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What are the 2 status for immigrants?
What are surface elements of culture?
visible, observable
clothing, language, music/dance, family structure, food, shelter, arts/literature, mores
What are the deep/internal elements of culture?
values, gender roles, customs, family structure, patterns of work and leisure, non-verbal communication, social roles and status, beliefs, expectations
How can a teacher create an anti-bias classroom?
-discuss topics of: prejudice, discrimination, cultural conflicts with students
-have a zero tolerance for cultural discrimination
What activities are supportive of culturally responsive instruction?
-observe/learn culture and learning styles of students
-student interviews with family
-visit student homes
-have high expectations
-organize instr.for dif.lrng styles
-facilitate positive interactions
-classroom reflects students culture
-infuse curriculum w/cultural diversity
-discuss topics like prejudice,discrimination, cultural conflicts with students
What do poverty issues impact?
What are societal intragroup challenges?
-economic challenges
What are oral discourse patterns and practices?
-opening & closing conversations
-timing of responses
-turn taking
-volume of voice
-use/role of silence
What are strategies for teaching communication styles?
-show them examples of narrative
-narrative can be flowery
-color code
-grouping thoughts together by color code
-paragraphs: color code main idea, supporting sentences, and conclusion
What are strategies for conflict resolution?
-cooperative group activities
-openly valuing students cultures
-providing multicultural books, family stories, foktales & themes in stories throughout culture
-discuss what makes us different
-positive school culture
What are issues and challenges faced by culturally and linguistically diverse students?
-Primary language maintenance and loss
-phases of acculturation
-legal status
-individual variation
How can teachers create a multicultural classroom?
-be aware of own cultural beliefs,atttiudes,assumptions that affect tchng style,classroom management style,interaction with students and parents
-recognize cultural differences between you and your students
value them and teach them
-facilitate positive interaction between culturally diverse students
-teach cultural pluralism
-have high level of respect for diverse cultures and languages
What do students do in a culturally inclusive learning environment?
-talk w/ each other w/ respect
-speak w/ teachers
-read books that reflect different cultures
-work with others from different cultures, boys & girls
-differentiated instruction
-students work on same assignments in different ways
Emergency Immigrant Education Program
provides assistance to school districts whose enrollment is impacted by immigration
What are strategies for teaching communication?
-cooperative groups & learning
-how to ask & answer questions
-use sentence frames
-use conversation starters
-use ways to end conversations
-give questions- How do? What are? etc.
What are most difficult obstacles for immigrants who immigrate to the U.S.?
1-leaving family and friends behind
2-deciding which family member will emigrate first
3-having their children turn away from their values,customs, & language
What are the easier obstacles for immigrants who immigrate to the U.S.?
1-working in low paying jobs/having to work several jobs
2-living in a refugee camp while waiting to be sponsored
3-living in substandard housing/possibly unsafe neighborhoods