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Who is the highest level of prehospital care provider?
5 different areas of Expanded Scope of Practice
1- Critical Care Tansport
2- Primary Care
3. Tactical Ems
4- Industrial Medicine
5- Sports Medicine
Some of the first medical records were inscribed how many years ago?
4,000-5,000 years ago
What is an essiental component of an ems system
What are the 4 T's of emergency care
Definition of Medical Director
A physician who legally is responsible for all the clinical and patient care aspects of EMS systems
What year did the National Highway Safet Act establish the DOT
What year was the EMT-Ambulance program made public
What year was the first paramedic curriculum introduced
What gov't agency sets nationwide standards for Paramedic programs
Name the # and types of different ambulances
Type I- conventional cab and chasis, ( big trucks)
Type II- Van
Type III- Specialty van w/ passageway
THe program designed to maintain continous monitoring and measurements of the quality of client care delivered to a patient is?
Quality Assurance (QA)
A program designed to refine and improve an EMS system, emphasizing customer service sastisfaction?
Cntinous Quality Improvement
What is Peer Review
EMS personnell reviewing each others reprts, emergency care, and interactions to improve their knowledge and skills
Standards that govern the conduct of a group or profession
The conduct/qualities that characterize a practitioner in a particular field
What is the difference between clean and disinfecting?
Cleaning is using soap and water
Disinfecting is using a chemical or agent
Name the 5 stages of Loss
1- anger
4- depression
5- acceptance
What is a STRESSOR
A stimulus that causes stress
What are morals
social, religious, and personal standards of right and wrong
Name the 4 different levels of EMS providers
1-First responder or Emergency Medical responder (EMR)
2- EMT-B or EMT
3- EMT-I or Advanced EMT (AEMT)
4-EMT-P or Paramedic
What is the highest level of Trauma care
Level I trauma center
Customer satisfaction is called what in the business world
Service Quality
Define Patophysiology
the study of how diseases affects normal body processes
What is the single most important behavior that you are judged by?
What are infectious diseases caused by
A strategy that is based on the assumption that all blood and bodily fluids are infectious
Standard Precautions
Any occurence of blood and bodily fluid coming in contact with intact skin, the eyes, or any other mucous membrane, or parental contact
Good stress is called?
Name the 3 stages of stress response
What is Circadian Rhythms?
physiological phenomena that occurs at apprx. 24 hour intervals
Also known as sleep deprivation
The study of factors that influence the frequency distribution and cause of injury, disease, and other health related events in a population
A real or potential harzardous situation that puts people in danger of sustaining injury
Injury Risk
What are ethics as applied to the human body
What are the 4 principles of Bioethics?
What is Beneficence
The principle of doing good for the patient
What is nonmaleficence
the obligation not to harm the patient
What is Autonomy
a competent adult patient's right to determine what happens to his body (consent)
What is Justice
the obligation to treat all patients fairly
Name the 3 ways to test Ethics
1- Impartility test- the golden rule
2- Universalizability test- ask if you would do this in all similar circumstances
3- Interpersonal justifiability test- can you justify your actions