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It stands for Portable Network Graphic; this is an image file type that can be transferred over the internet

.Txt File

A simple file consisting of lines of text with no formatting that almost any computer can open and display

Action Center

A vertical panel that displays on the right side of your screen when you click the icon in the notification area of the task bar

Address bar

The area at the top of a file explorer window that displays your current location in the folder structure as a series of links separated by arrows

Administrator account

A user account that lets you make changes that will affect other users computers

All Apps

A command that displays all the apps installed on your computer in alphabetical order on the start menu


the shortened version of the term application, which typically refers to a smaller application designed for a single purpose

App bar

A term used to describe a horizontal or vertical array of command icons in a windows app


A set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task; also called a program

Application developer

An individual who writes computer applications


An icon that displays on the lock screen for lock screen apps that you have selected


Microsoft's search engine

Booting the computer

The process of turning on a computer whent he computer has been completely shut down and during which the BIOS program will run


The action of pressing the left mouse button


A temporary storage area for information that you have copied or moved from one place and plan to use somewhere else q

Cloud Storage

Storage space on an internet site that many also display as a drive on your computer

Compressed file

A file that has been reduced in size and that takes up less storage space and can be transferred to other computers faster than uncompressed files

Compressed folder tools

File explorer tools, avaliable on the ribbon, to assist you in extracting compressed files

Contextual tab

A context- sensitive menu that displays commands and options relevant to the active objects

Control panel

An area of windows 10 where you can manipulate some of the windows 10 basic system settings


Microsofts intelligent personal assistant that is part of windows 10 operating systems


A descriptive term for windows 10 start menu because it provides a one- screen view of links to information and programs that matter most to the signed in user


All the files- documents, spreadsheets, pictures, songs, and so on- that you create and store during the day to day use of your computer

Data Management

The process of managing your files and folders in an organized manner so that you can find information when you need it


The main windows 10 screen that serves as a starting point and surface for your work

Desktop app

A computer program that is installed on the hard drive of a personal computer and that requires a computer operating system like Microsoft windows

Desktop Background

Displays the color and graphics of your desktop,

Desktop Shortcuts

Desktop icons that link to any item accessible on your computer or on a networks

Details Pane

Displays the most common properties associated with he selected file

Details view

A view in File Explorer that displays a list of files or folders and their most common properties

Dialog Box

A small window that displays options for completing tasks


the action of pressing the left mouse button twice in rapid succession while holding the mouse still


the action of transferring or copying a file from another location.

Downloads file

a folder that hold items that you have downloaded from the internet


The action of moving something from one location on the screen to another while holding the down left mouse button


An area of storage that is formatted with a file system compatible with your operating system


The action of decompressing- pulling out files from a compressed file


A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name.

File Explorer Window

A window that displays the contents of the current location and contains helpful parts so that you can navigate within the file organizing structure of windows

File History

A backup and recovery tool that automatically backs up your files to a separate location

File List

Displays the contents of the current folder or location

File Name Extension

A set of characters at the end of a file name that helps windows 10 understand what kind of information is in a file and what program should open it

File Properties

Information about a file such as its author, the date the file was last changed, and any descriptive tags

Filtered List

A display of files that is limtied based on specified criteria


A container in which you store files

Folder structure

The hierarchy of folder in windows 10

Free-form Snip

When using snipping tool, the type of snip that lets you draw an irregular line

Full-screen Snip

When using the Snipping tool, the type of snip that captures the entire screen

Get Started

A feature in windows 10 to learn about all the new windows 10 can do for you

Google drive

Googles clouds storage

Graphical user interface

The system by which you interact with your computer and which uses graphics such as an image of a file folder or wastebasket that you click to activate the item represented


The acronym for a graphical user interface


Another name for the hamburger menu

Hamburger menu

An icon made up of three lines that evoke a hamburger on a bun

Hard Disk Drive

The primary storage device located inside your computer and where most of your files and programs are typically stored


An arrangement where items are ranked and where each level is lower in rank than the item above it


A see-through holographic computer developed by Microsoft


A feature in Microsoft Edge where you can save Favorite websites and create reading lists


Apple's Cloud storage that is integrated into its MAC and ios operating systems


Small images that represent commands, files, or other windows

Insertion point

A blinking vertical line that indicates where text or graphics will be inserted

Internet of Things

A growing network of physical object that will have sensors connected to the internet


The common acronym for Internet of things


An ancronym for Joint Photographic experts group; A common file type used by digital cameras and computers to store digital pictures

Jump List

A list that displays when you right click a button on the task bar and which displays locations and tasks from a programs task bar

Keyboard Shortcut

A combination of two or more keyboard keys, used to perform a task

Live Tiles

Tiles on the windows 10 start menu that are constantly updated with fresh information relevant to the signed in used


Any disk drive, folder, or other place in which you can store files and folders

Lock Screen

The first screen that displays after turning on a windows 10 device and that displays the time date and one or more icons representing the status of the device's interent connection, battery supply, and any lock screen apps that are installed

Lock screen apps

Apps that display on a window 10 lock screen and that show quick status and notification even if the screen is locked


The command to display a window in full screen


A list of commands within a category

Menu Bar

A group of menus

Menu Icon

Another name for a hamburger menu

Microsoft Accounts

A single login account for Microsoft systems and services

Microsoft Edge

The web browser program included with windows 10

Mobile device platform

The hardware and software environment for smaller screen devices

Mouse pointer

Any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse


Explore within the file organizing structure of windows 10

Navigation Pane

The area on the left side of a folder window in file explorer that displays the quick access area and the expandable list of drivers and folders

Networking And sharing center

A windows 10 feature in the control panel where you can view your basic networking information


A basic text- editing program included with windows 10 that you can use to create simple documents

One Drive

A free file storage and file sharing service provided by Microsoft when you sign up for a free Microsoft account

Operating system

A specific type of computer program that manages the other programs on a computer

Parent folder

in the file organizing structure of file explorer, the location where the folder you are viewing is save one level up in the hierarchy


A sequence of folders that leads to specific file or folder

PC Rest

A backup and recovery tool that returns your PC to the condition it was in the day you purchased it.


A pen shaped stylus that you tap on a computer screen

Personal Folder

A folder created for each user account on a windows 10 computer


Acronym for person identification number


An underlying computer system on which application programs can run

Point to

The action of moving the mouse pointer over a specific area


Any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse and with which you can select object

Pointing Device

A mouse, touch pad, or other device that controls the pointer position on the screen


A set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task

Quick access

the navigation Pane area in file explorer where you can pin folders you use frequently and that also adds folders you are accessing frequently

Quick Access Toolbar

The small row of buttons in the uper left corner of a file explorer window


The area at the top of a folder window in file explorer that groups common tasks together

Scroll Arrow

An arrow at the top, bottom, left, or right of a scroll bar that when clicked, moves the windows.

Scroll bar

A bar that displays on the bottom or right side of a window when the contents of the window are not completely seen

Scroll Box

The box in a vertical or horizontal scroll bar that you drag to reposition the document on the screen


A Microsoft technology that enables employees in an orgnization to access information across organization and geographic boundaries

Shortcut menu

A context semsitive menu that displays commands and options relevant to the active object

Shut down

Turning off your computer in a manner that closes all open programs and files, closes your network connections and stops the hard disk, and discontinues the use of electrical power


Turning off your computer in a manner that automatically saves your work, stops the fan, and uses a small account of electrical power to maintain your work in memory

System Image Backup

A backup and recovery tool that creates a full system image backup from which you can restor your entire pc

System Tray

Another name for the notification area on the taskbar


The area of the desktop that contains program buttons, and buttons for all open programs

This PC

An area on the navigation pane that provides navigation to your internal storage and attached storage devices


A reduced image of a graphic

Tile bar

The bar across the top of the window that displays the program name

Universal apps

Windows apps that use a common code base to deliver the app to any windows device


Extracting files

Virtual Desktop

An additional desktop display to organize and quickly access groups of windows


Another term for the desktop background

Web Browser

Software with which you display webpages and navigate the internet

Windows defender

Protection built into windows 10 that helps prevent virsuses, spyware and malicious or unwanted software from being installed

Windows firewall

Protection built into windows 10 that can prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer through a network

Windows journal

A desktop app that comes with windows 10 with which you can type or handwrite on a touch screen notes and then store them or email them

Windows store

The program where you can find and download windows apps

Work access

A windows 10 feature with which you can connect to your work or school system based on established policies


Compressing files


A preformatted document that you can use as a starting point and then change to suit your needs

Live preview

is a technology that shows the result of applying an editing or formatting change as you point to possible results


Is an office feature that displays a list of potential results


the process of updating computer files that are in two or more locations according to specific rules