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Which of the following is not one of the four goals of political criminals in the text?

A. Economic

Which of the following is not one of the ways listed in the text text that foreign governments attempt to infiltrate businesses in attempts to gain sensitive information?

A. Data mining U.S. companies with headquarters abroad.

Which of the following is false about the nationalist terorism group Hezbollah?

C. The united states and its allies have supported Hezbollah in Syria and the Middle East.

Eco-terrorist groups primary goal is

D. Protection of the enviornment

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) would fall into which of the following categories of terorism?

A. Political

Which of the following terrorist groups want to impose their social and relgious code of ethics on others?

D. Retributive

The ___ is the view that holds that terrorists join networks of terror because they are homesick while in foreign nations and seek out people with similar backgrounds whom they often find in mosques or other religious settings.

A. Socialization view

The Department of Homeland Security includes which of the following components?

D. All of the above

Terrorism which occurs when a repressive government regime forces its citizens into obedience?

C. State-sponsered terrorism

David hires his best friend, John, to call in a bomb threat on election day to a precinct where his rival is supposed to get the majority of support. This is an example of ___

A. Disruption

His run for political office has brought attention to DAvid and his email account is hacked by a German company looking to steal trade secrets. This is an example of ____

B. Industrial espionage

The habitat of a local endangered turtle population has had to be relocated. The relocation has caught the eye of a radical group of ___ who are determined to protect the enviornment and animals at any cost.

C. Eco-terrorists

Which of the following is not true about larceny?

B. Both the UCR and NCVS depict a steady increase in the number and rate of larcenies during the past decade.

Marth and Catherine work together at a local telemarketing center and Martha sneaks to Catherine's desk to take $20 from her purse. In terms of larcenies, this would be ___

A. Petty larceny

Which of the following is not true about burglary?

A. According to the UCR, just over 5 million burglaries now occur each year in the U.S.

Which of the following is true about shoplifting?

A. Research has shown that items which play a role in the illicit drug are the ones stolen most often.

____ involves illegal activities of people and institutions whose acknowledged purpose is profit through legitimate business transactions.

C. White-collar crime

Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson claim white collar crime is relativiley rare beacuse ,as a matter of course, business execs tend to hire people with

D. self-control

The criminal investigation of the EPA investigates which of the following crimes?

D. All of the above.

Which of the following is not true in regard to deterrence dstrategies for white collar criminals?

A. Strategies are aimed at creating conditions that induce conformity to the law.

Which of the following is true in regard to recent research by the National White Collar Crime Center?

A. About 17 percent of individuals reported experiencing at least one form of white collar crime?

Legislation called ____ laws protect retailers and their employees from lawsuits if they arrest and detain a suspected shoplifter on reasonable grounds.

C. Merchant privilege

Pharmacists have been known to alter prescriptions or substitute low-cost generic drugs for more expensive name brands. This is an example of which category of white collar crime?

D. Professional chiseling

Offenders who do not define themsevles by a criminal role are called

C. Occasional criminals

Crimes that affect the environment are called ___ collar crimes

D. Green

____ are behaviors outlawed because they are a threat to the general well beging of society and challenge accepted moral principles.

C. Public order crimes

According to legal scholar Morris Cohen why should a victimless crime be criminally prohibited?

B. Because one of the fuctions of criminal law is to express the public's shared sense of morality.

Which of the following statements is accurate?

B. The line between behaviors that are immoral and those that are criminal are often blurred.

Of all the commonly practiced paraphilias, which causes the general public the most concern?

A. Pedophilia

___ is a disturbing behavior whereby men travel overseas to places such as Thailand in order to engage in illicit sexual behavior with young girls who have been sold into prostitution.

C. Sex tourism

Which of the following is not a condition present in a commercial sexual transaction?

C. Felonious violence

What does research indicate about the effects of legalizing prostitution?

D. Legalization leads to massive expansion of the trade, both legal and illegal.

Which of the following is a contention of opponents of pornography?

D. Porn degrades both the people who are participants and the public who are sometimes forced to see it.

Which of the following is not true about porn?

C. Sexually explicit films make up 15-30 percent of the home rental market.

Feminists sexual equality view considers the prostitute a victim of ___

C. Male dominance

International trafficking in prostition flourishes. Hundreds of thousands of children and women, primarily from ____ , are abducted or lured by the promise of good jobs.

B. Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe

Which category of prostitute is believed to be responsible for the recent upsurge in prostitution?

D. Cyberprostitution

Which of the following is a form of computer crime?

D. All of the above

As chair, she illegaly removes small sums of money from a large number of accounts associated with the department and uses the money to fund her lavish vacations to Africa, Asia, and Europe. This is an example of __

B. Salami slice fraud.

Which of the following is not true in regard to drug distribution and the Internet?

A. While many illegal sites exist, nearly 90 percent are certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Which of the following would be an example of a cyber smear scam?

A. Bill writes a fictional column about Exxon Mobile closing, hence driving down stock prices for his friends to purchase.

Which of the following best depicts a phishing scheme?

C. Kareem begins sending emails to random users about how to purchase the hot, new, christmas toy for the season in an attempt to acertain personal information for his use.

Which of the following is false in regard to cyberbullying?

A. Girls are more likely to post harmful videos while boys are more likely to spread rumors.

What was the significance of the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse LAw?

A. It protected classified U.S. defense and foreign relations information.

Which of the following is false about transnational organized crime?

D. It usually does not include drug sales

Which of the following is true about Asian transnational crime groups?

D. In Taiwan, the number one organized crime problem is the penetration of mobsters into legitimate business sectors and politics.

Which of the following is true about the Convention on Cybercrime, raitifed in 2006?

A. It was the first international treaty to address the definition and enforcement of cybercrime.

Although Jody knows this is illegal she is participating in a cybercrime called __

C. File sharing

They decide to use the inviersity list to email all students and faculty at the university notifying them that their account has been hacked and to email their name and password back to the sender. This is an example of ____

A. Phishing