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Price Support

government buys surplus products at a guaranteed price


arrangement where a customer buys now and pays later

Alfred Smith

Democratic candidate for president in 1928

Dow Jones Industrial Average

average value of stock for the top 30 industries


risky investments in over priced stock

buying on margin

paying a small percentage of a stock's value as a down payment and borrowing the rest

Black Tuesday

Oct. 29th- stock market crashes and many lose billions

Great Depression

period from 1929- 1940 in which the economy plummeted and unemployment skyrocketed

Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act

1930 import tax, highest protective tariff in U.S. history

hoovervilles - shanty towns

shack towns built by homeless

soup kitchens

offered free or low cost food

bread lines

lines of people waiting to receive food from charitable organizations or public agencies

Dust Bowl

region hardest hit by drought including Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico

direct relief

cash payments or food provided by the federal government

Herbert Hoover

President during depression from 1929- 1932

Boulder Dam( Hoover Dam)

public works program that built a dam to provide electricity and a regular water supply

Federal Home Loan Bank Act

lowered mortgage rates and allowed farmers to refinance their farm loans and avoid foreclosure

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

provided emergency funding to banks, life insurance companies, railroads, and other large businesses

Bonus Army

World War I veterans who demanded their bonus pay from WWI

Franklin Roosevelt

1932 Democratic presidential candidate

New Deal

programs or relief, recovery and reform

Glass - Steagall Act

established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC), which insured bank deposits

Federal Securities Act

corporations had to make public complete information on all stock offerings. Also established the Securities and Exchanges Commission(SEC), which controls the stock market

Agricultural Adjustment Act

tried to raise crop prices by lowering production, paying farmers to idle acreage.

Tennessee Valley Authority

project that helped farmers and created jobs building hydroelectric plant

Civilian Conservation Corps

put young men 18 - 25 to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees, and helping in soil erosion and flood control projects

National Industrial Recovery Act

provided money to states to build schools and other community buildings

deficit spending

spending more money than the government makes in revenue

Huey Long

opponent of the New Deal, wanted people to share the wealth, everyone would get something

Eleanor Roosevelt

Presidents wife who believed in helping farmers and labors to improve social conditions

Works Progress Administration

tried to create as many jobs as possible between 1933- 1943

National Youth Administration

created to provide education, jobs , counseling and recreation for young people

Wagner Act

federal government protected the right of workers to join unions and allowed for collective bargaining

Social Security Act

old age insurance for retires, unemployment compensation and aid families with dependent children and people with disabiities

Frances Perkins

first female cabinet member

Mary McLeod Bethune

head of the Division of Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration

John Collier

commissioner of Indian Affairs

New Deal Coalition

an alignment of diverse groups dedicated to supporting Democrats

Congress of Industrial Organizations(CIO)

union for unskilled and semi skilled workers

Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation

regulated banks and insured money in banks

Securities and Exchanges Commission

regulated the stock market

National Labor Relations Board

acts as a mediator between unions and employers


price intended to keep farmers income steady

Tennessee Valley Authority

produce cheap electricity and control flooding in the Tennessee Valley