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Examples of self employment in the barbering profession include all of the following except

Salaried employee

Business ownership involves all of the following except

Short hours

Business operating experience also known as


Barbering shop management is primarily associated with the production daily operations and

Overseas shop personnel

Characteristics of sole proprietor ownership include all of the following except

Limited ownership liability

Characteristics of a partnership Arrangement include all of the following except

One decision maker

When three or more individuals own a business and alternative to a partnership is


A business structure in which stockholders are not legally responsible for losses is


The business structure that combines the best aspects of a partnership and a corporation for a single individual or group of owners is

Limited liability company

One advantage of a subchapter S corporation has over a limited liability company is that

Taxes are paid only on employee owner salaries

A franchise ownership May utilize

Name recognition and expertise and and knowledge and existing business system

Worker classifications determine the party or entity that has the responsibility to

Pay federal taxes

Where the classifications in the barbershop include all of the following except

Freelance worker

Can a commission compensation structure the employer pays the barber a percentage of the

Gross income of the barber

Employers are required by law to

Withhold Social Security taxes and provide W-2 forms at the end of tax year

Independent contractors and both printers are required to have all of the following except

Contracts with their clients

IRS tax designation as a booth renter include all of the following except

Independent contractor

Before a business has purchased it should be cleared of any ownership allegations or

Financial obligations

A purchase agreement should include all the following except

A property lien

When planning to open a barbershop the most important consideration is the selection of

A location

A good location for a barber shop is near

Heather active businesses and walking by traffic and driving by traffic

A written description of the proposed business is called

Business plan

For the new business should be sufficient to cover expenses for at least

1 year

The number one reason that businesses fail is due to


Local regulations may include all of the following except

Workers compensation

State laws govern all of the following except

Local zoning laws

Federal laws govern all of the following except

Local zoning laws

Malpractice premises liability and fire refer to types of


A floor plan formalized the barbershop


Activities that attract attention to the barbershop are considered to be forms of

Advertising and marketing

A document that protects a tenant from unexpected increases in rent is called a


Business success depends on how effective efficient management and all of the following except

Non competitive pricing

Some contributing causes to business failure include all of the following except

Ideal location

Rent utilities salaries advertising supplies equipment and repairs are classified as

Expenses and overheads and operating costs

To maintain accurate records that are processed in a timely manner retain the services of a


The difference between total income and total expenses

Net profit

To keep expenditures on track the business owner should maintain that utilize

Operating budget

The progress of a business can be evaluated by utilizing the maintaining

Summary sheets

Daily self slips appointment books and petty cash receipts should be kept for at least

1 year

Payroll records cancelled checks and monthly yearly records are usually held for

7 years

When interviewing a prospective employee the owner should consider all of the following except


Managing employees effectively should include all of the following except

Ignoring the rules

Financial transactions with clients may be handled at the

Reception desk

Channeling services on the appointment page are sold in terms of


A significant amount of Barber Shop business is handled

Over the telephone

A good telephone responsibility includes all of the following characteristics except

A monotone monotone voice

Responding to customer complaints must not be handled with


Successful selling in the barbershop requires a clear understanding of

The client's needs and desires and knowledge of service and Retail product knowledge

Characteristics of an effective selling approach should include all of the following except

High pressure

Clients usually consider the barber to be an expert in

Good grooming