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Which type of clutch discs would best suit a linehaul truck with a high torque rise engine?

Dampened disc with ceramic facings

After completing a TMC wheel end adjustment which of the following confirms that the adjustment is as specified?

End play of 0.001-inch to 0.005-inch measured with a dial indicator.

Which of the following statements about truck wheel ends is true?

A tire is mounted to a rim, and the rim is mounted to a wheel.

Technician A says that bursting of clutch friction facings is often caused by coasting a truck with the clutch pedal depressed. Technician B says that a clutch pressure plate with warpage sufficient to insert a 0.005 inch thickness gauge under a straight edge must be replaced. Who is correct?

Both A and B.

Technician A says that one advantage of a clutch brake is its ability to bring a vehicle to a halt at low speeds. Technician B says that improper use of a clutch brake when bringing a vehicle to a halt can destroy it. Who is correct?

Technician B only.

When installing a clutch pack assembly, at what point should you knock out the wood chocks that hold off pressure plate spring pressure?

When pressure plate is bolted tight to the flywheel.

Where is a clutch (bell) housing flange face most susceptible to wear at its mating surface with the flywheel housing?

Between 3 and 8 o'clock

What is recommended advice for selecting the appropriate starting gear?

Select a gear ratio that allows you to start moving with the engine at idle rpm.

When the Urge-to-move feature is used on an Eaton Autoshift, what hardware component in the system makes this possible?

wet clutch

When using the ATA Technical and Maintenance council method of setting truck wheel ends, what is the first step torque setting usually specified as?

200 lb-ft

Which of the following are advantages of truck disc wheels when compared with cast spoke wheels?

Fewer alignment problems, extends tire life, and lighter weight.

What is the function of coaxial springs in a clutch friction plate?

Dampening of driveline torsionals, reducing clutch chatter, dampening of engine torsionals.

What should 1 1/2 to 2 inches of clutch free pedal produce in free travel between the clutch release yoke fingers and the release bearing in a push type clutch?

1/8 inch

What method should be used to adjust wheel bearings on all non-unitized wheel hubs?

TMC method

When you use a clutch installation pilot shaft to align a clutch for installation, which set of splines must be aligned?

Clutch friction plate splines

Which of the following would most likely result if the intermediate plate drive pins in a pot type flywheel housing are not properly aligned?

Clutch hangs-up on release.

Which of the following clutch pack components never rotates?

Release bearing housing

What is required at PMI to maintain a Solo clutch through its service life?

Check wear indicator and lube release bearing.

Clutch facing wear has resulted in zero clutch pedal free travel in a truck equipped with a manually adjustable, pull-type clutch. Which of the following is the recommended method of restoring clutch pedal free travel to specification?

Move the internal adjusting ring 6 to 8 notches clockwise.

Which of the following clutch pack components has to always rotate at the same speed as the engine flywheel?

Pressure plate

As clutch friction facings wear on a truck pull-type clutch, how is clutch pedal free travel affected?


Which of the following procedures is BEST practice for removing a bearing race from an aluminum hub?

Preheat the hub in a thermostatically controlled oven and tap out with a steel drift.

When mounting a set of duals to a cast spoke wheel, where should the spacer ring be placed?

Between the inboard and outboard tires.

Which of the following dimensions is within the specified clutch pedal freeplay dimension measured at the pedal?

1 3/4 inches

Which type of clutch pressure plate design provides a constant plate load as the friction faces wear?

Angle spring, pull-type and diaphragm spring, pull-type clutch.

Where should the clutch pedal be positioned while the internal adjusting ring of a pull-type clutch is being turned during a clutch adjustment?

Fully depressed.

What is generally considered to be the major cause of clutch failure?

Excess heat.

Which of the following correctly describes how most truck wheel bearings are lubricated?

Wet (oil bath) hub

What tools should be used to install a typical truck wheel seal?

Seal driver and hammer.

What is the function of the rollers used on some clutch release forks (yokes)?

Extended fork life.

Which of the following dimensions is regarded as being correct for clutch brake squeeze at the clutch pedal?

1 inch

Technician A says that clutch shaft pilot bearings should be replaced each time a clutch pack is replaced. Technician B says that the pilot bearing should always be inspected when a clutch pack is replaced. Who is correct?

Technician A only.

Which of the following components can easily be modified for use as a pilot shaft for installing clutch assemblies?

Transmission input shaft

Technician A says that a Solo clutch should automatically adjust for the life of the clutch pack. Technician B says that any clutch using a lockstrap to set the adjusting ring, must be periodically adjusted. Who is correct?

Both A and B.

Technician A says that the wheel bearing on a unitized hub system does not require adjustment during the life of the hub. Technician B says that periodic topping up of oil in wheel hubs is eliminated in some types of unitized axle. Who is correct?

Both A and B.

Which of the following heavy truck wheel types would be best suited to a harsh, construction site environment?

Cast spoke

Which of the following is a major advantage of a cast spoke wheel compared with a stud-piloted disc wheel?

Fewer wheel-off incidents

Which of the following is the drive side of a clutch pack assembly?

Flywheel, intermediate plate, and clutch cover.

What is the function of the clutch brake?

Enables shifting into first and reverse.

Which of the following driving practices can cause abnormal wear to clutch components?

Standing starts in high gear ratios, riding the clutch pedal and using the clutch to hold a truck on an incline.

When installing a 15 1/2 inch clutch assembly, technician A uses guide studs installed in the flywheel to support the weight. Technician B uses a splined pilot shaft when installing both 14 and 15 1/2 inch clutch assemblies. Who is correct?

Both A and B.

Which side of a truck equipped with stud-piloted disc wheels has left-hand thread lug nuts?


Technician A says that in most cases when an external clutch adjustment is required, it is the result of a prior improper clutch adjustment. Technician B says that to adjust clutch free pedal travel, you should begin by adjusting the external linkage. Who is correct?

Neither A or B.

Technician A says that disc wheels nuts and studs on the left side of a truck often use a right hand thread. Technician B says that disc wheels often use fasteners that unscrew in the reverse of their direction of forward rotation. Who is correct?

Technician B only.

Technician A says that when a clutch brake is damaged by driver abuse, the transmission must be removed to install a replacement clutch brake. Technician B says that a two-piece clutch brake can be used as a replacement for an integral brake. Who is correct?

Technician B only.

What could cause clutch hang-up?

Misaligned intermediate plate drive pins.