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In 2006, women have made steady progress in certain political arenas by the fact that, ____ women served in the HoR, ___ women served as governors, & __ women serve in the Senate
67; 8; 14
The ideology that one sex is superior to the other is known as
The ideology that one sex is superior to the other is:
The foreman of a construction crew will not hire women because "they are weak, moody, & distraction." This attitude is:
Denial of opportunities & equal rights to people or groups that results from the normal operations of society is:
institutional discrimination
Institutional discrimination is present in which Us institutions?
Government armed forces, large corporations, the media, universities, and medical establishments
A gym buys uniforms for employees. All the uniforms are in men's large and the gym only hires people who will comfortably fit into the uniforms. The gym doesn't want to hire women. This is an example of:
institutional discrimination
A hospital has a policy of not hiring men as nurses, even if the applicants have earned high grades in their courses and on their exams, because the hospital administration thinks that "patients will be uncomfortable with a male nurse" This is:
institutional discrimination
Behavior that occurs when work benefits are made contingent upon sexual favors, or the making of lewd comments & presence of pornographic material create a hostile work environment is called:
sexual harassment
In 1998, the Supreme Court ruled that sexual harassment in the workplace applied: also to people of the ___ sex
A __ work environment has become the subject of considerable debate.
Sexual harassment generally occurs in organizations in which the hierarchy of authority includes:
white males
Women grow __ the world's food but rarely own land.
They constitute __ of the world's paid labor force but are found in the lowest paying jobs.
Single parent women are found in __ sections of the population.
one-half; one-third; poorest
By 2004, __% of adult American women held jobs outside the home
__% of working women will likely return to the work force within 1 year after giving birth
An invisible barrier, which blocks the promotion of a qualified person in a work environment because of the person's gender, race, or ethnicity is called:
glass ceiling
Nora is hired along with 3 men by a recording company. Over time, the men are all promoted to manager positions. Nora, who appears to be an equally productive worker, is still in her entry level position. This is an example of:
glass ceiling
__ used by Arlie Hochschild describes the double burden of working outside the home, followed by childcare and housework, which many women face and few men share equitably.
second shift
Who came up with "second shift"?
Arlie Hochschild
Arlie's research indicated that women spend __ fewer hours in leisure than their husbands do
A women has a career as a stockbroker, and she is also responsible for maintaining the apartment, doing the shopping, and cooking for herself and her husband. This is:
second shift
Susan Walzer studied whether mothers and fathers spent __ amounts of time thinking about the care of their children.
In addition to gender, a woman's position in the labor market may be impacted by her:
Race & Social Class
When it comes to income attainment, minority women can be said to bear a __ burden.