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1. Most drugs work in what phase?
S or G-O?

2. What phase can no drug work in?
1) S Phase--replicating phase

2) G-0 Phase--non-replicating phase
Effective chemo therapy kills ______of tumor cells


Causes abnormal pairing of DNA strands & what toxicities?
Affects: rapid growing normal tissues like: hematopoetic (bone marrow), GI lining, hair, gonads (ovum/sperm)
T or F, FILIGRASTIN (Neupogen) treats a low number of neutrophils & stimulates bone marrow to increase production of neutrophils.
TRUE--instead of waiting weeks between chemo, there is less wait time
What can NITROSOUREAS drugs (BCNU, CCUN) treat since THEY CROSS the BBB?
CNS Tumors (brain; spinal cord)
NITROSOUREAS drugs Carmustine (BCNU) and Lomustine (CCUN) are effective for what?

CNS tumors

(BCNU) & (CCUN) are NITROSOUREAS drugs that CROSS the BBB.

An extremely toxic chemo drug BY ITSELF:______ (severe nausea & vomiting). Nephrotoxic.

Diuretic drug that has to be used to protect the kidneys: Mannitol
Cisplatin (Platinol)

(Antinauseants: Reglan, Zofran & Kytril)
T or F, Cisplatin is not toxic and would not require a diuretic drug like Mannitol.
False. Exact opposite.

Cisplatin is VERY TOXIC & requires diuretic like MANNITOL to PROTECT/flush kidneys.
Besides bone marrow aplasia, this drug permanently accumulates in cardiac tissue, leading to CHF.

(Cannot exceed max. cumulative lifetime dose; or will go into heart failure)
Minimal side effect to bone marrow, but toxicity includes: PNEUMONITES (inflammation of lungs)
Bleomycin (Blenoxane)

(Used in combination with other drugs due to toxicity)
This chemo drug may require Lecovorin rescue:
Chemo drug that interferes w/ activation of folic acid to tetrahydrofolate

(may require leucovorin rescue; which is Vitamin B-9)
1. Antidote for METHOTREXATE

2. Cells are killed by turning OFF DNA & RNA synthesis. Drug masquerades as folic acid (Vitamin B-9)
Leucovorin rescue (to save the normal cells)

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) could be used as a synthetic_________cancer drug for treatment of:

A man w/ cancer *stimulated by testosterone* (testicular cancer)
(Provera) could be used as a synthetic_________cancer drug for treament of:

uterine cancers
1. Instead of using Testosterones for treatment of estrogen sensitive tumors, we use:

2. For treatment of:
3. Two drug examples:
1. ANTI-ESTROGENS (ANTI-hormonal drugs)

2. For prevention of, or palliative therapy for: breast cancer.

3. Tamoxifen or Anastrozole
1. Corticosteroid drugs are used *adjunctively* in cancers like:_______ that cause INCREASED Lymphocytes.

2. Two Corticosteroid drugs used for cancer:
1. Lymphomas, & Leukemias

2. Prednisone & Dexamethasone (Decadron)

Chemo drug (used in combination) whose toxicities include neurologic numbness & weakness
Which category below of cancer drugs cross the BBB?

1. Antimetabolites
2. Nitrosoureas
3. Alkylatin Agents

Name the two drugs:

1. Is the BCG Vaccine utilized in the U.S.?

2. What kind of cancer could it be used for?


Bladder Cancer.

Name two immunoadjuvant drugs that helps STIMULATE the body's immune system?

2. T or F, many viruses (like HIV, Hepatitis, HPV, & Kaposi Sarcoma) may cause cancer.
LEVAMISOLE (used for GI cancers & colon cancers) &

INTERFERONS (fights off viral infections)

2. True
The following immunoadjuvants, may help stimulate the body's own immune system to fight off viral infections:
1. Levamiscole
2. Interferons (naturally occurring)
3. BCG (TB) Vaccine (not used in US)

"Palliative therapy" is not curative, just helps manage suffering & symptoms of cancer.
Chemo is usually done in combination with multiple drugs, and drugs are based on BODY SURFACE area (not weight).
Drugs work in the G-O phase?