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What is white shamanism?
The idea of Native American religion and culture for profit
Importance of the high god
The supreme high god is over and above the lesser dieties

Characterized by the fact that he/she is going to make everything and is going to be uninvolved in the world and our everyday existence
What is the Native American church?
Blends 2 things: Christianity (as a use of worship) and the use of pioty (as a use of spirituality) within their worship

Hosts over 225,000 members
Role of the ancestors
In some cases there is reverence for the ancestors and in other cases there is worship
What are some common taboos?

(know specific examples)
menustrating women

taboo of the dead
-Ex) Native American burial grounds - it is taboo to disrupt the dead
Nature and its role within Native American religion
Native American religion has a reverence attitude toward nature (this contrasts with Europeans attitude of nature)

Can be seen in hunting of buffalo
The religious significance of hunting for Native Americans
Hunting practices show reverence for the animal because everything on the animal is used

The ritual of giving thanks either before or after the hunt
What is a vision quest?
Contact with the spirit world by either an individual or a group

Used as a means to gain insight
How is the land of the dead described?
There is no heaven or hell - instead there is a spirit world where the souls experience the whole range of human emotion and the after life

Souls live as long as they are remembered by the living

We can benefit the souls of the people who have passed away by showing them where the land of the dead is
The church of the Latter Day saints and the appeal to Native Americans
They appeal to Native Americans for 2 reasons:

1) Native Americans are members of the lost tribes of Israel

2) Jesus Christ preached to the Americans after he was resurrected
What are the major ritual characteristics of the sun dance? What is the purpose behind the ritual?
Purpose: fulfills a set of vows made by the individual in order to receive some kind of favor from the spiritual world

Major characteristics: the lodge itself, the pole at the center - the dancer is suspended from pole by leather skews connected to his pectoral muscles

Dancer is humbled before spiritual powers (through the pain he is humbled)
What are the major ritual characteristics of the Apache Sunrise Dance? What is the purpose behind the ritual?
Purpose: initiate dances to the songs of creation
-Song of creation retells story when white shell women had sex with the sun and created everything

Coming of age rite for females in the community

At the end of the ceremony, candy and fruit are poured on her and then distributed to members of the community (young women now has characteristics of creation with her)
What are the major ritual characteristics of Navajo sand painting? What is the purpose behind the ritual?
Purpose: it's a healing act

The curer (healer) heals the person that is sick

Healer creates sand painting - ill person sits on painting - healer puts herbs and medicine on his hands and connects part of painting of the ill person (that was already healed) to the person being healed - connects both of these to person being healed, and heals the individual

Process could last days
Tribal traditions characteristics
Constantly changing

Over 100 Native American tribal traditions (understanding the unique nature of each one)
Native American Christianity Characteristics
Mixture of Christianity given by the missionaries combined with tribal traditions
New Religious Movements characteristics
Similarities between different tribes can sometimes create a new religious movement
Native American spirituality and its political and religious characteristics
Encourage the continuation of tribal traditions

Look towards the solidarity (commonalities) between tribes

Politically concerned of the mistreatment by European Americans (reservation, trail of tears, etc.)