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What did the freedom mean to the African Americans of the Sea Islands?
It meant a future as independent farmers living free of white control.
Lincoln's Reconstruction plan did not include what
Pardons for high ranking military officers in the Confederacy
The "Whiskey Ring" scandal undermined the _______ administration
The Wade-Davis Bill evidence of may Congressional Republicans' desire to
Punish the South for the institution of slavery.
Lincoln _______ the Wade-Davis bill.
Which constitutional Amendment abolished slavery in the United States?
The Thriteenth Amendment
Who was the first head of the Freedmen's Bureau?
General Howard
The Civil Rights act of 1866
-defined Af Amer and all persons born in the US national citizens,
-defined rights of all citizens regardless of race,
-prohibited state governments from depriving any citizen of these "fundemental rights"
Why did the Republicans deem the 14th amendment necessary so soon after passing the Civily Rights Act?
Amendments became parmanant part of the Constitution.
The 14th Amendment contained these provisions
-declared all persons born or naturalized in the US as citizens
-all citinzens were entitled to equal protection under the laws of the state were they lived
-states that denied adult male citizens, including Af Amer, the right to vote would be penalized by having their representation in Congress reduced
-all high ranking former Confederates were prohibited from holding public office, unless pardoned
-repudiated the Confederate debt (punishing those who lent $ to the Confederacy) & denied all claims for compensation by ex-slave owner
Northerners who settled in the South after the war were referred to as
Whie Southerners who joined the Republican Party were referred to as
Which Constitutional amendment was intended to gurantee Af Amer males the right to vote?
The 15th Amendment
Who was the winner of the 1872 presidential election?
Ulysses S. Grant
Which of the following states saw the reestablishment of conservative white government first?
Who won the Presidential Election of 1876?
Rutherford B. Hayes
The resolution of the disputed election of 1876 was known as the
Compromise of 1877
The romanticized image of a virtuous South that was defeated by a ruthless Yankee North came to be known as the
Lost Cause