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The technique for imagining ourselves successful is called ______ __________(2 words)
Positve Visualization
Words are not the things that they represent -This means that words are (one of the 3 "A's")
Defintion of Empathy
The ability to feel with another person
When you are tires sick or very stressed, you tend to view or perceive things in a _____ way. This is an example of ______________influences
Negative way due to Physiological influences
Name 3 things that influrence our perceptions: Expectations is one
1. Expectations
2. Social Roles
3. Cultural Factors
Can a person be both a sender and a receiver of a message?
___________facts are the meanings we attach to brute facts based on human interpretation
Institutional facts
Mary, the teacher believes that a good listening attitude comes with a positive posture, attentive attitude and good eye contact. Mary is upset when a student puts their head down and doesn't listen . This perception of the student's behavior is based on what rule? Constitutive or regulative ??? It is the attude of good listening....
Punctuation means our perception when a given interaction _________ and _______
begins and ends
From abstract to concrete which is the most concrete?
A good movie; a Disney movie; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Cultures can be made up of _______ communities
Social Communities
Our language _________over time
Listen carefully to show respect--Constitutive or regulative rule?
Can friends mind read?
Our interactions are ongoing and dynamic -this refers to the ________nature of communications
Many words in our culture have agreed upon meaning --True or false
If communication is sytemic means that their are various ______________that affect each other
'Do the dishes now!" The Mom tells the child to do a chore in an commanding voice -the relational level of meaning is that the Mom has more ________than the child
Our intimate relationships are sustained by (2 words)
small talk
The study of communication is __________years old
2500 years