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When a minor can be treated as an adult?
when the minor is:
1. Emancipated
2. married
3. Pregnant
when a patient refuses care what are the 5 steps you take?
1. obtain a signature of refusal
2. obtain a signature from a witness that saw the refusal
3. keep refusal form in incident report
4. Note the refusal on the incident report
5. and keep a copy w/ local department for future
2 rules of thumb regarding reports and records
1. if it wasn't documented it didn't happen
2. incomplete or improper records equates to incomplete or inexperienced medical care
4 steps when called to the scene involving a potential organ donor
1. inform medical control
2. treat the patient as any other patient
3. take any steps necessary to preserve life
4. if preserving life is not possible, the do what is necessary to preserve organs
relating to law or forensic medicine
unlawfully placing a patient in fear of bodily harm
termination of care
advanced directive
written documentation that specifies treatment
touching without consent
expressed consent
specific authorization to provide care expressed by the patient
implied consent
legal assumption that treatment was desired
forcible consent
confining a person from mental or physical action
failure to provide standard of care