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scientist who developed the theory of relativity
Austrian physician whose theories of the unconscious mind weakened people's faith in reason
Irish poet whose poem " The second Soming" conveyed a sence of future struggles
Belief that there is no universal meaning to life and that each person creates his or her own meaning through choices
German philospher who urged a return to values of pride, assertiviness, and strength, and who had a great impact on politics in italy and germany
Friedrich Nietzsche
Inspired by Freud's theories, art movement that sought to link the world of dreams with real life
type of music with a lively, loose beat developed in the united states mainly by african americans
Russian composer who moved away from traditional styles and used irregular rhythms and dissonances in his music
Igor Stravinsky
American pilot who flew solo from New York to Paris in 1927
Charles Lindbergh
English-born star of the silent screen whose little tramp character conveyed his comic genius
Charlie Chaplin
new, militant political movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader
policy formed the german brand of fascism
"My Struggle" a book written by Hitler during his imprisonment in 1923-1924, in which he sets forth his beliefs and his goals for germany
Mein Kampf
What happened 6 days before the election?
Reichstag building burnt down and Nazis blammed communist
"Night of the Broken Glass," signaled the real state of process of eliminating the jems from german life
living space
Who invades Manchuria in 1931 for being rich in iron anf coal?
Who attacked Ethiopia oct. 1935
What is the ethiopian emperor
Haile Selassie
Who is a part of the Munic Conference
Italy, Germany, France, and Great Britian
British Prime minister
what starts WWII?
when hilter invades poland
the agreement to divide up Poland
Nazi-Soviet pact
Banned loans and sale of arms to nations at war
Neutrality Acts
Who were the axis powers
German, Italy, and Japan
dictator of Italy
dictator of germany
party Mussolini was a part of
fascism party
party Hitler was a part of
Nazi party
What was Mussolini called
Il ducë
What was Hitler called?
What was the control difference between Mussolini and Hitler
Mussolini never had total control and Hitler did.
what was the oppenent difference between Mussolini and Hitler
Mussolini arrested opponents and Hitler killed his opponents
who transformed natural shaped into geometric forms
Pablo Picasso
based on dreams