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A group type that's the main Active Directory object administrators use to manage network resource access and grant rights to users
security groups
Sending the output of one command as input to another
A property of a group that determines the reach of a group's application in a domain or a forest
group scope
A user account that's copied to create users with common attributes
user template
An Active Directory object that usually represents a person for information purposes only, much like an address book entry
A group type used when you want to group users together, mainly for sending e-mails to several people at once
distribution group
An active Directory object consisting of a list of users in a distribution group, used for sending an e-mail to multiple people simultaneously
distribution list
A user profile that follows the user no matter which computer he or she logs on to
roaming profile
A user profile type that prevents a user from logging on to the domain when the mandatory profile is unavailable
super mandatory profile
A seasoned intern, Sally, has been given a new assignment. She must be able to log on locally to DCs, manage some services, manage shared resources, back up and restore files, shutdown DCs, format hard drives, and change the system time. In order to give her only the rights and permissions necessary to complete these tasks, what domain local group will you add her to?
Server Operators
At about what interval does a computer change its computer account password?
30 days
By default, a user's profile is created....
When the user first logs on
Employees in your office have recently been changing desktop wallpapers against company policy. You want to be able to lock down this ability, while preventing other profile changes as well. What is your best option?
Set up a mandatory profile
How do you change a profile into a mandatory profile?
Rename Ntuser.dat to
If the Unlock Account checkbox is selected under a user account's Properties dialog box, what does this mean?
The user has too many failed logon attempts and is locked out
In order to ensure no one uses public computer terminals after 5 pm, you've set the log on hours for the guest user accounts to deny log on after 5. However, you've noticed that users are still using the terminals after 5 pm, while other users are denied the ability to log in.Why are some users denied to log on, while other users are still using the terminals?
The users were logged on prior to 5pm
Select below a character that can be used in a user account name:
This command line tool modifies existing Active Directory objects
What is a super mandatory profile?
A profile that requires a user's mandatory profile be available, or they will not be able to log on
What is Microsoft's best practices recommendation for the structure of group scope nesting?
Where are local groups stored?
In the local SAM database
Where are user profiles stored by default in Windows Server 2008?
Which command line tool displays an object's properties onscreen by default, but can redirect output to a file?
Which command line tool finds and displays objects in Active Directory that meet specified criteria?
Which command line tool removes, or deletes, objects from Active Directory?
Which group matches the following description?This universal group is found only on DCs in the forest root domain. Members have full control over forestwide operations. This group is a member of the Administrators group on all DCs.
Enterprise Admins
Which of the below utilities uses comma-separated values to bulk import or export Active Directory data?
Which of the following is not a benefit of using roaming profiles?
. Bandwidth usage
Which statement is false?
. Global groups can be members of any global group in the forest
You have received a call from an employee about permissions on a shared folder, having found he can no longer access the resource. After checking the folder, you find that the group the employee is in is part of the resource's DACL, but seems to have no effect on the group's permissions. The group's permission entry is the only entry in the DACL. What is wrong?
The group has been converted from a security group to a distribution group
By default, user account names are case sensitive
Members of the Backup Operators group can log on locally to and shut down domain controllers.
The ability to force a user to be disconnected after logon hours expire is a group policy setting.
The administrator account can be renamed or disabled but can't be deleted


User account names in Active Directory need only be unique inside their container.