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Which of the following statements about puberty is false?

*Puberty cannot be distinguished from adolescence./Puberty ends before adolescence./Puberty is the most important marker for the beginning of adolescence./Puberty is a period of rapid physical maturation.

Which of the following is a determinant of puberty?

heredity/hormones/birth weight

Stacy is 12 years old. Stacy is probably

going through puberty.

Chemical substances that are secreted by the endocrine glands and carried by the bloodstream are known as


_____ are the main class of sex hormones in males; and _____ are the main class of female sex hormones.

Androgens; estrogens

The main estrogen that plays an important role in female pubertal development is


Robert, age 14, is experiencing a rise in testosterone. Which of the following changes would Robert NOT expect to experience?

*decrease in sexual desire/increase in height/voice changes/development of external genitals

One of the two hormones secreted by the pituitary which regulates the levels of sex hormones is FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone); the other is

luteinizing hormone.

Which of the following is the BEST statement regarding the role of leptin in the onset of puberty?

Leptin could either bring about the onset of puberty or could be the result of changes that occur during puberty.

At the peak of her weight gain in adolescence, Maud, age 12, gained 18 pounds in one year. Research on weight gain during adolescence would indicate that Maud's weight gain is


Claudia, age 13, has irregular menstrual cycles. Her pediatrician tells her mother that Claudia is probably not ovulating at every cycle. What should Claudia and her mother know about this information?

This is expected in early development.

Several times a day, Leilani, age 13, flips open her mirror and scans her face for any blemish that might have appeared. From what you have learned about body image, Leilani's behavior is

normal for her age.

Recent research on early-maturing girls has found that

early-maturing girls are more likely than late maturing girls to have eating disorders./early-maturing girls have more dating experience than do late maturing girls./early-maturing girls are more likely than late maturing girls to be depressed.

The part of the brain involved in emotions is the


The three leading causes of death in the United States for adolescents and emerging adults are homicide, suicide, and


Kaylee, age 22, has a cup of coffee for breakfast, skips lunch on most days, and eats a huge dinner.She is slightly overweight but does not exercise. She admits to getting by with only a few hours of sleep on weeknights but insists that she makes up for this by "sleeping in" on the weekends. Kaylee's lifestyle is

fairly typical of someone in emerging adulthood.

Christine's parents buy fresh fruits and vegetables and have them available for her and the rest of the family. In addition, her parents like these foods. According to recent research, Christine is

likely to eat fruits and vegetables.

A special concern is the amount of ______ in the diets of American adolescents.


Todd is 10 years old and his brother, Jonah, is 16. If they are like most boys their ages

Todd gets more exercise than Jonah.

Three contextual factors that influence whether or not adolescents engage in regular exercise are influence of the family, use of TV/computers, and

influence of schools.

Research has shown that, given the opportunity, adolescents will sleep about how many hours each night?


Starting school later for older adolescents has been shown to

improve test scores.

The evolutionary process that favors the individuals of the species that are best adapted to survive and reproduce is known as

natural selection.

A person's genetic heritage is called his or her


Expression of a certain trait or characteristic is partly due to genetics and partly shaped by

life experiences.

You learn that your new friends, Connie and Crystal, are identical twins. You now know that they

developed from a single fertilized egg which then split into two; from there two separate people developed.

Adoption studies seek to discover the role of _______ on behavior.


Behavior geneticist Sandra Scarr identified different ways in which heredity and environment correlate. Which of the following is NOT a pattern she described?


Which of the following best exemplifies an evocative genotype-environment correlation?

Parents suggest music lessons for their musically talented children.