forces driving globalization is "information


The dissent in the Larry Hiibel Nevada Supreme Court case was written by


the "ordaining voice of the Constitution" Doctorow says is


Wright says that "our freedom depends on

the sympathetic compreshension of the other"

As the Governemnt expands, Reagan said,

liberty contracts

Cliff Dwellers was painted by

George Bellows

Middle Class liberal Protestants describes those americans called


Social Darwinists tried to use evolutionary theory to justify

economic and social inequalities

As the 20th century began, most Americans felt the country's greatests days were


The mass movement of African Americans from North to South was called the

great migration

The flowering of Intellectual and artistic talent among Blacks inthe 20s was called

the Harlem renaissance

Hollywood experienced the "Golden Age" of movies during

the 30s/great depression

In 1933 the American unemployment rate was


Nevada supported the 50s atomic testing for patriotic reasons and

federal money

Rock and Roll began when white singers sand black songs for

white audiences

In the 50s, American foreign policy was that Communism should be


The terms that expressed doubt about the validity of gov't and military fact/figures was

the Credibility gap

Rosie the Riveter

Cultural Icon; represents American women who worked in factories during WWII; women in the workforce

Jane Addams

a pioneer settlement social worker; public philosopher; sociologist and author, leader in woman's suffrage and world peace. She helped turn the US towards issues of concern to mothers, the needs of children, world peace, and public health

Malcolm X

Muslim minister and human rights activist. To admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks; detrators accused him of preaching violence