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Mesh networks:

require more processing by each computer in the network than in star or ring networks

WANs can connect BNs across distances that can span up to thousands of miles.


A _______ is a connectionless method of sending data packets on a packet switched service.


MPLS operate at layer 4.


SONET is made up of very high speed dedicated circuits that incorporate inverse multiplexing (IMUX) for all levels above the OC-1 level.


_____________ is a common standard for use by layer 2 access VPNs for encapsulation.


In building Wide Area Networks, many organizations do not build their own long distance communication circuits


Which of the following type of networks permit packets from separate messages to be interleaved?

packet switched network

Full mesh networks are inexpensive.


A T1 circuit provides a data rate of 1.544Mbps.


Which of the following is not a way to reduce network demand?

moving data further from the applications and people who use them

The _________________ is a Canadian government agency that regulates voice and data communication.


An intranet VPN connects different organizations over the Internet.


Frame relay is a reliable packet service.


In a ring design WAN,

failure in one circuit means that the network can most likely continue to function

The data rate for a T-1 circuit in North America is:

1.544 Mbps

_____________ is sometimes called a Layer 2.5 technology.


A dedicated circuit is usually not available late at nights or on weekends.


A _______ geometric layout for a WAN connects all computers to one central computer that routes messages to the appropriate computer, usually via a series of point-to-point dedicated circuits.

star design

_____ are dedicated digital circuits that are the most commonly used form of dedicated circuit services in North America today.

T-carrier services

A ________ geometric layout connects all computers in a closed loop, with each computer linked to the next usually with a series of point-to-point dedicated circuits.

ring design

T carrier circuits can only be used to transmit voice.


With IP services, the ________ at the sending site takes the outgoing message (which usually is an Ethernet frame containing an IP packet), strips off the Ethernet frame and uses the IP address in the IP packet to route the packet though the carrier's packet?switched network to its final destination.


In North America, a T1 circuit has ______ 64Kbps channels.


Which of the following is not a basic architecture for dedicated circuit networks?


Which of the following is a primary advantage of a VPN?

low cost

Primary rate interface:

is typically offered only to commercial customers

Basic rate interface:

provides a communications circuit with two 64 Kbps B channels, plus one D channel

Most IP services use _______ as the data link layer protocol.


______________ are sometimes called private line services.

Dedicated-circuit networks

Dynamic routing:

imposes an overhead cost by increasing network traffic

Datagrams are connection-oriented.


Which of the following is not a type of VPN?


Virtual private networks permit users to create permanent virtual circuits, or tunnels, through the Internet.


Packet switched networks enable packets from separate messages or separate organizations to be interleaved for transmission.


With a virtual private network, users create permanent virtual circuits through the Internet called:


__________ is a term that refers to the speed in converting input packets to output packets.


A _____________ is a user's connection into a packet switched service.

packet assembly/disassembly device

Ethernet/IP packet networks are not provided by common carriers such as AT&T.


The performance of WANs can be improved by:

upgrading the circuits between the computers

VPNs offer high security because they operate through the Internet.


An OC-1 circuit provides a data rate of 155 Mbps.


A _______________ is a particular type of network that uses circuits that run over the Internet but that appears to the user to be a private network.

virtual private network

The data rate for a T-3 circuit in North America is:

44.376 Mbps

A star topology is:

dependent upon the capacity of the central computer for its performance

Today, a common carrier that provides long distance services is typically called a local exchange carrier.


Ethernet/IP packet networks:

are supported with gigabit fiber optic networks in large cities

A star architecture:

connects all computers to one central computer that routes messages to the appropriate computer

A ___________ is/are devices that permit a user to connect to a digital T-carrier service.


In a packet switched network, permanent virtual circuits that look very similar to a _____________ (for hardware-based dedicated circuits) move packets through the network.

cloud-based mesh design