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The two basic types of computer software are system software and operating systems.


A disadvantage of personal computers for business is that they cannot be connected to a company’s network.


A bit that is turned off is represented by the value 0.


The largest and most powerful class of computer is the mainframe.

b. False

Most modern computers can understand and execute pseudocode.


Each instruction written in a high-level programming language is called a statement.


Programs that use an interpreter generally execute faster than compiled programs because they are already entirely translated into machine language when executed.


Programs written in a high-level language need to be translated into machine language.


9. The CPU understands instructions in machine language, which are written in binary.

a. True

The main reason for using secondary storage is to hold data for long periods of time, even when the power to the computer is turned off.

a. True

RAM is a volatile memory used for temporary storage while a program is running.


Computers are designed to do just one job.


Any piece of data that is stored in a computer’s memory must be stored as a binary number.


The term software refers to all the physical devices, or components, that a computer is made of.


Which of the following is not an example of operating system software?

Microsoft Word

6. The term used for a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program is


Which computer language uses short words known as mnemonics for writing programs?


Which of the following is a microprocessor manufacturing company?

Intel b. Dell c. AMD d. Motorola

The following is an example of an instruction written in which computer language? 10110000

Machine language

What is the largest value that can be stored in one byte?


A(n) __________ is used to translate a high-level language program into a separate machine language program.


The term hardware refers to

the physical components that make up a computer

At the heart of a computer is its central processing unit. The CPU's job is to

do none of the above

Internally, the central processing unit (CPU) consists of two parts:

the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) and the control unit.

Even when there is no power to the computer, data can be held in

secondary storage devices.

Which of the following is an example of a secondary storage device?

a hard disk b. a floppy disk c. a CD d. a flash drive

A program that schedules airline flights is a type of:

application software

In which of the following jobs are you likely to use a computer?

All of the above

_______________ is an example of volatile memory, used for temporary storage while a program is running.


The computer's main memory is commonly known as _


Comments in Python begin with the / character.


Python does not allow programmers to break a statement into multiple lines.

b. False

Python formats all floating-point numbers to two decimal places when outputting using the print statement.


In Python, arithmetic expressions are evaluated from left to right when the precedence of the operators are the same.


In Python, print statements written on separate lines do not necessarily output on separate lines.


Python is considered a low-level programming language


A variables in Python must begin with a letter or underscore and include only letters, numbers, and the underscore; no punctuation characters or spaces are allowed.


Variables represent storage locations in the computer's memory.


Python is a case-sensitive language


The syntax of a particular computer language is a set of rules defining the grammar of that language.


In your Python program, you can use reserved words as variable names.


Python uses data types to categorize values in memory.


The Python interpreter considers payRate to be the same identifier as payrate.


The Python interpreter ignores the underscore character, so walk_home and walk home would be treated as the same identifier.


In Python, math expressions are evaluated from left to right, no matter what the operators are.


When the addition (+) operator is used with two strings, it performs string concatenation.


can override the rules of operator precedence.


Assume that the following instructions are part of a valid Python program. What is the value contained in the number variable after they are processed?

number = 15

number = number + 5


In a print statement, you can set the ___________ argument to a space or empty string to stop the output from advancing to a new line.


After the execution of the following statement, the variable sold will reference the numeric literal value as a(n) _____________ data type sold = 256.752


After the execution of the following statement, the variable price will reference the value _____________. price = int(68.549)


The output of the following print statement is: print('I\'m ready to begin')

I'm ready to begin

The ___________ built-in function is used to read a number that has been typed on the keyboard.


If value1 is 2.0 and value2 is 12, what is the output of the following command?


What is the output of the following print statement? print('The path is D:\\sample\\test. ')

The path is D:\sample\test.

A __________ is a sequence of characters

char sequence

A string literal in Python must be enclosed in

either single-quotes or double-quotes


unsure check

A(n) __________ makes a variable reference a value in the computer’s memory

assignment statement

Which of the following statements will cause an error?

x = '17'

This symbol marks the beginning of a comment in Python.


The precedence of an operator determines its order of evaluation in an expression.


Whenever there is at least one relational operator in an expression, the result of the expression will be either true or false.


The or operator is applied before the and operator.


Decision making in computers is based on comparing data.


Parentheses can be used to change the order of logical operation.


To place an entire block of statements within an if statement, you must indent the block.


Relational expressions and logical expressions are both Boolean, which means they evaluate to true or false.


The not operator turns a result to false regardless of its previous value.


The and operator the or operator are examples of relational operators.


Nested decision structures are one way to test more than one condition.


A decision structure can be nested inside another decision structure.


Use the following information to answer question 12 – 15. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, and d = 4

12. a >= c – b

13. b < c – 2 or a * 3 >= c and b > a

14. b / 1 == a or c < 3

15.a % d == b * 3 and c < 5

12.a. True



15 b false

You use the ___________ control structure when you want a program to make a decision or comparison and then select one of two paths, depending on the result of that decision or comparison.


When using the ________ operator, only one of the subexpressions must be true for the compound expression to be true.


In Python, the ___________ symbol is used as the not-equal-to operator


Which code segment correctly expresses the following statement? For all employees under the age of 25 or over the age of 50, bonus is increased by 5%. Assume that the variables age and bonus have been declared and initialized and are accessible by the code.

if age < 25 or age > 50: bonus = bonus * 1.05

How can the effect of the following program segment best be described?

if x > y:

z = x

elif x < y:

z = y


z = 0

The larger of x and y is stored in z, unless x and y are equal, in which case z is assigned 0.

Write an if statement that assigns 5 to x when y is not equals to 20.

if y == 20:

5 = x

Assuming that x is 15 and y is 25, the value of the expression x == y + x - y is ____________.


Multiple Boolean expressions can be combined by using a logical operator to create ___________ expressions.


When using the __________ operator, one or both subexpressions must be true for the compound expression to be true.


Which logical operators perform short-circuit evaluation?

or, and

In the following program segment, what set of values of x will cause y to be assigned the value 5?

if (x == 3)

y = 4

y = 5

All values of x.

The ____________ statement executes one block of statements if a test condition is true, and another block if the condition is false


A trailing _______ placed at the end of an if/elif/else statement provides default action when none of the ifs have true expressions.


Write an if statement that prints the message 'The number is valid' if the variable, number, is within the range 0 through 100 inclusive.

look up

Write an if statement that assigns 0 to the variable x and 1 to the variable y if the variable z is equals to 20.

look up

secondary storage

holds data for longs periods of time even when no power.

cpu executes the instructions in a program known as

fetch-decode-execute cycle

key words or reserved words

and as if or

a ______ is enough memory to store a letter of the

alphabet or small number

bit (byte makes up eight bits)

a _____ is a program that translates a high level language program into a separate machine language program


operators * / // % **

In order of precedence

** exponent


% remainder

// integer division

/ float point division

+ -

- 5 // 2

-3 rounded away from 0

escape characters

\n output advance to next line

\t output skip to next tab position

\' single quote

\" double quote

\\ backslash to be printed

operators == >= <= !=

== equal to

>= greater than or equal to

!= not equal to