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The hydrologic cycle refers to the ________.
unending circulation of Earth's water supply
The amount of water vapor expressed as the mass of water vapor in a given mass of air is ________.
specific humidity
Any buoyant parcel of air is said to exhibit ________.
Rising air, warmed by the release of latent heat, cools at a rate called ________.
the saturated adiabatic lapse rate
________ is the critical temperature at which saturation is reached.
The dew point
The relative humidity would be ________ percent if the actual water vapor in the air was 10 grams per cubic meter, the air's capacity to hold water vapor was 20 grams per cubic meter, and the dew point temperature was 20 degrees Celsius.
Which of the following promotes evaporation?
a) warm water
b) warm air
c) moving air
d) all of the above
All of the above
The altitude at which rising air reaches the dew point temperature is the ________.
lifting condensation level
A precipitation type extremely characteristic of the lower latitudes is ________.
convergent lifting
A lack of atmospheric buoyancy is called ________.
Clouds of vertical development include ________.
The transfer of moisture from land to air is termed ________.
White frost is simply a cold weather form of ________.
If air's capacity for holding water vapor is diminished then the relative humidity will ________.
Water is unique because no other substance occurs in
all three forms in the atmosphere.
Air forced to move over a mountain is most closely associated with which type of lifting?
Potential evapotranspiration is
a) usually not as great as actual evapotranspiration
b) very small when the atmosphere is warm
c) usually about the same as actual, an amount much less than transpiration
The capacity of air to hold water increases as...
temperature increases.
Concerning acid rain, which fact is false?
a) It can wear away rock structures like the Parthenon.
b) It seems to be equally serious everywhere in the U.S.
c) It seems possible to decrease its occurrence.
d) The problem is caused by air pollution.
e) It can harm living organisms.
It seems to be equally serious everywhere in the U.S.
The total amount of water vapor leaving the Earth's surface is called
Which of the following lapse rates represents the greatest temperature change over altitude?
dry adiabatic
Which of the following cloud types has the greatest height (from top to bottom of the cloud)?
Among cloud types, those that occur at the highest altitudes are the ________.
A piece of unsaturated air is forced to rise. The lapse rate in the surrounding air is much less than the rate in change of temperature in the rising air. The rising air is said to be
Acid rainfall does conspicuous damage to ________.
aquatic ecosystems
Which of the following is closely associated with acid rain?
motor vehicle exhaust
The Bergeron process is also known as the ________ process.
ice crystal formation
A certain volume of air holds 20 grams of water vapor. At that temperature, the maximum amount the air can contain is 100 grams. What is the relative humidity?
The average lapse rate in the troposphere ________.
is quite variable by time and region
Air that resists vertical movement is said to be ________.
Air containing all of the water vapor it can hold is ________.
The rising and subsequent cooling of air at the rate of 10°C per 1,000 meters is called ________.
the dry adiabatic lapse rate
Which measure of humidity is a ratio of the percentage of water vapor to the mass of the air?
a) absolute humidity
b) specific humidity
c) dew point
d) relative humidity
e) none of the above
none of the above
Water vapor can be described by all but one of the following.
a) odorless
b) tasteless
c) energy-rich
d) light blue color
light blue color
Which is NOT among the main types of atmospheric lifting and precipitation?
a) convective
b) orographic
c) frontal
d) advective
e) convergent