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Who is the System Certification Authority for DLSS systems assigned to all sea commands and portable systems?
Who is the System Certification Authority for DLSS systems assigned to all shore based commands?
What is the purpose of the re-entry control as it pertains to a certified Diver's Life Support System?
Keep as built condition
The torque value given in a REC package must fall within the working range of the wrench which is?
20% - 90%
Name three responsibilities of the DLSS Maintenance Technician?
-Be thoroughly familiar with REC procedures
-Be thoroughly familiar with documentation requirements
-Perform maintenance in accordance with approved written procedures
-Responsible to the DLSS REC supervisor
What is the reference for the DLSS clealiness standards for oxygen?
MIL-STD 1330
O-rings will be inspected for abrasions, blemishes, cuts, discoloration, punctures, etc. and any further guidance can be found in thich NSTM?
NSTM 078
Which NSTM chapter deals with threaded fasteners
NSTM 075
What is the goal of the DLSS certification process?
To confirm that the system is built in the configuration it is being certified. All components must be replaced IAW approved drawings and procedures that must be followed verbatim.
What grade lubricant is used for air compressors in tempratures below 30 degrees F.
2135 TH
What is the purpose of the QA program?
It is a planned and systematic pattern of all the actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a diving system conforms to established technical requirements.
Name four sections of the Pre-Survey Outline Booklet:
-Mechanical Make-up
-Gas Available
-System Limits
-Preventative Maintenance
What is the purpose of System Certification Survey Cards?
Note deficiencies during the survey and recommend corrective actions
What is a Category 1A survey card?
Corrective action must be accomplished prior to manned use
A failure to correct a CAT 1C survey card by the due date will result in termination of system certification. True or False?
How often are air samples taken and what other reasons would you take an air sample?
Air samples are taken every 6 months give or take 2 months. Aditional testing is done when contamination is suspected, and after a system overhaul.
O2 bottles must have what documentaion on the bottle after being refilled?
They need to have a Certificate of Conformance with documented gas composition i.e., O2, CO2, CH4, C2H2, H20.