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U-joint failures, hanger bearing failures, and driveline vibrations are caused what?

loose yokes, bent drive shafts, missing balance weights

A truck driver complains of a driveline vibration. Technician A says that the problem might be a loose drive shaft yoke. Technician B says that the problem could be worn splines in the slip joint. Who is correct?

both A and B

Which of the following would be least likely to affect drive shaft balance?

missing U-joint zerk fitting

When lubricating a U-joint, fresh grease appears at all four trunnion seals. Which of the following is probably true?

The U-joint has been properly lubricated.

The OEM recommendation for U-joint lubrication interval scheduling on a truck used for an on-highway operation should be:

every 10,000 to 15,000 miles

Technician A says that a drive shaft is in phase when assembled so that the yokes are 90 degrees offset. Technician B says that drive shaft phasing will be altered by separating a drive shaft at the slip joint and turning by one spline tooth. Who is correct?

Technician B only

Which of the following tools should be used to measure the inclination of a driveline component?

an inclinometer

Technician A says that when lubricating a U-joint and grease does not exit from one of the four trunnion seals, the U-joint must be immediately replaced. Technician B says that backing off the bearing cap on a U-joint sometimes helps a trunnion to take grease. Who is correct?

Technician B only

A drive shaft is in phase when what?

the drive shaft yoke is aligned on the same plane as the transmission yoke, the slip yoke and drive shaft tube yoke lugs are perfectly aligned, the drive shaft is perfectly balanced

The U-joint working angles on most truck drive shaft assemblies should generally not exceed:

3 degrees

Which of the following tools is preferred when separating a U-joint from a drive shaft?

a puller

Technician A says that drive shaft working angles can be adjusted by adding wedge shims to the spring seats of a leaf spring suspension system. Technician B says that loose engine or transmission mountings can cause excessive driveline angularity. Who is correct?

both A and B

Grooves worn into the trunnions by the bearings are called:


Technician A says that a driveline vibration can be caused by worn clutch components. Technician B says that a truck should be road tested both loaded and unloaded to help determine the source of a driveline vibration. Who is correct?

both A and B

What is the function of a drive shaft slip spline joint?

It allows the drive shaft to change length while transmitting torque.

For which of the following is an Anglemaster used?

Checking drive shaft angles

Which of the following correctly describes an Anglemaster instrument?

electronic inclinometer

Technician A says that new stub shafts are shipped coated with blue plastic that should be completely removed prior to assembly. Technician B says that male slip spline stubs are coated with Glidecoat because it is wear resistant and lasts the life of the drive shaft. Who is correct?

Technician B only

What is the minimum number of U-joints that would have to be used in the drive shaft assembly of a tandem drive axle truck equipped with a hanger bearing on the front drive shaft?