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What are the three primary privacy issues?

Accuracy, Property, and Access.

To easily get names, addresses, and other details about a person using only his or her telephone number, government authorities and others use a(n):

Reverse directory.

Browsers store the locations of sites visited in a:

History File.

The browser mode that eliminates history files and blocks most cookies.


The information that people voluntarily post in social networking sites, blogs, and photo- and video-sharing sites is used to create their:

Online Identity.

Computer criminals who create and distribute malicious programs are known as:


Programs that come into a computer system disguised as something else are called:

Trojan Horses.

The use of the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post content intended to hurt or embarrass another person is known as:


Special hardware and software used to control access to a corporation’s private network is known as a(n):


To prevent copyright violations, corporations often use: