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The ability to identify the tasks that constitute a project, understand the ways in which tasks are dependent upon one another, and know the ways that project dependencies will affect the project as a whole can be considered:
a planning skill.
What is the comprehensive term for a person or group with the power to exert influence over a project and affect results?
The ability to help project participants coordinate and prioritize their tasks to stay within the project scope can be considered:
an organizational skill.
During which project management phase should you conduct a needs analysis; determine project objectives, assumptions and constraints; and develop a Statement Of Work (SOW)?
The initiating phase
What are the three major constraints on any project?
Time, resources and scope
At the end of the initiating phase, which of the following should a project manager prepare to define the ways that project success will be measured?
Statement Of Work (SOW)
During which project management phase should you troubleshoot problems and take corrective measures to ensure that all objectives are being met?
The controlling phase
What is affected by any changes you make to the three "project triangle" factors in an effort to optimize a project's schedule?
The quality of the project deliverable
In what significant way do IT projects differ from other projects?
IT projects deal with a business's data and may involve several different systems.
Which Web site performs market research and analyzes current trends in Internet business?
The Netcraft site
What is project management?
The practice of applying knowledge, skills and processes to activities in order to meet deadlines and achieve desired results
How do projects differ from ongoing work operations?
Projects are temporary and unique.
What is a project?
A sequence of tasks that must be accomplished within a defined time frame to achieve a desired result
What is a unit of work that must be accomplished during the course of a project?
What is the term for a person, department or device needed to accomplish a task?
Which term describes the appointment of a specific resource to a specific task?
What is the term for the goals and tasks of a project, and the work required to complete them?
How can scope creep undermine the success of a project?
Incremental changes in scope will affect the schedule, cost or performance required to complete the project.
The ability to gather information from customers at the beginning of a project, and keep project participants informed of the project's status can be considered:
a communication skill.
One of a project manager's skills is teaching effectively, which can be considered primarily a type of:
leadership skill.
The project life cycle consists of:
the initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing phases.
Which project management phases typically occur simultaneously?
The executing and controlling phases
During which project management phase should you develop a project schedule and assemble the project team?
The planning phase
What is the purpose of a needs analysis?
To identify the problems or requirements that the project must resolve or address
Which is a document that lists the planned dates for performing tasks and meeting goals defined in a project plan?
Project schedule
As project manager, what should you do if conflicts of interest develop among various departments represented in your project to the point where the investment required to implement necessary project plan modifications is not justified?
Terminate the project.
During which project management phase should you determine the aspects of the project that worked well and the changes that should be implemented in the future?
The closing phase
A SWOT analysis is:
a strategic planning method that can be used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to an organization.
What is the term for the process, tools and techniques that help people implement changes to achieve a desired outcome?
Change management
The project triangle consists of:
the time, money and scope that affect every project.
The best way to help project team members improve their performances or resolve similar issues in future projects is to:
document the lessons learned during the current project.
What is program management?
The process of managing multiple interdependent projects to improve the performance of an organization
You can improve the quality of a product by:
providing independent verification that project tasks were completed correctly and adhering to ISO 9000 standards.
As a project manager, why should you keep an issues log?
To document problems that need to be escalated to managers or executives outside the project team for resolution
A drawback of Webinars is that they:
may require multiple presentations if participants are located in different time zones.
What is the term for an audio and/or video Web event that is distributed over the Internet?
During which project management phase should product testing and performance evaluations occur?
The closing phase
ISO 9000 details the steps recommended to produce high-quality products and services using a quality-management system that:
maximizes time, money and resources.
How does the separation of duties help to ensure the quality of a product?
By providing independent verification that project tasks were completed correctly
Minimizing workflow interruptions during the course of an IT project can be considered which of the following?
An IT responsibility
Providing services and products in a timely, cost-effective, secure manner can be considered which of the following?
An IT responsibility
What is the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) ?
A set of principles and techniques to help you manage projects
Which aspect of program management typically includes maximizing revenue, maximizing efficiency, minimizing cost and eliminating waste?
Benefits management
Gantt charts graphically display:
project tasks and task durations.
What is a project milestone?
A major event during the course of a project
In order to manage scope creep, you can use scheduled meetings to:
review and discuss proposed changes to the project scope.
You should schedule meetings with project stakeholders and management during the executing and controlling phases of a project to:
inform them of progress and to handle issues they raise that may affect project scope.
What is the main difference between intranets/extranets and the Internet?
Intranets and extranets exclude the general Internet public.
What is the term for a Web site and network used only by employees within a company?
Intranets are popular because they:
provide a standard method for accessing resources, regardless of the operating systems used.
What is the term for an internal network designed to provide access to selected external users?
What would you be conducting if you delivered training via a PowerPoint presentation over the Web?
A Webinar
The formal project review consists of:
testing the product, evaluating performances and documenting lessons learned.
What methodology was originally developed to improve manufacturing processes in order to eliminate product defects?
Six Sigma
Having appropriate access to hardware and software, and getting the security access required to perform tasks can be considered which of the following?
An IT right
Receiving clear, detailed objectives and instructions so that you can provide the appropriate services and products can be considered which of the following?
An IT right
Which of the following takes place when IT projects are managed properly?
Employee productivity loss is minimized.
Which of the following takes place when IT projects are mismanaged?
Employee productivity may be adversely affected due to excessive system downtime.
Which term describes profit earned as a result of a project relative to the value of the resources required to complete the project?
Return On Investment (ROI)
As an IT project manager, you must be able to determine which projects to preserve and which projects to eliminate in order to:
maintain a positive Return On Investment (ROI).
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is:
a nonprofit membership organization that publishes standards and offers education in the project management profession.