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On average, how much do children grow per year in early childhood?
2 - 3 inches
What is the typical weight gain per year during early childhood?
5 1/2 lbs.
By age 6, children have achieved what percentage of their adult height?
Ahmed is 6 years old. If he is average, what proportion of his adult weight is he?
During early childhood, body proportions change. Children's ________ and ________ become longer.
chest and legs
In early childhood, children's bones become
Boys and girls are physically very similar in early childhood EXCEPT
boys have slightly more muscle, boys have thicker bones
According to "A Professional Perspective," if children are picky eaters, their parents should
not give in to everything the child wants
The family nutrition counselor in "A Professional Perspective" recommends that during early childhood youngsters have
3 meals a day plus 2 snacks
Carlos is 4. What nutrients does he need to provide energy for muscle and brain activity and for body heat?