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Research utilization begins with empirical findings for consideration in practice settings, while evidence-based practice begins with:
A search for the best possible information for addressing a clinical problem
If a specific nursing procedure in a hospital were modified on the basis of research findings, this would be an example of:
Instrumental utilization
The awareness stage of adoption of an innovation is similar to:
Conceptual utilization
Which of the following plays an important role in the efforts for evidence-based practice?
A)Evidence reports from AHRQ
B)Reviews by the Cochrane Collaboration
C)Integrative reviews of a body of literature
D)All of the above
All of the above
Most evidence hierarchies put which of the following at the pinnacle?
A)Randomized clinical trials
B)Program evaluations
C)Quality improvement projects
D)Meta-analyses of multiple clinical trials
Meta-analyses of multiple clinical trials
Which of the following is not a major barrier to research utilization in nursing practice?
A)The fact that many nurses are not academically prepared to evaluate critically nursing research studies
B)The failure of hospitals or other health care agencies to reward nurses who engage in utilization activities
C)The low number of published replications of nursing studies that show promise for utilization
D)The absence of clinically relevant nursing studies
The absence of clinically relevant nursing studies
Researchers can improve the prospects for research utilization (RU) and evidence-based practice (EBP) by doing all of the following except:
A)Conducting high-quality, methodologically sound studies
B)Disseminating results to a broad audience
C)Offering clinical nurses resource support for an RU/EBP project
D)Discussing the clinical implications of their study results in their research reports
Offering clinical nurses resource support for an RU/EBP project
Which of the following strategies for research utilization is most amenable to adoption by nursing students and clinical nurses?
A)Preparing integrative reviews
B)Replicating research studies
C)Making presentations at nursing conferences
D)Reading professional journals widely and critically
Reading professional journals widely and critically
Assessing the implementation potential of a nursing innovation includes which of the following activities?
A)Determining the impact of the innovation
B)Assessing information about the costs and benefits of the innovation
C)Evaluating the scientific merits of relevant studies
D)All of the above
Assessing information about the costs and benefits of the innovation
All the following activities are normally undertaken as part of doing an integrative review except:
A)Interviewing principal investigators of key studies
B)Selecting a sample
C)Systematically recording data
D)Evaluating the scientific merit of studies
Interviewing principal investigators of key studies
Which of the following models was explicitly developed with the idea that individual nurses could engage in research utilization-type activities?
A) Iowa Model
B) Ottawa Model
C) Cochrane Model
D) Stetler Model
Stetler Model
Conceptual utilization of research involves a situation in which individuals are ________________________________________________________________.
influenced in their thinking about an issue based on their knowledge of a study
What occurs when a nurse decides to implement the findings from a rigorous research investigation.
A well-known nursing research utilization project is the ________________.
CURN project
The _______________ has resulted in the establishment of centers around the world.
Cochrane Collaboration