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which of the following is not used in secondary data analysis?

surveys conducted by the investigator

research tend to be considered historical when it:

focuses on a period prior to the experience of most of those conducting research

a research method for systematically analyzing and making inferences from text is called:

content analysis

which of the following is a stage of content anaylsis according to Weber (1985)?

all of the above

with the use of _________, Shaw and McKay were able to relate incidents of juvenile delinquency to specific Chicago communities

crime mapping

illuminating the relationship between some category of crime and corresponding characteristics such as poverty and disorganization across given locations is the purpose of:

crime mapping

which of the following is a disadvantage of historical events research

all of the above

"One of the largest" comparative research projects undertaken in criminology has been the development of the:

comparative crime data file

once coding procedures are developed for content analysis, their reliability should be assessed by:

comparing different coders' codes for the same variables

the units that are surveyed in ______ can range from newspapers, books, or TV shows to persons referred to in other communications

content analysis

ethical concerns arise in secondary data analysis because:

individuals can still be harmed if sensitive information is disclosed

coding procedures in content analysis cannot simply categorize and count words because:

all of the above

a researcher studies the great fire in San Francisco in 1906 to determine its impact on crime in that city. This is an example of:

historical events research

a study is conducted in which researchers examine newspaper articles are strictly scrutinized to understand just what types of messages were being sent to the readers. This is an example of:

content analysis

historical analysis allows researchers to:

increase understanding of social processes in other times and places

research that seeks to understand the nature or scope of a nation's criminal justice system is called:

descriptive comparative research

research that seeks to understand how national systems work and the factors related to their operations is called:

analytic comparative research

which of the following would be the most appropriate source if a researcher wanted to study the content of routine presidential appearances before Congress?

State of the Union addresses

A graduate student decoded to conduct analysis of police activity in 1800s. After identifying major newspapers of the era as the unit of analysis what is the second step.

Select a sample of the units

A graduate student decoded to conduct analysis of police activity in 1800s. After identifying major newspapers of the era as the unit of analysis what is the second step.

Select a sample of the units

A group of research methods students are assigned a content analysis of media reports on terrorism. Which of the following represents a mistake that may cause difficulties with their analysis.

Each group member uses his own coding method

A graduate student decoded to conduct analysis of police activity in 1800s. After identifying major newspapers of the era as the unit of analysis what is the second step.

Select a sample of the units

Which of the following is not a main function of crime mapping?

Providing guidance for sampling of large geographic areas

In 1981, a joint committee on standards published the list of features all evaluations should have. These standards did not include


Propriety is intended to ensure that an evaluation will

Be conducted legally, ethically, and with due regard for the welfare of those involved

Utility is intended to ensure that an evaluation will

Serve the practical information needs of intended users

Accuracy is intended to ensure that evaluation will

Reveal and convey technically adequate information about the features that determine worth

Feasibility is intended to ensure

Be realistic, prudent, diplomatic, frugal

The four general types of evaluation include all the following except


A juvenile court is assessing the impact of a diversion program. The evaluation shows that keeping minor delinquents out of secure confinements would not increase crime rates. The crime rate would be stable because few juveniles allowed to participate. A citizen who is concerned about wasting financial resources argues before conducting an evaluation of impact, the researcher should conduct


A local community hires a team of researchers to implement and evaluate a drug prevention program. After determine the needs of the community the researchers suggest four successful programs. The community selects one. Researchers further demonstrates the rates of drug use will affect community more than preventing it. These researchers conducted a evaluation of


Many prevention programs are denoted as failures before they have a chance to demonstrate their effectiveness. This is because of time and effort. A researcher performs a meta-analysis of evaluations of prevention programs. Her main finding that they were not working. They were evaluated too early when they were not fully developed. Her research was an evaluation of


A politician is interested in implementing a statewide welfare program. By providing welfare recipients with job training she believes welfare people will decrease. This research is.


A cost-benefit analysis is an analysis in which

Inputs and outputs are estimated in monetary terms

A cost-effectiveness analysis is an analysis in which

Inputs are estimated in monetary terms and outputs are estimated in terms of actual impacts

A researcher examines the effectiveness of a drug rehab program for securely addicted users. She finds most of them manage to quit their drug habits. What would the researcher need to know in order to perform a cost-effectiveness analysis?


Inputs in monetary terms

Outputs in terms of actual impacts

The strongest research design for assessing the impacts and outcomes of programs and other interventions is the

True experimental design

Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses

Are examples of the evaluation of efficiency

The following questions are based on the following situation. Did CAR youths and families participate in more services and pro-social activities during the program. The first question is.


The following question. Did CAR youths and caregivers have fewer risk factors than year after program ended


The following question. Were CAR youths less likely to exhibit problem behaviors in the year following the end of the program.


Which of the following is not part of the simple systems model of evaluation resarch


Which of the following is not an instance when qualitative methods would be preferable for evaluation research

There is an interest in comparing outcomes between experimental and control groups

A researcher is conducting a study on juvenile offenders, recidivism, and the evaluation of a juvenile rehab program. One of his primary concerns is ethical ensuring that the juveniles identities are kept confidential and that they are treated ethically. This concern is a prime example of


A researcher before proposing or conducting his study, examines the projected costs of his study on inmate rehab and compares them against expected program effectiveness. He is conducting a pre-study

Efficiency analysis

Since evaluation research has such a large impact on policy and programs, it often referred to as

Applied Research

In a simple systems model, a software driven driving simulator that allows participants to experience driving under the influence would be


In a simple systems model, a group of investors sponsoring a rehab program would be

Program stakeholders

In a simple system model the number of days without a work place accident is an example of a


A researcher from prison rehab services inc travels around the country visiting privately operated prison facilities to ensure that their program is being operated according to his company's policy. He is conducting

Process evaluation

A small town police chief is interested in if his DARE program is having am impact on his community but is not sure that the program is suitable for evaluation. He needs what kind of study conducted.

Evaluability assessment

The warden of a large prison has observed an increase in officer corruption in the last few months and wonders if the situation requires additional training. He might benefit from hiring a researcher to conduct a

Need evaluation

A county judge has been sentencing first time offenders to a faith-based residential treatment center for the last three years and wants to know if the program has been effective, but does not care to know the methods used by the center. This kind of evaluation is

Black box approach

Which of the following best describes a research approach in which a researcher forms a task force of program stakeholders who help shape an evaluation study

Utilization-focused evaluation

Which of the following best describes a research approach in which the focus is on the most trustworthy unbiased report

Social science approach

The extent to which cases are spread out through the distribution or clustered in one location is termed


Which of the following is not considered when choosing an appropriate measure of central tendency

all the above are usually considered in choosing an appropriate measure of central tendency

The "Base N" in a frequency distribution refers to

the total number of cases corresponding to 100% in the table

Seven detention centers are surveyed. the current number of inmates in each detention center is 25, 23, 22, 17, 5, 42, 105. What is the median number of inmates


the variance _______ of the standard deviation


research projects often fail because

the research report is not well organized or clearly written

the different goals of researchers, researcher sponsor, subjects, and study audience

have in recent years become an integral part of the reporting process itself

social scientists who believe that there should be a strict separation between the determination of empirical facts as satisfactory or unsatisfactory also often believe that

values may motivate selection of a research questions

bellah's model of "social science as public philosophy" is reflected in which of the following statements? social scientist should

focus explicit attention on achieving a more just society

Whyte's model of participatory action research suggest that

some persons being studied should be active participants in designing the research

the advisory committee for a student's thesis project:

can benefit from inclusions of a representative from the setting being studied

the need to produce a final report that meets the funding organization's expectations is called the

hired gun problem

the most unique aspect of preparation of an academic journal article is the

revise several times if at all possible

a discussion section

summarizes the evidence with respect to the theoretical framework of the study

which section of a journal article will describe in detail how the study was conducted


which section of a journal article will present the specific problem under study and describe the research strategy


which section of the journal article will concisely describe the research problem, the sample, the method, and the findings


"Reverse Outlining" when preparing a research report means

outlining a draft of the report paragraph by paragraph

an ethical research report should include all but which of the following

a description of every change made in the research plans "after the fact"

a researcher conducts a study on terrorist movements within the United States. upon completing his research he petitions to Congress to present his info before them. this researcher's primary goal most likely is to

shape social policy

a graduate student conducts a study on the attack patterns of Al Qaeda terrorists around the world. this work is not initally published, but instead used for his dissertation. this student's primary goal most likely is to

obtain an academic degree

a researcher conducts a study on identifying potential terrorists and terrorists supporters or sympathizers. she then publishes her work and presents it to various community groups around the country. this researcher's primary research goal most likely is to

organize social action

a researcher conducts a theoretic study of terrorist motivations, consulting the work of other major researchers in the field. the research is published in two separate academic journals. this researcher's primary goal most likely is to

advance scientific knowledge

a researcher, frustrated with the nature of much of academic research, decides to go into the field to conduct his research on community response to crime and gets his subjects involved, taking their input regarding the goals and outline of the research. this researcher is engaging in

participatory action research

in participatory action research, the researcher involves some organizational members as active participants


An abstract is what authors receive after their papers have been through a peer-review process


It is important to maintain a full record of the research project so that questions can be answered if they arise


Researcher with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge will wait until after a research project is complete to suggest policy implications to government or private organizations


Material that is paraphrased from the original source does not need to be cited in text


Sample size has no bearing on the ease with which qualitative data are collected not need to be cited in text


Given the lack of influence that evaluation research has had on social policy, the Utility Standard of evaluation research is outdated and is no longer important


An evaluation of need should be performed before new social programs are developed rather than after


In a substance rehab program, group therapy and individual counseling would be program processes


A cost-benefit analysis compares program benefits with the economics value of program benefits


An integrative approach to stakeholder concerns places priority on stakeholder desires first and researcher concerns second


Once established, coding procedures for a content analysis project should not be changed