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Which technology allows syslog messages to be filtered to different devices based on event importance?​

syslog severity levels​

Which SNMPv2 configuration step is required?

configuring the community string and access level

The ip flow _________ command enables the router to capture NetFlow data for the monitoring of incoming packets on an interface.


Data collected from a NetFlow analyzer can be used for which two purposes? (Choose two.)

-measuring what network resources are used and for what purposes

-accounting and charge back according to resource utilization

Which statement describes a syslog server characteristic?​

One advantage of viewing syslog messages on a syslog server is the ability to perform detailed searches through the data.

Which item will limit the amount of information that can be analyzed by a NetFlow collector?

NetFlow version

Which technology via the syslog protocol enhances real-time debugging by displaying the date and time associated with each monitored event?

syslog service timestamps

R1(config)# logging

R1(config)# logging trap 5

What conclusion can be drawn from this configuration?

Messages with severity level of 6 or higher appear only on the router console output.

A company is designing a network monitoring system and is considering SNMPv3. What are three characteristics of SNMPv3? (Choose three.)

- It uses message integrity to ensure that packets have not been altered in transit.

- It uses authentication to determine if messages are from a valid source.

- It uses encryption to scramble the content of packets to prevent unauthorized access.

SNMP message type

GET request

makes the SNMP agent retrieve specific information from the MIB

SNMP message type

SET request

makes the SNMP agent change the value of an item in the MIB

SNMP message type


makes the SNMP agent automatically send the value on an item from the MIB

Which mode is used to configure SNMP?

global configuration mode

An administrator wants to send log messages for all severity levels from a router to its console. Which procedure should the administrator follow to accomplish this?

The administrator needs to do nothing, because Cisco routers send log messages for all severity levels to the console by default.