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Which is considered a commercial health insurance company?
Another term that can be used to indicate a fee-for-service plan is a ....... plan.
Logan is the daughter of Amy (DOB 3/29/68) and Bill (DOB 11/15/70) and is covered by both parents' health insurance plans. Accoriding to the birthday rule, a medical claim for Logan will be submitted to ....
Amy's plan as primary payer and Bill's plan as secondary payer.
When the patient is the domestic partner of the primary policyholder, this is indicated on the CMS-1500 claim form by......
placing an X in the OTHER box of block 6
Reimbursement for income lost as a result of a temporary of premanent illness or injury is covered by ........ insurance.
The patient was seen in the provider's office on 12/3/2006. The patient history reflects that the patient was injured 4 months earlier. What is entered in Block 14 of the CMS-1500 claim form?
08 03 2006
When an insurance claim is submitted to an insurance company that covers the treatment of injuried sustained in a motor vehicle accident, the .... reviews the claim and determines coverage for the injured person.
medical adjuster
What is the correct way to enter the provider's name and credential in Block 31?
A balance of $12.55 is due to the patient for services provided by Dr. Brown. What is entered in Block 30 of the CMS-1500 when the physcian is a PAR provider?
leave blank
A secondary health insurance plan generally provides coverage that is ........
similar to that of a primary health insurance plan.
Reimbursement for loss of or damage to a vehicle (natural disasters) is covered by ........ (automobile) insurance.
When a patient is covered by a large employer group health plan (EGHP) and Medicare, which is primary?
When completing a CMS-1500 using computer software, text should be entered in ..... case.