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who is Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
he is the man who accidentally discovered xrays on November 8 1895
who was the first person to make practical use of radiographs in dentistry?
C. Edmund Kells in 1896
what is the process by which electrons are removed from electrically stable atoms?
what are the primary components of the xray machine?
the tube head, the pid, and the extension arm
define cathode
the negative electrode inside the tubehead
define anode
the positive electrode in the xray tube
where is the milliamperage selector located?
on the xray machine control panel
how much energy is lost as heat?
what are the types of radiation?
primary, secondary, scatter and background
define radiolucent
a structure that appears dark on a processed radiograph
define radiopaque
a structure that appears light on a processed radiograph
what exposure factor controls contrast?
kilovoltage peak
density is...
the overall darkness of a processed radiograph
what systems are used to measure radiation?
the traditional and the systeme Internationale
the MPD for occupational exposure is...
5 rems/year
what is the purpose of the collimator?
to filter the primary beam and to restrict the size of the primary beam
what is the purpose of the aluminum filter?
to remove low energy long wavelength rays
what is the purpose of personnel monitoring?
to record the amount of radiation the operator receives
what is the purpose of equipment monitoring?
to check for radiation leakage
what does ALARA stand for?
as low as reasonably acheiveable
what is the pid used for?
to direct the xray beam
what is the primary type of radiation produced in the tubehead?
bremsstrahlung radiation
what does the insulating oil do?
fills the housing and prevents overheating
tubehead seal purpose?
keeps oil in the tube head and acts as beam filter
filament circuit purpose
creates heat
what is the difference between long wavelengths and short wave lengths?
short waves are stronger than long waves
Crystal size means what?
film speed and sharpness of an image
what structure will appear radiopaque?
tooth enamel dense bone metal and restorations
what structure will appear radiolucent?
air spaces soft tissues abscesses decay and pulp
what tissue has the highest radiation sensitivity?
small lymphocytes
what is an electron shell?
the orbital path of an electron around the nucleus
what do milliampere seconds control?
the degree of density on the radiograph
what is known as the heart of the xray machine?
the xray tube